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Let’s Get Ready to STUMBLEEEEEE!!!!

To say if I had a busy St. Patricks Day weekend is an understatement.  Aside from drinking Friday and Saturday I also had a (surprise) shoot on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   I’m still going.  Not all of us has the luxury of going to SXSW and seeing the handsome Channing Tatum *cough Shanna cough*

Want to hear a funny story?  Okay, so remember in my recent OOTD post how I told you guys the story with me walking into a pole I was looking at?  Well, when I first arrived at the clinic there was this male nurse that was helping me.  He’s was super nice and funny.  Well, I saw him again Thursday because I had to go back for my “discharge”  from the clinic.  He was really cool then too… but I guess you have to be because I can only imgaine the cases they run into there.  Well, at the Block Party I see this cool ass t-shirt with Tupac on  it.  It had two photos of him.  One when he’s a little kid posing on those standard school photos and the second photo was of him older.  I thought it was so badass!  I ran up to this guy.   I tell  him how awesome his shirt is.  Then I look up at him and I’m like, “Dude, I know you!”  It was the male nurse.  LOL he recognized me and it was a good time.  Random all the people you run into at Dallas.

Aiight… so here are the rest of the photos for this years block party!


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