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Happy First Day of Fall


I won’t lie… I DESPISE Fall!  Everything is cold, the living is dying, and my lips get so severely cracked!  *ugh*  Well, nonetheless I hope these photos will bring you some worth.  This is a personal friend of mine who was helping me test out some lighting.  I just love how he looks in all these photos.  Most of these photos would be great for LinkedIn headshoots.  Also, there is nothing wrong with having some cool photos taken of you just for fun.  I think it’s a great idea for all of use to take personal professional photos so generations after us can see what we looked like at their age.  Plus, it’s always great to look back and have a reminder for how beautiful or handsome you have always been… at any age!

DSC_0284_02_edited-1 02 DSC_0263_edited-1 DSC_0234_edited-1 DSC_0379_edited-1

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Happy Sunday Y’all!


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