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I Stop the World.

Won’t lie!  This is will be the motto for 2015!  More to come tomorrow!

I hope you guys will start feeling yourself this year as well!

Yes, his blog will be getting a facelift soon. Wait on it.

Happy 2015 Y’all!!!


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Yes, I am a Geek.


If you don’t know I love Manga. In fact, I can speak Japanese. Not at fluently as before… but it’s in me.

I also love cartoons like Sailor Moon, Totoro, and Pokemon.

Yes, I was one of THOSE kids.

You all already know I love fashion.

Well, I have found a website that combines three of my favorite things: Photography, Fashion, and Pokemon.

Before you start scrolling through the rest of these photos be aware that I already know that I am a dork.

PokemonFashion01 MCX120110_156 PokemonFashion08 PokemonFashion06 SS31 Max DP03 PokemonFashion05 PokemonFashion04 PokemonFashion03 PokemonFashion10 PokemonFashion07

 Nerdstatic, wasn’t it?

I hope I made you guys laugh and smile. Check out more pictures HERE!


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Fashion or Costumes?

When is enough, enough? Where is the line?  How can we tell if it’s Halloween or Fashion Week? I’m getting really tired of these females calling their costumes fashion. From Lady Gaga, to Nicki Minaj, to Katie Perry, to Rihanna.

 The wigs, the clothes, the shoes… it’s all a bit too much for me.

 I am the LEAST conservative person I know… I’m am VERY open minded, very free spirited, and so I CERTAINLY believe that people should be able to express themselves in all ways possible that does not physically or emotionally violate anyone else.  In stating this, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry need to be charged with murder one because they are KILLING me with these costumes outfits. Rihanna has a written citation… one more mistake and she’s going to be sitting in the drunken cell for the next eight hours. They are really abusing this freedom of speech thing. These women are violating my eyes with their costumes they are attempting to pass off as fashion.

What brought on this article? The pictures I see with Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour. I see  Nicki Minaj in a damn pompom puff sweater. Like… the kind of puffs you see in the aisles of Hobby Lobby. Yeah, when you were two and sticking puffs to construction paper… THOSE PUFFS!  This shit is unacceptable. I mean seriously. This is fashion? THIS IS FASHION?!

I understand fashion is art. I understand art is beauty. I understand that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, I think anyone who holds the gift of sight understands this shit is not beauty. This is just a 2 year old’s wet-preschool-glue-having-technicolor-dream of pasting puffs to his clothes.

How does one label fashion? Can fashion really be characterized? It’s ever changing. That’s for certain… but I mean…

Lady Gaga above. Is ANYONE going to be rocking this on a Wednesday at work? Yeah, if you work at Party City during the month of October.

What you wear is supposed to be a statement of who you are currently is as a person. These girls I listed are entertainers. They do this for a living. They wake up and their job is to sing and put on a show. Where’s the point when you’re not wearing these clothes?  When does one realize these clothes are wearing you? You don’t dress like this anymore to express who you are. You are wearing these fabrics because people EXPECT you to wear something crazy.

I know for a fact THAT is not fashion.

Honestly, these women are selling gimmicks. In this day and age people’s attention spans are getting lower, and you may be hot today but not tomorrow. These ladies NEED to do things to keep them in the news and sometimes pure talent is just not enough. So out comes the Fat Tuesday dress.

All of these women I mentioned are all talented. They make great musi

c… however, they let the clothes consume who they are. I mean honestly who is Lady GaGa? I know she recently did a spread for Bazaar to highlight what she looks like without any makeup. Still… who is she as a REAL person? Just because you remove your makeup and costume that really doesn’t define who you are.

We have to start asking ourselves, “when is it fashion?” “When is it costume?” To me, if you feel you have to put these clothes one because other people are expecting something from you… it’s a costume. Sometimes the real art is a white Hanes t-shirt and some Levis jeans.

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