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American Apparel Bodysuit

Happy Monday!  Here is an outfit that I wore this weekend while shooting a personal friend for my portfolio.  I have to make this quick because it’s 1:01 AM an I still need to fall asleep in an attempt to be on time to work at 7AM.

Adidas Pink Black Hightop

|Top:  American Apparel Body Suit| Shorts & Earrings: Strut| Shoes: Adidas from Ross|


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Sexy Work Outfit 


Finally!  Another work outfit of the day!  I know I do a lot of street style, but I still consider this work street style!  *lol*  What I love about being in Generation Y is that we can dress cute and modern to work.  Unlike back in the past where everyone wore boring suit dress outfits and white stockings.

Could you imagine?

As you guys know Express is my FAVORITE brand for work clothes.  Express provides the most stylish work attire that there is on the market.  And when Express has a sale THEY HAVE A SALE!  I would have to say that 90% of what I wear to work will have at least one item from Express every day.

A lot of you guys have been wondering where Jax has been.  Whenever I do OOTDs I kill two birds with one stone and walk Jax.  About  95% of the time he’s with me but I take him off the leash and let him run around.  I typically go to empty places so I don’t have to worry about anyone hitting him or snatching him up.  Today I thought he star with me in a post!

DSC_9851 DSC_9845

|Top & Skirt: Express| Shoes: Ross| Earrings: Strut|

Who is your go to label for work clothes?

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Adidas Jacket


Last month I set goals for myself… and it was pretty much an epic fail.  I actually gained weight… and I couldn’t post everyday because I was always running late to work… and by the time I got off I already had other commitments.

So I decided I’m going to do something different.

I went on Groupon and I joined a Crossfit class. 

Yup.  I’m gng to be a crossfitter. 

One of your annoying friends on facebook telling the world about their WOD.  LOL

Before committing to the Groupon I went to a free Saturday class just to see if I was going to like it and like the people that are there.  I went to another crossfit class ( a different company) about a  year or so ago, but decided not to go because it was expensive and the trainer didn’t seem too interested in me as much as these really cute petite Asian girls there.  When he did talk to me he was like… “do you exercise at all?”

Me: “Fuck. You. And your dumb gym.”

I said that in my head.

Were the girls cute?

Duh. Yes…

But the point of a business is to make money…and you just lost a sale from me.

I bet those girls didn’t sign up for that gym either.

With that being said that’s why I decided to attend the free class at this gym before signing up.  When I arrived I found out the gym is run by a husband and wife team.  The people of the gym where super nice, and I decided after the intense workout  that I would sign up.

One of the girls I partnered up with asked why I was joining crossfit.

“I just want to look good in my clothes.”

Hey, I ‘m gng to be honest here.

There is nothing better than looking hot in your clothes.

Yes, living a healthy lifestyle is the icing on the cake.

With this new adventure in my life (at least for the next two months) I will have fitness fashion post.

Be Excited.

My favorite brand to wear is Adidas climate control.  More on why in an upcoming post… but I want to let you know that most of my Adidas outfit came from Dick’s Sporting Goods… or Nordstroms’ rack.  Believe it or not… Nordstrom’s rack as cheaper Adidas clothes on sale.

Adidas Jacket Puff Daddy Water Running and Adidas jax in the sun Yellow Adidas Tank Top

|Jacket, Top, Sports Bra, and Bottoms: Adidas| Shoes: Nike|

Are you guys in crossfit?  

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Raining on Labor Day

Adidas Dooney and Burke


Nonetheless I was still able to jump outside and take a few shots of the outfit I actually wore the day before.

Who else is tired of seeing post that read, “Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? “


Some stuck up wives of millionaires over a 100 years ago.

That’s who said it. There. I answered it. Please stop asking that exasperated question.

I’m pretty sure a lot has changed since 1880.

White is my favorite color to wear and I wear it year round. So if that makes me look like new money, so be it. I do what I want.

Yesterday I had an early dinner with good friends of at Buzzbrews in Dallas. I LOVE eating at that place because it serves healthy breakfast ALL. DAY. LONG!

Since Buzzbrews is located in Deep Ellum I didn’t get super dressed up.

I really love these Adidas hightops, but the shoes strings are abnormally long so I have no idea what do to with them.

Who doesn’t love a good Dooney with sneakers?

I really wrote this post like I was in need of some good ADHD medication.  

