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9/11 We Must Never Forget

9/11 Flag

I will never forget 9/11.  Please don’t take this day for granted.  Plus don’t let it be a faded memory.  Please never forget the emotions you held that day.  Don’t become complacent with the government and this world.  If we want to change we can be the change.  

I still hold dear in my heart all the people who passed away due to this hate.

I salute and give honor to all the men and women who lost their lives in the process of saving others.  

9/11.  I Will always remember.

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Remembering September 11, 2001


Can you believe that it’s been 10 years already? They say no one will forget where they were when they heard the planes crashed into the World Trade Centers in New York. I would say this was true for me.

I was a freshman at NU on that day. Classes had barely started a week ago and I was fresh in Dallas. I jumped out of bed and headed to my first class, Finance, which was being held in the Chapel. Yes, the church. While walking to class I have to walk through one building. It’s a building a lot of the students hang out in the morning and watch TV, the atrium. I had only been there one week and I had only seen students watch movies. So while walking to class I noticed it seemed like everyone was watching Will Smith’s Independence Day. Since I was new to my university and didn’t want to be late to class I shrugged it off and trotted off to the Chapel.

I was there early with perhaps one other person. I sat in the pews and waited for class to be begin. The professor never came. I noticed the class was sparse… maybe a lot of kids dropped this class… I thought. I mean, it was finance at 8AM on a Tuesday. Finally, someone came in and told us all our classes were cancelled for today and probably the rest of the week. They said New York was under attack.

Under attack?! It didn’t register to me. How in the world was NEW YORK CITY under attack? This is 2001! I ran back to my dorm that I shared with seven other girls and found two of my roommates watching New York City live. I still could not believe this.  The images are still fresh in my mind.  This HAD to be a practical joke. WHO IN THE WORLD WOULD want to attack our country?  How does this even happen… I mean… THIS IS AMERICA! This doesn’t happen to us.

Next thing I see? Another plane flying into the second tower. I felt I was being punked. I ran to the phone trying to call the people I knew in New York. No answer. Phone lines were down. New York City was under a state of emergency. This was not a joke. Someone took OUR plans, crashed them into OUR buildings, and killing OUR PEOPLE.

So many emotions running through me at one time. Disbelief. Confusion. Rage. Sorrow.

You saw people JUMPING to their deaths on live TV. You see these towers. OUR TOWERS. Falling. Just falling full of people.

Why would you want to hurt innocent people? Why would you hurt anyone who has never directly hurt you?

Watching this live on television only showed that America was about to go to war. You can’t walk in our house and just blatantly disrespect us. Once I saw these images flashing before me. I knew someone was paying for this.

We all paid for this attack.

On this day, the whole world changed. America showed that it could be a victim too. We shut our borders down to everyone. Planes could not fly in our out. If you looked of Muslim descent you were ALWAYS “randomly” picked for searches at the airport. Many of the students that even remotely appeared to be Muslim left the country in fear of retribution. More rules were set in place to “protect us” for each other. It had even gotten to the point where you couldn’t wear shoes to get on a plane.

I have tons of friends with Middle Eastern last names whose bank accounts that held a very large amount where FROZEN because they were under investigation of being a possible “terrorist cell.”   These people, MY FRIENDS, terrorist?!  PLEASE!   Mosque ALL OVER THE COUNTRY being burned down.

American had gone crazy. We didn’t know who to blame.

It had turned into justified racism.

This made me beyond upset.

This was not the America I knew. This is not the America I wanted to belong too. However, finally others began to catch on and educate people on who the real enemy was. We are all neighbors. We can’t turn on each other. The people who caused the four attacks that day were extremist. People who read into their beliefs a little too much. We had to start understanding WHO we thought our enemy was. We were just being ignorant. Proving the point of the terrorist.

The enemy was not our brothers and sisters.

Yes, there still ignorant people out there.

For the most part I truly believe in the last 10 years we have learned so much. American has opened its eyes, and in a way, became more humble.

Even though we have taken out Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden it still doesn’t change the events of 09/11/2001.

If 09/11/2001 taught me anything it was that blaming and attacking each other will not change the actual of act of what happened. We must take life from that point and decide where to go. There is no point blaming others because all it does is detour us from where we need to be. It has taught us that even the great super power we as American believe we are can even suffer a sucker punch to the face. It’s not that was got hit… it’s how we choose to handle it after it happened. September 11, 2001 taught us tolerance. It also taught us that no matter what we look like we are all brothers and sister and need to stick together.

United we stand. Divided we fall.

I want to send my love and condolences out to all the families who lost a soul during these four attacks on American soul 10 years ago today. I want to say thank you to all the 343 firefighters who risked their lives to save the lives of others. I want to thank all the people who helped out the victims of the families, and I want to thank everyone from around the world who prayed for all those lost.

Please take a moment of your time to reflect on this day of lost for our country. Remember we aren’t enemies we are family.

Your country will not remember you for what you destroy, but will remember you for what you have built.

Good Bless our country. God bless America

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