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Who is Better?  Moo or Vista Print?

Moo or Vista Print Better

As many of you guys already know, right now I’m getting ready for my first bridal expo!  I knew there would a lot of work involved putting together a small event showcasing my work for hundred of future brides to see.  However, when placing an event like this together things can add up… and start adding up quickly.  Therefore you have to be really price conscience during this process.  Especially if it’s your first bridal show.

I have already signed up and paid for two more bridal shows in 2015 so I decided to spend a lot of money upfront.  Meaning  buy the things I know I need to spend the money on.  This includeds print, frames, books ,  business cards, and flyers.

Today we will be discussing the Moo flyers versus Vista Print.

I ordered Moo flyers because I was ordering business cards from them for the show.  Moo always provides great quality cards so I wanted to see how their flyers stack up to the challenge as well.

Moo’s interface is straight to the point and so incredibly easy to use.  As a photographer I use my fair share of photoshop and I like the fact that Moo provided the dimensions needed to create  your own flyer.  After taking the time to create a flyer based off Moo’s detailed instructions it was an easy upload and payment away.  I was able to pick a number of different front sides with Moo, and ordered 100 for $74.75.  As per usual with Moo, I got my order in a timely manner.  I’m always impressed with the quality of their work.

The next day I spoke with one of the advisors for the bridal show company I  am working with and she advised me that 100 flyers would not be enough.  There is to be expected at least 700 brides and I should have no less than 500 flyers.

I freaked out because $74.75 for a rack of 100 flyers is nothing to scoff at.  If I wanted 500 of the flyers I would have had to spend almost $375!  Geez.  So I remembered Vista Print did prints for cheap.  When I went to their site they were having a 33% off sale EVERYTHING on the site.  I only had a few minutes left so I jumped on the deal.  Unlike Moo, I can’t pick multiple front sides and had to stick to one photo.  While Moo lets you do glossy on both sides Vista made you pay extra for glossy.  I shelled out another $9.75 for one glossy side.  I ended up paying $56.53 for 250 flyers.

That would make a total of 350 flyers from both companies.   Still no 500, but I have a number of business cards that I can pass out as well.

So let’s do a pro and cons list for Moo and Vista Print orders:

Moo or Vista Print Better

Moo Pros:

1.       The color payoff is beautiful

2.       You get to pick more than one design (great of us indecisive people)

3.       Moo has a great easy to use interface

4.       Easy to follow instructions

5.       Quarter of an inch longer

6.       Packages ALWAYS comes way earlier than the estimated time of arrival


Moo Cons:

1.       The Price… lets just put it out there

2.       Not as strong as the Vista Print  flyer

Moo or Vista Print Better

Vista Print Pros:

1.       Stiff straight back

2.       The Price… 250 for $56 (Vista print always has some kind of sale)

Vista Print Cons:

1.       Shipping and processing time took WAY longer than Moo. .. However, the product still came a day before anticipated.

2.       The color was darker and didn’t show off the beauty of the photograph

3.       The glossy side of the print leaves finger prints all over them.

4.       Had to pay an extra $9.75 for the gloss

5.       Interface not as easy to use and understand


Moo or Vista Print Better

The Main Factors

For me there are two major factors here, color and price.

Color:  Moo clearly wins this.  It’s clear that Moo uses some incredible printers that are made to show off the customers art.  The colors don’t bleed and they are true to screen.  The colors are way more vibrant.  For Vista the color aren’t as vibrant and they bleed into each other.  In my example I couldn’t tell where the client’s hair ended and where the background began, but I could see the difference in the Moo version of the flyer.   The color is way more rich and inviting.


Price: Price is typically the deciding factor in most cases.  Lets remember the cost for 100 flyers at Moo was $74.75.  The price for 250 flyers at VistaPrint was $56.53.  Both prices include tax and shipping.  Therefore lets calculate how much each flyer cost.


$74.75/100= $0.7475 or $0.75

$56.53/250= $0.22612 or $0.23


That’s a $0.52 difference!


With Vista print I saved $130.00!  That’s a HUGE difference.  HUGE!


How do the people respond to them though?

Well, I have only asked one person what his thoughts were.  I didn’t tell him which company was which… I just asked him to tell me which flyer does he like better based of  look, color, and feel.  What are his first initial reactions?

Out of the two he chose Moo.  He stated that the color was way better and even though the Vista paper felt stronger the Moo paper looked more expensive and he liked that quality.

I will update this page after my expo.   I will evaluate how many brides actually came and if anyone mentioned the flyers.  I will then tell you which company I would use again for the flyers.

Have a great day!




