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On Thursday October 03, 2013 my soror and I went to see DJ Lo Down Lorretta Brown (aka Erykah Badu) spin at the new Monroe Lounge in Dallas.

Now if you haven’t been to the Monroe Lounge yet just know this is where the old Wish Ultra Lounge spot used to be. Apparently Wish closed down right after New Years 2013 and I want to say that Monroe had it’s grand opening July 2013.

I don’t know who did the décor for the spot, but it is AMAZING! I have to say this place looks NOTHING like Wish. They gutted it and gave it a cool LA meets New York vibe. The bar has completely moved locations within the venue, but there is a HUGE DJ boot that can watch the entire club. There is plethora of reserved only seating where one spot is really no better than the other… unless you have the spot right in front of the DJ.

Lorretta Brown came out to play to help raise money for HBU (Historical Black Universities) for Tom Joyner’s Foundation School of the Month Campaign, and Badu’s B.L.I.N.D nonprofit organization.

I can safely say the event was a success! Outside of the awesome music provided by Ms. Brown I have to say the FOOD was amazing. Especially the bruchetta! I have NEVER tasted bruchetta that amazing in my life! My soror asked the chef what he put in it… but he wouldn’t tell.

DSC_3288 DSC_3365 DSC_3373 DSC_3339 DSC_3376


Have a great week guys!


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Raining on Labor Day

Adidas Dooney and Burke


Nonetheless I was still able to jump outside and take a few shots of the outfit I actually wore the day before.

Who else is tired of seeing post that read, “Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? “


Some stuck up wives of millionaires over a 100 years ago.

That’s who said it. There. I answered it. Please stop asking that exasperated question.

I’m pretty sure a lot has changed since 1880.

White is my favorite color to wear and I wear it year round. So if that makes me look like new money, so be it. I do what I want.

Yesterday I had an early dinner with good friends of at Buzzbrews in Dallas. I LOVE eating at that place because it serves healthy breakfast ALL. DAY. LONG!

Since Buzzbrews is located in Deep Ellum I didn’t get super dressed up.

I really love these Adidas hightops, but the shoes strings are abnormally long so I have no idea what do to with them.

Who doesn’t love a good Dooney with sneakers?

I really wrote this post like I was in need of some good ADHD medication.  

DSC_9697 DSC_9667 IMG_20130901_181114 DSC_9685 DSC_9668 IMG_20130901_172218 DSC_9724 DSC_9728 DSC_9675 DSC_9673 DSC_9754

|Top: Strut| Shorts: Forever 21|Bag: Dooney & Burke| Shoes & Earrings: Ross (Adidas & Amarita Singh)


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Happy Tuesday!

I know! I know! I said I was going to be sporting screen tees to work, but I was in a hurry last night that I didn’t have time to put together a cute screen tee outfit. I know!


This is actually one of my favorite shirts, but it’s in dire need of a good iron. I don’t know how to iron. I typically let the dry cleaner handle that… speaking of I have A LOT of clothes that need to make it to a dry cleaner…

Here’s to tomorrow!

|Shirt & Pants: Forever 21|Belt: Express| Shoes: Ross|


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What I Wore the Second Day of Work

You have to bear with me here people. For the last two years I wore a uniform, a hot pink hardhat, a lab coat, and steel toed boots to work EVERY DAY. I’m trying to get back into the normality of finding my personal work style again.

I love layering different shades of the same color compliment with different textures. Men do it all the time and it’s the most attractive thing. I plan on perfecting this element and making it my own.

Since I was so used to working in a 90 plus degree building it’s kinda strange for me to wear sweaters during the day. Due to the type of business I’m in now they have to keep the building on Arctic. Even with this look I still need to bundle up. I’ll be bringing my old work jacket in the building tomorrow.

|Blazer: Guess| Sweater: Forever21| Pants: Express| Shoes: Chinese Laundry | Earrings: Strut|

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Yes Ma’am!

Don’t worry.

You’re welcome.

Be safe this tax free weekend Texas



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Ummmmm, Seriously?!

Before I begin let me preface, I LOVE Chelsea Handler. I think she’s obnoxious, loud,  and probably an asshole to be around. In other words, I find her delightful.

No. I actually find her intelligent and incredibly witty.

However, her cover for Marie Claire’s September 2012 issue is just a HOT ASS MESS!

Where do I begin?

Lets forget the fact they photoshop the SHIT out of her face. Geeeeeeez! It took me a second to even realize that was Chelsea Handler (and I got this photo from her Facebook page).

I just dislike this suit.

Marie Claire should be apologizing to Chelsea about this.

Now am I saying the suit is bad?


 The suit isn’t a strong enough look to be on the cover of any magazine…

And that includes Highlights.

I don’t think I have ever picked up a Marie Claire magazine, EVER. Seeing Ms. Handler in this ugly ass suit is not helping their cause either.

Marie Claire is going to have to step up its game if it wants the younger generation to flip through the pages.

What do you guys think of Chelsea Handlers magazine cover for Marie Claire?



PS: Happy Friday!


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So I have story to tell.

I had planned on having this particular post up around 12PM CST today. But I just had a series of events that delayed me.

Well, after I took these photos I decide that I need to go to Sunflower to go grocery shopping. When I return to my car, after my food spree, it does not turn on. The battery died.

No worries. I have a self jumping box I keep in my car. I have been through this too many times before.

Best investment ever.

Well, it would have been if I had charged that bad boy.

So I’m sitting in my car.

Just plain hot.

Let me preface this story. I got up early and went to Wal-Mart to purchase a new battery for my car, but the auto service department wasn’t open. Since my car was starting fine I figured I could save this purchase for another day.


Well, of course my car doesn’t start. So I sit and wait… let the car rest for 20 more minutes, and then attempt to start the vehicle again, still no luck. I remember there is an AutoZone down the street from the store and I decide that I’m going to walk there. I do, in my 4 inch wedge sandals.

Thank God it was only 10:30 AM at the time.

Before I get to AutoZone I run into a random mechanic shop. I walk inside and request to use their self jumper. I had to leave a $200 deposit for a freakin’ $60 MACHINE! *ugh*

So I take the jumper and begin walking to my car. Since the thing is so heavy it made the walk feel like my car was 10 miles away. Well, one of the mechanics jumped in his car, found me, and we drove the rest of the way to my car. We were able to get the bad boy started.

When I get back to the shop I ask them how much a new battery is. They say $120.

“No thank you” I immediately respond and head back to Wal-Mart to purchase a battery and have it installed, it had to be cheaper.

Well, I will never know the price because they discontinued selling that particular battery.

All I could do was laugh!

What’s the point in getting mad?

FYI: Don’t you just LOVE this shirt? I purchased it at Strut during their first Thursday event. Every first Thursday of the month Strut as a HUGE 40% sale if you are on their email list. I purchased the shirt, the earrings, and the bracelet during this event.

My favorite thing about this shirt is it’s made in the USA. Don’t you just LOVE the detailing on the back?! I actually saw it last month, but didn’t pick it up and opted to purchase the shoes I’m wearing instead. I am so happy the ladies of Dallas looked past this shirt because it’s mine!

I’m actually thankful I wore it today, because it kept me cool as I walking back and forth from the mechanics.

|Top, Earrings, Bracelet, & Shoes: Strut| Shorts: Ross|

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


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