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I know it’s been a very long time since I posted an Outift of the Day.  It’s crazy.  After an event that would put any normal person out for months has actually made me stronger.  I feel so different right now.  I know before I wanted to come back… but honestly, I wasn’t ready.  Now I feel it everywhere inside of me.  Believe it or not.  I’m a way different person.  I am the authentic version of who I need to be.  There is something in me that’s back.  Completely.

The Fun. The Fearless.  The Truthful. The IDGAF Korin.

I feel more focused.

I feel happier.

I feel like I’m getting back to the person I’m supposed to be.

The feeling is invigorating.

The feeling of “no worries” is truly amazing.

Signs I’m happy #1

When Korin rocks all white errrrything.

White is my FAVORITE color to wear.

It’s been my favorite thing to wear since I was baby Korin.  LOL.

It’s funny, most of everything I’m rocking came from recent travels in 2014.

The Top from San Diego

Ring, Earrings & Giraffe bracelet from Columbus.

… okay so maybe not most of it. But a good amount.

Also, I hate to brag, but how amazing is my skin looking?  It’s dark and very clear.  I LOVE my complexion.  It’s rich, beautiful, and authentic.  I love how my skin contrast against the all white.

Yes, there will be more this week.

UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything

|Top: Miss Match| Bottoms: Express| Rings,Earrings, & Giraffe Bracelet: TigerTree|Watch: Michael Kors|Shoes: Charollette Russe| Sunglasses: Ray-Bans|Pocketbook: Aldo|


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Fourth of July Summer Sales are Here!!!!

Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01 Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01 Bold Baja Weekender Bag, Forever 21, 01

Check out this AMAZING bag that I picked up from Forever 21 online today!  Ever since I laid my eyes on this carrier I have wanted it.  I have no idea why I didn’t pick it up in the first place.  Oh, I do.  I was on a mission to find clothes for my boudoir clients and did not want to spend any money on myself.  The bag was priced at $28.  However, TODAY ONLY, the bag is on sale for $19!  Eeeek!!!  That’s about a 33% discount. So of course I picked it up.  Target has a really cute dup that you can find HERE but the price is $35.  I didn’t get it because the quality did not seem that good and I fell in love with the Forever 21 pattern.

Street Chic, Gold Bracelet,

I also dropped this dope gold bracelet in my bag! I really can’t wait to rock this bad boy while out on the weekends or working on shoots!  Or in JAPAN this Fall…

On top of it all Forever 21 has FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $21!  So I got everything for less than $25 (including the tax)!  I can’t wait to show you guys that bag when it comes in next week.  I plan on using it as my gym bag.  I’m tired of those reusable totes breaking on me.

Below are some other items from the sale that are great contenders!  Hurry up and pick them up because the sale ends soon!

Click the photos to take you to the product



Shore Thing Canvas Backpack

Shore Thing Canvas Backpack, Forever 21

If I lived in San Diego… or near any beach.  I would have picked this bad boy up!  I love the nautical free loving style that it’s giving off.  It’s 19×14 measurement is big enough to stick your beach towel, water, good, mp3 player, speakers, and coco butter in!

Iconic Faux Leather Messenger Bag

Iconic Faux Leather Messager Bag, Forever 21

I think this is a good day to day bag or even when you are heading the movies with your friends.  Throw on a white tank, black skinny jeans, gold hardware jewelry, and this bag and you will be street chic ready!

Versatile Faux Leather Tote

Versatile Faux Leather Tote, Forever 21

I like my bags simple and with structured,  and while I’m into the “tote” look I do love good style.  I really love how the gold plates at the end add a bit of “street” to the look.  This bag would have been another great choice for my cool chic gym bag, but I really don’t like the fact that it doesn’t have a zipper at the top.  I like to really overstuff my clothes, good, and personal items in a bag.

Runaround Faux Leather Satchel

Runaround Faux Leather Satchel, Forever 21

I REALLY like this burnt pink color!  I didn’t pick up this bag because it was way too small for my life.  I’m in Texas after all and EVERYTHING is really big.  I think this is another cute summer running around day option.  I also think it would be cute for the airport.  You could place your wallet, phone, and tablet in it and call it a day.  If this bag was a bit bigger I would have picked it up and made it the perfect camera bag for my Nikon.

Favorite Striped Carryall

Favorite Striped Carryall, Forever 21

This bag is CHIC!  *ugh* If I was a frequent flyer I would scoop this bag boy up (mistake but I’m keeping it).  Now this is a VERY versatile summer bag.  It’s big enough for your day uses, stylish enough for pretty much every outfit, and big enough for all the important things in your life.  I would have picked this up, but even at $17 I don’t think I would have gotten the cost per wear out of it.

Headwraps & Snapbacks

Garden Goddess Wire Headwrap

Floral Headwrap, 01, Forever 21

At $2.50 you really can’t complain.  I am feeling this great summer pattern.  It’s perfect for Sunday brunches while sipping mimosas on patio against the misters.

