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Don’t Miss Out!

Honestly, if you don’t go this this thing you are TRULY missing out.  I’m not sure how I came across the Dallas Flea… but I’m happy that I’m attending.  The Dallas Flea is an amazing venue that ONLY happens ONCE EVERY QUARTER!  This means that you can only catch this event FOUR TIMES A YEAR.  It’s held at the Southside Lamar Lofts, and it’s only ONE DAY!

This flea market boast over 70 different venues of new and vintage items.

It’s only $5 a person to get in and parking is free.

Everyone gets free SmartWater at the door.

Oh!  And it’s INSIDE!

My girl and I are hitting up this venue before going to the Earth Day festivals at Fair Park.

Honestly, I cannot properly describe how AWESOME this event is.   I don’t think I ever showcased what I purchased last quarter when Johanna was still here.  However, JoJo picked up some fantastic Indian jewelry that she NEVER took off.   Hopefully I can do a post about what I purchased this go around and last time at the Dallas Flea.

Actually click here for one of the bracelets that I purchased at the Dallas Flea.

Happy Friday and I hope to see you there!



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Let’s Get Ready to STUMBLEEEEEE!!!!

To say if I had a busy St. Patricks Day weekend is an understatement.  Aside from drinking Friday and Saturday I also had a (surprise) shoot on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   I’m still going.  Not all of us has the luxury of going to SXSW and seeing the handsome Channing Tatum *cough Shanna cough*

Want to hear a funny story?  Okay, so remember in my recent OOTD post how I told you guys the story with me walking into a pole I was looking at?  Well, when I first arrived at the clinic there was this male nurse that was helping me.  He’s was super nice and funny.  Well, I saw him again Thursday because I had to go back for my “discharge”  from the clinic.  He was really cool then too… but I guess you have to be because I can only imgaine the cases they run into there.  Well, at the Block Party I see this cool ass t-shirt with Tupac on  it.  It had two photos of him.  One when he’s a little kid posing on those standard school photos and the second photo was of him older.  I thought it was so badass!  I ran up to this guy.   I tell  him how awesome his shirt is.  Then I look up at him and I’m like, “Dude, I know you!”  It was the male nurse.  LOL he recognized me and it was a good time.  Random all the people you run into at Dallas.

Aiight… so here are the rest of the photos for this years block party!

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