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Moo Business Cards Review

So I have been wanting business cards for the longest, but I either run out of time or money.  I also didn’t know which picture to use for my business cards.  As an artist I liked so many of them.  Forget asking your friends to narrow it down for you.  They just like your work as much as you do.

Initially I was just going to go  to Business Cards 24 to get my little 500 business cards for $40, but then last week I came across Moo.  Now I had seen Moo some years back, checked out their site, and liked it… but I never ordered any cards because I didn’t need too.  This go around there was an advertisement that REALLY caught my eye.  It read something about “A Portfolio for Your Pocket.”  The ad mentioned that you can choose up to 50 different pictures for your business cards and they would send you those 50 for free.  I would just have to pay $5.50 for shipping and handeling.

That I could handle.

So last Sunday I picked about 16 photos that I really liked, uploaded them to Moo, and placed my order.

Designing on Moo’s site was so EASY.  It took me less than 30 minutes.  I spent most of my time deciding which photos I wanted to use.  Moo lets you design the front and the back.

I placed my order for the cards on Sunday March 25th and Moo advised that they would arrive by April 06th.  No biggie… I wasn’t in  that much of a hurry.  However, my cards arrived a week early, March 31st!  I was so elited I clicked my heels together!

Even better was the packaging and quality of the cards. 

Not to mention the paper used used to create the cards came from substainable forest.

The only thing that I wish I had done differently was pay the $20 to remove the Moo logo from my business cards.  However, the logo doesn’t take away from the art on the cards or the overall quality.

Also you can order, business cards, postcards, minicards, and etc from thier beautiful site!

I highly suggest everyone, especially artist and photographers, to order their business cards from Moo.

Check out Moo

Check out my unboxing of the business cards!


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So you guys do not know how STOKED I am to be finally buying this Shampoo. This Shampoos is by Terressentials. This product was introduced to me by Naptural85 when I met her and Taren916 in Dallas, Texas.  Ms Naptural85 (I’m not using her government name unless she gives me her permission) was really excited about this product she had been using. She explained to me, and the other ladies, that when she started using this shampoo it was cutting her washing hair regime down significantly.

The company claims to be USDA organic certified with nothing but organic ingredients. The shampoo is made out of clay and won’t strip your hair like regular shampoo will do, that’s why it’s not necessary to go the extra step to use a conditioner.

The company recommends that during your first 7 uses of the product that you rinse and repeat washing your hair 2-3 times. This will help cleanse your hair properly and have your hair begin getting used to this product.

I chose to use this product for three reasons:
(1) USDA Certified
(2) Came in fragrance free ~ I had been using Kinky Curly Shampoo and it was too hard on my hair.
(3) Highly recommended by Naptural85…a hair guru on YouTube that has managed to create and maintain beautiful African-American hair.

The company has a total of 5 different assortments of this shampoo. I purchased an 8oz bottle of the Fragrance Free shampoo. I also ordered each one of the other four fragrances (mainly to see how my hair would handle them… and to smell them as well) in a 2oz bottle. I think in about 2 months I will have a good review that I can do on this product. I will do one after the first month and then one after the second month of use. I am very excited to use this product!

Update: 01/22/2011: Today was my first go at using this product.  Since it was my first time using this product I will only give you my initial opinion… this would not be an official review since I have only used the product once.

So far I like it, I wouldn’t call it love at first sight, but this product defiantly has a lot of potential.  It was cool to put a wet clay on my hair, but I was strange because I didn’t get that lather effect that you typically get with shampoos.  (FYI: The “lather” or “sudding” effect from shampoos are really not that good because it can be potentially harmful to skin and hair. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
cleans by corrosion. This chemical hurts the hair by stripping the protective lipids from the surface so it can’t effectively regulate moisture.  This will cause dry hair and breakage.  Doing the opposite of what you want.)

I only washed my hair twice with this product because I got tired of standing in the shower.  I did not
use a conditioner, and I close my cuticles my spraying my apple cider vinegar and water mix into my hair.  The only products I put in my hair afterwards was my Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk and Coconut oil that used on my scalp and my ends.  I twisted my hair in a protective style.

It was weird seeing, basically, mud flowing down your drain when I washed my hair out, but I will say  that this is the first shampoo where I didn’t feel like my hair was dry while washing it. It was GREAT skipping the conditioning process.  I will tell you, that saved me at least 2 hours.  I was about to just able to wash, let my hair air dry for about 15-20 minutes, and then I just began the protective styling process.  I was able to do all this while watching “The Kids are Alright.”

The shampoo is available in 5 scents:

  1. Fragrance-Free
  2. Left Coast Lemon
  3. Sultry Spice
  4. Lavender Garden
  5. Cool Mist

My next update on this product will be February 19th, 2011 so you guys be looking out!

Happy Hair Growing!


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