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It’s Fuego in Dallas… and so are these jeans!

I have been meaning to write up this piece since the moment I walked out of Blue Jeans Bar. If you are an avid reader of my blog you know I have been all over the place… photo shoots, traveling, getting ready for my exchange student… so not one second was wasted on laying around eating potato chips.

I digress…

The women who make up Hip Chixs are Aimee and Megan. They met as roommates at Baylor University, grew into friends, and developed a relationship as business partners. This jeans line is four years in the making… and let me tell you guys… it’s well worth the time and effort they put into their product.

Now nothing in this country is more American than jeans. Ask Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss.

What do I love most about this line?

I LOVE the fact that it’s a WOMAN created and run line that consists of JUST Aimee and Megan. I LOVE that fact that the jeans are AMERICAN MADE (in California). I LOVE the fact that these two women show that it’s possible to be a working mom and STILL have time for a blossoming career. I LOVE the fact they prove that staying persistant and dedicated to your work it WILL pay off.

What’s even better? Speaking to people who KNOW their product. As a child that grew up in a military family and the daughter of a man who turned into an international sales manager… I can tell when one is bullshitting and when one knows what they are talking about. These ladies right here, they know what they are doing. They know their product well. They explained to me in extreme detail how the jeans are made, the materials used, the factories, even down to the details of where the hardware comes from (Italy). Now for the record, I am a HARD sale. However, they weren’t trying to sale me. They were educating me. The duo explained to me WHY they had premium denim. Trust me boys and girls if a product is not good, especially jeans, I would be the first to tell you. In this case the ladies of Hip Chixs make me want to tell Wendy, Dulce, Chiara, and Chiara about how fantastic this line is. Only problem… for you that is… they only sale locally in Dallas. =( They currently do not have an online store yet, but that’s for good reason. They want to manifest their line in Dallas first before going nationally and then internationally.

As you can tell in the pictures below the jeans are nice, smooth, and soft. They come at price, but from a jean connoisseur, I’d rather have one pair of these than 15 of anything else (Levi’s not included). The jeans come in two colors (that I saw) a classic soft indigo and a (dare I say vintage-y) grayish color. I still remember how smooth to the touch they are.

These jeans are not one I would ever machine wash. I personally would DRY CLEAN ONLY these babies. I would never want to hinder the color.

As stated before, the jeans can only be found locally at Blue Jeans Bar in Snider Plaza. They are more than well worth the money and investment.

Blue Jeans Bar|

6810 Snider Plz

Dallas, TX 75205-1331

(214) 368-5326

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Back to Cool

Yes, I have really been slacking on my Outfit of the Days, but I stay busy! For example, yesterday I had to go to the school my student will be attending to enroll her into classes. So instead of rocking my steel toed boots I opted to change and rock steel heeled pumps.

What I love about this outfit? The jeans and the shirts were $5 each! I LOVE shopping in Guess! When they have sales… THEY.HAVE.SALES!

Meanwhile my student arrives on the 17th and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m getting ready for her so post maybe a little slower this week.

Shirt by Guess| Jeans by Guess| Floral Shoes by Delicious| Gold plated necklace from Premier Designs

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Photojournalism from July 30-31, 2011

Wow! This week went by quicker than a blink of the eye! I have been so busy this week it’s not even funny! So busy in fact that I didn’t even get the chance to post my Dear Diary photos up from last weekend. So I’m going it today!

The previous weekend I went to Austin to shoot with one my besties and visit other friends that I have loved since the beginning of time. When I arrived back to Dallas on Sunday I had an 9 AM shoot with one my first collegiate roommates and friend. I can’t wait to finish an edit the pictures. I hope to be done by next Friday.

Check out the captions where I wrote some! I pray you have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be in Oklahoma this weekend. I know right… I’m thinking the same thing too…

The beautiful skies in Austin.  Back in Dallas it was like 105.  It was maybe 98 degrees in Austin that day.  It felt like spring in Texas.  

Where we completed the first shots.

I’m loving the architeture of this building.  It is second to none. Austin City Hall is so stylish!

My bestie has the DOPEST shoe game!  She might even be able to rival me!  LOL!  I LOVE this Aldo tribal/Chevron printed shoes.

Now my friend was also telling me Austin is going through this cow phase.  You can find these random cow statues colorfully decorated grazing around town.  They are in the MOST random spots ever.  They all have names.  This is Guitar Cow. 

You guys know I LOVE my Nikon!

So my girl took me to the BEST spot I have seen around Austin (when I come to town) but never went inside.  It’s called Austin Java.  I never stopped in because I thought it was a Starbucks like facility.  Since I don’t drink coffee I was never interested in stopping in.  No one told me it was a coffee house, I just assumed so because of the word Java.  So she takes me there and I’m upset that I never stopped in sooner!  This place is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  I love how Austin-ish the menu reads.  What did I get?  The French Toast.  It was like biting into Heaven!  We went to the spot near Zilker Park… off Lamar.  

