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On Thursday October 03, 2013 my soror and I went to see DJ Lo Down Lorretta Brown (aka Erykah Badu) spin at the new Monroe Lounge in Dallas.

Now if you haven’t been to the Monroe Lounge yet just know this is where the old Wish Ultra Lounge spot used to be. Apparently Wish closed down right after New Years 2013 and I want to say that Monroe had it’s grand opening July 2013.

I don’t know who did the décor for the spot, but it is AMAZING! I have to say this place looks NOTHING like Wish. They gutted it and gave it a cool LA meets New York vibe. The bar has completely moved locations within the venue, but there is a HUGE DJ boot that can watch the entire club. There is plethora of reserved only seating where one spot is really no better than the other… unless you have the spot right in front of the DJ.

Lorretta Brown came out to play to help raise money for HBU (Historical Black Universities) for Tom Joyner’s Foundation School of the Month Campaign, and Badu’s B.L.I.N.D nonprofit organization.

I can safely say the event was a success! Outside of the awesome music provided by Ms. Brown I have to say the FOOD was amazing. Especially the bruchetta! I have NEVER tasted bruchetta that amazing in my life! My soror asked the chef what he put in it… but he wouldn’t tell.

DSC_3288 DSC_3365 DSC_3373 DSC_3339 DSC_3376


Have a great week guys!


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Shoes Made of Gold

So I have hardly had the chance to rock these gold peep toed shoes. Since they have thick glitter on them I felt I was limited to only wearing them at night. However, after looking at other fashion bloggers I thought, “I can rock bold gold sequin shoes during the day #LIKEaBOSS! So I did!

I went to the bank, the store, and even the bookstore.

No. I did not get any weird looks.

The shoes worked for errand running on a Saturday because I paired the glitzy shoes with the Korin classic of old jeans, T-shirt, and jacket.

No one can limit how you wear your wardrobe. I once knew a girl who rocked a cocktail dress to work. Okay, that was a bit much, but she owned it!

What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?

I plan on getting Shamrock Girl wasted.

|Jacket: Ross| Jeans: Forever 21| Shoes: Ross| Shirt: Forever 21| Necklace: H&M|

PS. Who’s not jealous of Shanna getting to have fun at SxSW this year?! *Ugh*

P.S.S Have your Guys ever seen Purple Green Onions before?! I bought some from the Dallas Farmers Market from last weekend.


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I’m hoping everyone enjoyed Fashion’s Night Out 2011.  

I didn’t go out because I needed to finish these photos I took almost two weeks ago from a brand new hair salon in Dallas.   The two ladies in the gif are actually the owners of the salon.  I go there myself whenever I need my hair cut and straightened.  They do amazing work and it was so fun working with them!  The best thing about the salon?  It’s located in Downtown Dallas.  They are only 5 minutes away from me!  Oh… and they do natural hair!  Double Yes!

I want to wish everyone a happy Friday!  This weekend Jo and I are driving to Austin for yet ANOTHER shoot!  Yes!  I’m staying busy… DON’T WORRY though… I have my fashion video ready for this coming Sunday!

You guys have a great weekend and take a moment to remember all the men, women, soliders, and fire fighters we lost on September 11, 2001.

God Bless America. Be Safe this weekend y’all.



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Guten Tag!



I’m glad you guys were able to “meet” the student staying with me.  Johanna is visiting me from Germany for the Fall Semester to study in the Dallas School district and to improve her English. Yesterday we went shopping for Tax Free Weekend and she was able to pick up a lot of American brands that are hard to find (or too expensive) in Germany. She told me she had never been in Hollister because there is a line always around the corner so they never stop to go in. When she saw Hollister her jaw fell out of her mouth. She was sooooooooo excited and picking up everything! She even managed to find cool items for her sister.

Another store she just HAD to visist was the Levis store. Levis are a HUGE deal in Germany so she was really pleased when she saw the Levis store. She tried on at least seven pairs of pants before deciding on the light ash color. The issue was she’s so tall but so tiney.


I am so tired (it’s 6:54 AM) and I haven’t slept at all last night. I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Friends don’t let friends blog sleepy… therefore I’m calling it a night/day Check out the pictures below to see in detail all the items purchased.

To all my college and grade school readers:

Have a good school year!

Don’t fuck it up! 😉


Levis Canvas Shoes

Christian Siriano Sandals

Lela Rose Colorful Sandals

Levi Jeans


Plaid Shirt via Body Central

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Happy August Y’all!

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Wish List:

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday because I was in Austin enjoying my day with the best friends ever. More about that in another post this week.

Today I’m catching up on all my blogs. One of my FAVORITE blogs is 5 inches or Higher (shoes your perve) and she was showcasing a new shoe site I hadn’t heard of before. Since I’m a shoe junkie I decided to check this out.  The site was ShoeGlamm.com.

I seriously need to go to shoe rehab because I have FALLEN in love. On the opening page I have met the new love of my life Colada-36 Raffia. How did I live life before this shoe?!

The ONLY thing I don’t like about this shoe? The laminate wood platform. It looks cheap, but then again… the shoe is only $26.


5” heel

1.25” Platform

I REALY shouldn’t get these shoes… but these will DEFIANTLY be on my wish list!

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I Bling in My Screen Tee!


I finally uploaded a new video! Yeah! I will again next week. HINT… I’m doing my first haul since my shopping diet!

In this video I wanted to show you guys that you don’t always have to wear your T-Shirt with jeans or denim shorts. You can rock your tee with a cute skirt, business outfit, or even nice cuffed shorts. My video demonstrates all this for your.

Escape from Alcatraz!

I really love this first look because it shows that you are both down to earth and fashionable by pairing a reconstructed tee with a tiered skirt and cinch belt. I consider this American Rock couture (yes, I know I just made that up) It’s such a simple look, but people will think it took hours for you to get ready. If you want to learn how I reconstructed this shirt clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk HERE!

T-Shirt from Chinatown, San Francisco

I Started That Trend

This is a style you can take to the bank! Well, at least to the office. I know a lot of people do not normally wear t-shirts at work, but one really can. All you have to do it pair your shirt with a nice pair of pants, some nice shoes shoes, and accessories… and you have yourself a look. I think wearing a t-shirt to work makes you look fun and more approachable. This looks works for the office because your shirt is simple and doesn’t take away from you or your work. The color palatte only contains two colors, red and white.  So this will give you a nice even look.  To take this look one step further rock it with a blazer!

T-Shirt from Forever21

Spiderman! Spiderman!

I LOVE this tee! I defintally do not wear it enough! It’s such a nice soft cotton and so easy to get lost in. Whenever I wear this shirt I always try and make it extra femme. In this case I paired this shirt with pinstriped cuffed shorts, long elegant earrings, and a very worn leather belt. This look works because the color motif of different shades of brown compliments each other. The wedges really bring it together because it has every single brown used from the tee and the shorts.

T-Shirt from Target


So I challenge everyone to find ways to wear your T-shirts this week WITHOUT wearing jeans! If you do, please send me a photo or link me to your blog!

Heres to a great Sunday and even better week!

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