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I know it’s been a very long time since I posted an Outift of the Day.  It’s crazy.  After an event that would put any normal person out for months has actually made me stronger.  I feel so different right now.  I know before I wanted to come back… but honestly, I wasn’t ready.  Now I feel it everywhere inside of me.  Believe it or not.  I’m a way different person.  I am the authentic version of who I need to be.  There is something in me that’s back.  Completely.

The Fun. The Fearless.  The Truthful. The IDGAF Korin.

I feel more focused.

I feel happier.

I feel like I’m getting back to the person I’m supposed to be.

The feeling is invigorating.

The feeling of “no worries” is truly amazing.

Signs I’m happy #1

When Korin rocks all white errrrything.

White is my FAVORITE color to wear.

It’s been my favorite thing to wear since I was baby Korin.  LOL.

It’s funny, most of everything I’m rocking came from recent travels in 2014.

The Top from San Diego

Ring, Earrings & Giraffe bracelet from Columbus.

… okay so maybe not most of it. But a good amount.

Also, I hate to brag, but how amazing is my skin looking?  It’s dark and very clear.  I LOVE my complexion.  It’s rich, beautiful, and authentic.  I love how my skin contrast against the all white.

Yes, there will be more this week.

UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything

|Top: Miss Match| Bottoms: Express| Rings,Earrings, & Giraffe Bracelet: TigerTree|Watch: Michael Kors|Shoes: Charollette Russe| Sunglasses: Ray-Bans|Pocketbook: Aldo|


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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Cat jumping gif

So apparently  my theme of the week is black and white.  Right now I’m in the middle of trying to revamp my style, and for some reason I have a ton of pencil skirts in the bags that I haven’t yet unpacked.  I may even do a haul once everything comes in.  I have about three new pencil skirts, two sweaters, two dresses,  and a watch.  Oh and I have a new leather jacket coming in.  I wore my old one OUT.  I really wanna find a light blue leather coat and a tan one, but I’m so picky.

Okay… so enough about me.  Here are the top looks of the week.  Sorry about the brief summaries.  I still feel how this cat looks.

01: Cute & Little

Cute and Little Blog

This outfit encompasses EVERYTHING I loved this week.  Black, White, Pencil Skirt, Windowpane, Fantastic bag, hot shoes, and that AMAZING orange blazer.  Now this is what I call Urban Fashion! She straight up took the catwalk to the sidewalk!


02: From the Rez to the City

 Rez in the City Snake Print

Woman you better W-E-R-K!  You guys know that I am not a fan of animal print or snake skin, but baby girl RIGHT HERRRRE is giving me 70’s glam REALNESS!!!  How can you NOT love this?!  I am feeling EVERYTHING about this pencil skirt dress and lets not forget the abundance of gold.  She’s lookin’ like a Shah of Dallas!


03: L’Extravagance

L’Extravagance, White Dress

I have no idea who this is, but I want to know.  She is giving Olivia Pope Realness here!  You guys know that white is my FAVORITE  color to wear.  I LOVE how it looks on my dark skin.  Can we PLEASE talk about those shoes?!


04: Walk In Wonderland

Walk in Wonderland

So the opposite end of the spectrum brings us to Sheryl.  I know!  There goes that pencil skirt.  I have to say that of all the pencil skirts highlighted this week this Coach one is my FAVORITE.  So once I saw it on her I decided I was going to buy it… yeah… Until I saw that the bad boy is $898.  You almost had me Coach.


05: Island Chic 77


So Kelly just brings it all together in this DKNY dress.  I have to say that she looks better in it than the runway model.


06: Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes

Say what you will, but I LOVE how this dress looks on her and I kinda like the kicks with it.  Its like 90’s glam grunge.


07: What Courtney Wore

Courtney Does Dallas

I like this because it’s unexpected.  Courtney is rockin’ a purple flannel top, a leather pencil skirt and gobs of hardware gold.  Everything I like.  Typically I hate when people place too many trends together in one outfit, but she makes this work.


08: Neon Blush

Neon Blush

White shirt acid washed black jeans.  Of course a signature scarf.


09: Victoria


All white everything


Let me know who your pick of the week is.  If you guys have an suggestions on fashion bloggers I should be reading please link their URL below!

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Hey, Don’t Be Jelly!


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I wore this outfit on Monday (December 16th) while it was 70 degrees and beautiful in Dallas.  Jax and I did some running around that day… Photography stuff for clients, dropping of clothes to dry cleaner, clothes shopping… and my day got started super late because I woke up at 10.  I still needed to cook dinner, pick up my photos, go to crossfit, and work on some personal projects for my business.