I picked up one of these chairs for my balcony.  I’m thinking about spray painting it gold.


My other besties badass Camero.  I hate her!  *ugh*  Jealous!

And ANOTHER bestfriend! I’m telling you NOT EVERYONE is my bestfriend.  I was just blessed to have moved to Austin and met some of the best people in the world to have know the greater part of my life.  This is her with her two sons.  They are so funny!

I love their smiles!

So Sunday we shot at the Mason bulding in downtown Dallas.  This place is all sorts of AMAZING!  The whole building is made of steel and granite.

Me about to vandalize some shit!  By some shit I mean lamp bases and pictures frames!

Here’s to another great weekend coming up!!!!! Be safe guys.  Due to going to Oklahoma… I will not be posting Saturday or Sunday.

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Happy August Y’all!

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Wish List:

Sorry there wasn’t a post yesterday because I was in Austin enjoying my day with the best friends ever. More about that in another post this week.

Today I’m catching up on all my blogs. One of my FAVORITE blogs is 5 inches or Higher (shoes your perve) and she was showcasing a new shoe site I hadn’t heard of before. Since I’m a shoe junkie I decided to check this out.  The site was ShoeGlamm.com.

I seriously need to go to shoe rehab because I have FALLEN in love. On the opening page I have met the new love of my life Colada-36 Raffia. How did I live life before this shoe?!

The ONLY thing I don’t like about this shoe? The laminate wood platform. It looks cheap, but then again… the shoe is only $26.


5” heel

1.25” Platform

I REALY shouldn’t get these shoes… but these will DEFIANTLY be on my wish list!

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I Bling in My Screen Tee!


I finally uploaded a new video! Yeah! I will again next week. HINT… I’m doing my first haul since my shopping diet!

In this video I wanted to show you guys that you don’t always have to wear your T-Shirt with jeans or denim shorts. You can rock your tee with a cute skirt, business outfit, or even nice cuffed shorts. My video demonstrates all this for your.

Escape from Alcatraz!

I really love this first look because it shows that you are both down to earth and fashionable by pairing a reconstructed tee with a tiered skirt and cinch belt. I consider this American Rock couture (yes, I know I just made that up) It’s such a simple look, but people will think it took hours for you to get ready. If you want to learn how I reconstructed this shirt clickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk HERE!

T-Shirt from Chinatown, San Francisco

I Started That Trend

This is a style you can take to the bank! Well, at least to the office. I know a lot of people do not normally wear t-shirts at work, but one really can. All you have to do it pair your shirt with a nice pair of pants, some nice shoes shoes, and accessories… and you have yourself a look. I think wearing a t-shirt to work makes you look fun and more approachable. This looks works for the office because your shirt is simple and doesn’t take away from you or your work. The color palatte only contains two colors, red and white.  So this will give you a nice even look.  To take this look one step further rock it with a blazer!

T-Shirt from Forever21

Spiderman! Spiderman!

I LOVE this tee! I defintally do not wear it enough! It’s such a nice soft cotton and so easy to get lost in. Whenever I wear this shirt I always try and make it extra femme. In this case I paired this shirt with pinstriped cuffed shorts, long elegant earrings, and a very worn leather belt. This look works because the color motif of different shades of brown compliments each other. The wedges really bring it together because it has every single brown used from the tee and the shorts.

T-Shirt from Target


So I challenge everyone to find ways to wear your T-shirts this week WITHOUT wearing jeans! If you do, please send me a photo or link me to your blog!

Heres to a great Sunday and even better week!

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Dive-In Movies!

Yeah!  I have 19 more minutes in this day and I KNOW I’m going to hit publish in the next 18 minutes so it can count for today.


Yesterday my friend invited me to the Belmont Hotel in Dallas for her Meet-Up group.  Every summer the Belmont Hotel host a Dive-in Movie.  They show classic movies at the pool.  So you can watch the movies and swim!  They have a huge lawn area in the back if you’re not interested in swimming.  Since it was still over 100 degrees after sunset there is a bar located right next to the pool so you can get your alcoholic on.

The atmosphere was great and there were a lot of nice, fun, and talented people at this event.  The movie we watched l was Dazed and Confused.  A classic!

(Side Note: Dazed and Confused was filmed at my old Middle School in Austin, Bedicheck!)

The outfit I wore worked out great, considering it was so damn hot.  I wore pinstriped shorts, wedges, and layered gold toned necklaces.  Great for a semi casual yet luxurious look by the pool.

They show the Dive-in Movies every Thursday during the summer.  The movies start after sunset to optimize viewing power.


|Shirt from Ross| Shorts thrifted from TatMom43| Necklaces from Premier Designs and Forever21| Wedges from Baker’s Shoes|

Belmont Hotel

901 Fort Worth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75208

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