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“People who don’t think shouldn’t talk.” 

Mad Hatter black and White

In reference to yesterday’s blog post I wanted to show you how I’m also going to make the Mad Hatter’s hat!  The Mad Hatter is iconic symbol and I wanted to make sure I made a cute hate to match.  Check out this video by Thread Banger for a cute way to make a Mad Hatter’s Top Hat.


I will show you guys my results when I’m done this week!

Happy Monday!


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DIY Lace Rabbit

This coming weekend I have a huge boudoir project.  I will be shooting five girls in an Alice and Wonderland inspired session.  I have five characters that I am prepping for and one of those characters is the White Rabbit.

The White Rabbit is a favorite to everyone.  However, I am having an issue with the ears.  I wanted to buy some fancy lace one’s from Etsy, but those bad boys are running between $45-$75.  Of course I’m like, “No Ma’am!”

What does one do?

Go to YouTube of course.


Here we have Klaire showing us in a quick four minute video on how to a lace rabbit headband.

I’m sure I can pick up all these from Hobby Lobby or Micheal’s for less than the cost of shipping these bad boys.

I will create a follow up post to show you guys how I did!


Happy Sunday Funday!

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My Tum Tum hurts…

When I envisioned my weekend it did not include me knocking over my hanging photographs, throwing stuff, ruining my satin sheets by throwing up in them, or calling people and starting arguments. Sadly, the only thing I remember is knocking my favorite picture off the wall. When I woke up this morning to place it back on the wall I noticed I broke the frame.

Kids, this why you don’t mix mimosa, chardonnay, and whatever cheap ass vodka in a pizza parlor with your brother, friend, and ex bf in less than 5 hours. The results are you walking around Wal-Mart at 3:38 AM picking up water, Caprisun, Powerade, and split pea soup.

I honestly wanted to make spaghetti, but that seemed way too complicated in my still inebriated state.

Outside of the too many drinks this weekend it was the who’s who of Korin’s past. I saw A LOT of my friends of high school and college. I even got to meet Tje Austin from The Voice. Of course pictures to come later this week… when I’m not contemplating on ways to pump my stomach.

Oh yeah… and I have a moth in my bathroom. Now I can’t go in there without him angrily flying around.

All I wanna do is brush my teeth.

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Have a great week. I’m gng to try and make it.


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Happy Holidays!

Okay… It’s December and I thought I get into the Holiday Spirit by posting a Christmas Song! LOL! Gotta Love Ludacris, right?

I hope you guys checked out my SNEAK PEEK photos from yesterday. I was just going to add them today, but I thought they deserved their own special post. Check back later this week to see all at the photos. I’m calling the three part series Holiday Dress Guide. I know you all will LOVE the photography!

I’m going to apologize now. I will not have a Top 10 Blogger Fashion list this week! I know! I know! You guys LOVE that day of the week. It’s because I did not have time to read all my favorite blogs this past week because I was extremely busy at work. Instead I’m going to feature Top 10 celebrity looks that I enjoyed.

I want to thank you all again for the ever growing love, support, and subscriptions to my blog. I’m happy more of you guys are commenting and subbing. I plan to make this a great delight whenever you all stop by. Be sure to sub to me on Twitter as well! I like to post a lot of funny things while I’m not in Internet Land!

Links of the Week

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Keep your eye on Jason Wu this season!!!

Oscar de la Renta DOES NOT disappoint!


Love Always!

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Last weekend when Johanna and I went to snap some quick pics of the wedding dress I want to sale in Old Money Dallas. Across the street to our shooting location was an estate sale. They were hosting a garage sale on the furniture. It was late Sunday afternoon when we got to the house (4PM) and I wanted to see if they had any old Venation mirrors.

Well, turns out this particular house was famously known for its furniture. They were selling furniture that had been featured in magazines, but no longer had any use for. Since we arrived so late to the sale we lost out on all the mirrors. I am also in the market for a desk, but the one desk I wanted was already sold. As we were leaving a man associated with the sale told me he had another desk that was, aesthetically, in bad shape, but he looked at me and figured I could do something with it.

Apparently I look like a creator.

Or the fact he didn’t what to pay the storage on it. Meh.

One look at this desk and I told him yes.

I know. I know. This desk looks HORRIBLE, but look at those legs! Aren’t they sexy? No. Well, once I’m done with this desk it will be.

I really wish all the original pulls where still attached. The one pull left looks awesome. However, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Game Plan

I’m going to sand this desk down

Paint it in a high gloss white

Find modern brass pulls to replace all the lost or broken ones on the desk.

Once completed I’m going to place the desk in Johanna’s room for now. After she leaves I will find another place for it.

I know the desk is a sight for soar eyes now, but before November it’s going to look like a million dollars. Plus, I got the bad boy for free.

I can’t wait to show you guys the finished product!

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