Since I had no real business  and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather I wore a simple plaid no sleeve button up shirt, my fave skinny jeans, and some cognac knee high boots while keeping my hair in a simple pony tail.

Farmers Market, Sprouts, Paleo Grocery Shopping


For whatever reason I always get a TON of inquires about what I eat.  For 90% of the time I do not eat processed foods.  For the most part it taste disgusting to me.  Once you get use to eating super clean your really can’t go back.  I even make spaghetti from scratch because I love how my pasta sauce taste versus the canned version.    I also purchased a Breville juicer during Black Friday so my friend and I are going to go H.A.M on most of the fruits and vegetables that you see.  Since I’m not working a traditional gig I have more time to cook again.


|Top: I forgot| Jeans: H&M| Boots: Baker’s Shoe’s| Earrings: Groupon|

Once I have mastered the juicer I will provide some cool recipes for you guys!  


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A Fashionable Sunday


Sunday was such a beautiful day. My friend and favorite MUA in Dallas Jazzy and I decided to go to hit up Buzzbrew’s brunch together. I LOVE just sitting around with friends and catching up on their lives. I love hearing about relationships and their work and/or business ventures over a great meal.

Best Dallas MUA, Dallas Male Urban Fashion

Had I been thinking beforehand I would have gotten a list of what Jazzy was wearing that day. Don’t you just LOVE his fashion sense? Jazzy is like a walking, living, breathing, fashion editorial. I LOVE his sense of style. I mean the kid is FRESH. TO. DEATH. For now on I will make sure I get a photo of what Jazzy is wearing every time we see each other. My favorite part of Jazzy’s outfit is the knock off Birkin.

Ralph Lauren Windowpane Top, Aldo Bag, Enzo Shoes, Guess

For me: I know the Windowpane look is in for the season… and even though I am not a trendy person I have to say that I LOVE it. My mom actually thrifted this shirt about 4 years ago, and it’s my most favorite clothing item she has ever given to me. Mainly I discourage my mom from buying any fashion items for me, ESPECIALLY SHOES, but she hit the nail right on the head with this Ralph Lauren button up. I LOVE IT. I would rock it every day if it were socially accepatableacceptable. Of course I am wearing my favorite purchase of 2013, my gray H&M skinny jeans! I swear the best $20 I have spent all year. The bag was a Black Friday score from Aldo ($20 baby!) and the shoes are Enzo Angiolini by way for Ross!

DSC_9969-Edit DSC_9954-Edit DSC_9959-Edit DSC_9988-Edit

Jazzy: Sorry, didn’t get the info, but I will for now on!



|Top: Ralph Lauren| Jeans: H&M| Shoes: Ross| Bag: Aldo| Earrings: Guess| Belt: Old Navy|

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ShoeDazzle, H&M, and Strut… OH MY!!!!

I know… lets me real.  No one is frolicking in the woods looking like this!

|Top: Strut| Jeans: H&M| Booties: ShoeDazzle| Earrings: Target|

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Express Outfit of the Day

Hey guys!  I love this blog, but right now I have little time to do pictures for outfit of the days.  So right now I’m going to lazy it up and just do quick outfit of the day vidoes for you guys!  How is that?  Now you get to here my voice.  LOL!

Why I have no shoes on… I have no idea.  Please forgive me.

Jacket: Papaya| Shirt & Pants: Express| Necklace: Sam Moon|

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Raining on Labor Day

Adidas Dooney and Burke


Nonetheless I was still able to jump outside and take a few shots of the outfit I actually wore the day before.

Who else is tired of seeing post that read, “Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? “


Some stuck up wives of millionaires over a 100 years ago.

That’s who said it. There. I answered it. Please stop asking that exasperated question.

I’m pretty sure a lot has changed since 1880.

White is my favorite color to wear and I wear it year round. So if that makes me look like new money, so be it. I do what I want.

Yesterday I had an early dinner with good friends of at Buzzbrews in Dallas. I LOVE eating at that place because it serves healthy breakfast ALL. DAY. LONG!

Since Buzzbrews is located in Deep Ellum I didn’t get super dressed up.

I really love these Adidas hightops, but the shoes strings are abnormally long so I have no idea what do to with them.

Who doesn’t love a good Dooney with sneakers?

I really wrote this post like I was in need of some good ADHD medication.  

DSC_9697 DSC_9667 IMG_20130901_181114 DSC_9685 DSC_9668 IMG_20130901_172218 DSC_9724 DSC_9728 DSC_9675 DSC_9673 DSC_9754

|Top: Strut| Shorts: Forever 21|Bag: Dooney & Burke| Shoes & Earrings: Ross (Adidas & Amarita Singh)


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