DSC_9697 DSC_9667 IMG_20130901_181114 DSC_9685 DSC_9668 IMG_20130901_172218 DSC_9724 DSC_9728 DSC_9675 DSC_9673 DSC_9754

|Top: Strut| Shorts: Forever 21|Bag: Dooney & Burke| Shoes & Earrings: Ross (Adidas & Amarita Singh)


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Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret is having their 7 for $26 sale on their panties. Of course I took advantage… and then they up-sold me on their bra’s, 2 for $42. The ONLY reason I purchased any bras is because my friend that is a male said… “You have one bra that you wear ALL. THE. TIME. You make enough money to have more than one bra.”

When you gotta point you have a point.

Since that last conversation I have picked up five new bras and countless panties (I just love underwear).

The problem with the bras is of the five of them four are bright loud colors. I figured that I would get pretty lingerie that compliments my skin complexion…  but then I ran into the problem of what to wear to work (since the neon color pops through). Then I run into the problem of how many bras one should own.

Good thing I had Garance’s recent blog post to help me with my brazier quandary.

The following two questions registered with me the most…

How often should you be buying new bras? Bras always wear out but it’s the way you take care of them. If you hand wash and air dry them, they will always last much longer. Most women, I find, wear the same bra every single day. You have to rotate your bras. Don’t wear the same bra twice in a row– you sweat and the sides, back and straps stretch out.

What should you have in your bra wardrobe? Four to five bras for during the week, when you wear your work clothing, when you want your clothes to be smooth and fitting you well. You should have 3 or 4 sexy ones for when you want to go out at night or you are entertaining your man for seduction. Two strapless bras, one black and one nude (when you buy a strapless bra it should fit very, very snug, you can even go one size down sometimes).


I guess I need to pick up four more work appropriate bras.

Victoria's Secret

I bring all this up because the last day to get the 7 for $26 is today (09/02)!

Hit up Vicki Secrets if you can!

Read Garance’s full article on bra’s…


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Light the Fire


 About three weeks ago I got talked into attending a metal concert.

Please don’t ask because I’m still confused on how that happened.

Actually I’m not.  A cute guy asked and I said yes.

Plus it would give my the opportunity to practice my concert photography skills.

We went to Light the Fire’s CD release concert.  To be quite honest the whole event was fun and entertaining… minus the whole pushing for fun thing.  Is that normal at medal concerts?

Since I don’t listen to medal music I had no idea what to wear so asked me friend.  He suggested not to worry about it… that most people there would most likely have holes in their shirts and look dingy anyway.

While most people weren’t particularly dressed up no one looked noticeable dingy.

Then again it was pretty dark.

But there is one person who was dressed like a true hipster.

He had a fedora, the ironic t-shirt (a purple Justin Bieber concert shirt… how he found it in his size is beyond me), high-water jeans, ugly shoes, and suspenders.  Of course he was rocking the ironic beard.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  If you want to dress like a hipster do your thing… but at least match.  I think that’s what got to me the most… he didn’t match.

Anywho the tank was a gift from my bro who went to Miami last month and picked up a gang of new shirts for me.  I rock the shirts during my shoots, except for this shirt and another one.  Why… because pictures on them are not  family appropriate.  My bro is the only one in my family that can pick out cool clothes for me.

DSC_7422-Edit DSC_7429-Edit DSC_7439-Edit DSC_7443-Edit DSC_7477-Edit

|Top: Gifted from bro’s Miami Trip| Jeans: UrbanOutfitters|Shoes: Adidas via Ross| Bracelet + Necklace: MetroPark/ Earrings + Clutch: Strut|

Photos from the Concert!!!!

DSC_6997-Edit DSC_6927-Edit DSC_6933-Edit DSC_6951-Edit DSC_6961-Edit DSC_6969-Edit DSC_7000-Edit DSC_7002-Edit DSC_7006-Edit DSC_7029-Edit DSC_7036-Edit DSC_7045-Edit DSC_7094-Edit DSC_7109-Edit DSC_7116-Edit DSC_7156-Edit DSC_7184-Edit DSC_7185-Edit DSC_7188-Edit DSC_7195-Edit DSC_7202-Edit DSC_7211-Edit DSC_7219-Edit DSC_7222-Edit DSC_7237-Edit DSC_7313-Edit DSC_7323-Edit DSC_7327-Edit DSC_7335-Edit DSC_7364-Edit DSC_7367-Edit DSC_7371-Edit DSC_7377-Edit_edited- DSC_7378-Edit

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The Urban Jungle

Aldo Leopard Print Pumps

I’ve had these shoes for awhile and I still love them.  Sometimes we just have to appreciate the things that we already have in your closets. 

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