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Who am I Right Now?

nothing to wear

Style reflects who you are.  As of right now my style cannot be determined.  With the many changes and translations that I have had in life within the last three years I feel completely all over the place.  I feel like an artist with a paint brush and a canvas, but I have nothing within me to produce.

Many of you have been following me for years.  I have started off in YouTube land and then began blogging.  Now I’m at an age where Forever 21 won’t cut it in the work place and Ann Taylor is more for 45 year old women.  So where do I shop?

Yes, I can always turn to the ole faithful Express…  but that’s getting kinda boring.  I’m just not a Gap type of girl.

You know me.  I’m Urban with a pinch of traditional.  I love the Americana style… but it’s hard to translate that into work attire.

Club Monoco or J. Crew?

Listen, if Ihad $200 to drop on a shirt or $450 to drop on a trench coat I still wouldn’t.  I get it, I’m part fashion blogger but I’m also a business owner, I work full time, and I’m single.  I pay all my bills.  If I had to spend money on either  a $200 for button up or save that money for a trip to Japan.  Trust and believe that Japan will win EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

Many places aren’t enticing me to spend with them.

For two reasons, style and price point.

I’m part of Generation Y.  Sorry, I will NOT be referring to myself as a millennial or whatever the hell they want to call it.  As of right now Gen Y has a majority of the buying power.  What retailers are finding out is that Gen Y’s are bloody cheap.  We have most of the buying power because we are more educated, having kids later life, and are saving our money for experiences… not material possession.  In fact, I think more Gen Y’ers are moving to the hipster mindset.  They are buying more from thrift stores because the items are unique, the cost is cheap, and it’s of better quality.  Also, you have to remember we are the group that was hit the HARDEST with the whole recession.  We were the first hired… therefore the first fired.  It was so hard to find a job many people I graduated with had to wait tables longer than they cared for.  Every dollar counts for us.  Every penny saved.  Our first stop in any store?  The clearance section.  Where do we like to shop? Ross!

#SorryImNoSorry there is no way that I’m spending $3200 on a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. Your shoes were made in Vietnam.

You know what I can do with $3200? Buy a trip to Japan, first class and round trip.  Purchase a D800.  A NICE down payment on a car.  Or how about purchasing Mac Pro? Jimmy Choo somehow thinks his in season rhinestone covered shoe is worth $3200.  No boo.  Give me something that will create everlasting memories…. Not some shoe that could feed a third world family for at least 2 years but will only take up precious real estate in my shoe closet.

I’m sure that the cost for making that shoe was less than $7.  He’s making about a $3193 profit.  I don’t blame him though.

Dayum, do I digress or what?!

Style is important to our quasi narcissist generation.  Yup we are cheap and a little bit of showy… but who can blame us, we do look good.  However, I can’t really rep anything that doesn’t make me feel good.  That I’m just not in LOVE with.  As of lately the fashion world really hasn’t come out with anything that’s just a wow factor… and I feel as though I’m rocking the same clothes all the time just on a different day of the week.  Right now we are in the era of the 90’s throwback, crop tops (where some girls should get a gym membership first) , flannel buttons ups, and Nirvana t-shirts.  Don’t get me started on the Doc Martens.   Didn’t wear them then… won’t wear them now.  Other than that nothing really stands out.

So here I am… stuck in the middle.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I have no qualms with spending more money on high quality pieces that will last for years, but first I have to come across those pieces at the reasonable prices I’m willing to pay… after much research of course.  The fashion community hasn’t presented that to me… so I’m stuck here with nothing to wear.

Have any of you come across this style block I have? 

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