Mod Polka Dot Wire Headwrap

Polka Dot Headwrap, Forever 21

This is WAY too girly for my taste, but I still had to place it on this list.

Garden Girl Headwrap

 Floral Headwrap, 02, Forever 21

I am feeling floral for the summer!  This white one is cute, but the black one is what I should have added to my cart!  *ugh* I’m so upset that I missed that.  There really isn’t a reason to buy it now.  I wish there was an option to let you add on items to your order after you made a purchase if it hasn’t finished processing. *ugh*

Street-Cool Swag Snapback Cap

Swag Snap Back Cap, Forever 21

I am SOOOOOOOOOO dislike the word #Swag, but I couldn’t help but to add this fun cap to the list!  Wear a white tank, black cut off jeans, some Adidas high tops, and throw this cap on and you will look street chic on 1.5 seconds!


It feels really great to write again!  Thank you so much to S for stepping in the last couple of weeks to let you guys know we still walk this earth! 

Please leave a comment below and tell me where you’re shopping this holiday weekend!




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Jax the Dog Model

Dog Model

“Hold up chick.  Let me show you how it’s done.” -Jax

My dog is one of a kind.

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Thug Kitchen for Life!


So I am starting a new series called Blogs You should be Reading!

I know I haven’t done my Monday Links in quite some time… I have to be honest. Even though I love the Monday Links series it did take an insane amount of time to put together. I am not saying I won’t be doing it again, but with my time as thin as it is I won’t be doing them anytime soon.

However, I wanted to take some time to highlight some non fashion blogs. I love fashion as much as the next person, but sometimes one needs a break from Gucci, Valentino, H&M, Forever21, and Goodwill. So every week I will bring you guys some good blogs that I highly recommend you get addicted too.

First Up…






This blog is fan-fucking-tastic!

Shanna hooked me up on this shit. She sent me a text message last week and was like, “Dude! You need to check this site out!”

I am so happy that I did.

I’m no Wolf Gang Puck (that’s the chef right), but I do cook on a regular basis (it’s healthier and cheaper..since I’m a baller on a budget) so I love a good food blog. I typically stick to Paleo recipes, but Thug Kitchen has plenty of good stuff that I can still incorporate into my eating style.

Too many times are we reading boring, mundane, prissy, and unoriginal food blogs. However Thug Kitchen brings us something MUCH different.

First of all you gotta love someone who is direct and tells you how it is. Second of all, I just love cussing. I’m not sorry. I do. I don’t think cussing shows you have a small mind. I believe it shows that you love colorful language. Plus I’m in Texas. We are always cussing… at home, with friends, at work. It’s second nature and most people don’t blink an eye.

I love the photos, the words, the fact he tells you to get your fat ass up and to the grocery store and go get something healthy.

He also explains why the food is good for you as. We all need to understand the benefits of the food we are eating.

Read this great interview with the culinary king on why he started the series… HERE!

Below are some of my favorite recipes from his kitchen!


HamburgerHelper SnapPeas SpinachSmoothiedogpeas

Please check out this blogger and let me know what you guys think!

Happy Monday!

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Sunday Football

Just a quick OOTD post.  I just watched the Raiders upset the Steelers.  WOW.  LOL!  


|Top: Forever 21| Shorts: Levi| Shoes: Ross| Necklace: Strut|

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Built in A/C

So this is the outfit I wore on Friday. I love the cutout in the back. It felt like a built in A/C unit.

I plan on wearing these boots a lot more this season. These Aldo boots are actually a gift from one of my FAVORITE people in the whole wide world (and sorority sister) Tam Tam! She saw my birthday wishlist from last year and purchased them for me as a surprise! I just LOVE the shit out of these boots. Since the winter was so mild last year I didn’t get to do much damage, but I’m thinking this year I will get more miles out of them.

I hope I can show you guys a better picture of them next time.


|Shirt: Ross| Jeans: Express| Shoes: Gifted Aldo|Earrings: Forever 21|

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Better Late Than Never…

Sorry these links are so late! I had planned on having them completed on Sunday, but the weekend I had dedicated to myself got interrupted by my social life. *ugh*

Well, as I stated on Top 10 Bloggers of the week post, I will be placing the Monday Links and the Top 10 on Monday. This frees of the rest of the week to allow for Outfit of the Day post. Now that I have a “normal” gig I will be able to showcase more of my personal style in a semi-professional way. I’m still working with water legs people so I hope with each day my work style comes back.

On to the Links of the Week!

Song of the Week


Cut Out Tank Top


That Snake

That Wind

That Crocodile

That Orb

That Horn

Shoe Porn


Pastel Yellow & Silver

Crayon Box

Gold, Spikes, & Lace

Southwestern Style

Links of the Week

A Drink to Remember Summer By…

Glow in the Dark EVERYTHING!

Before & After Décor

The Bubble Girl of Paris

Fucking Amazing Greeting Cards!

Cute Accessories for School Pictures

What to do the Night Before a Photoshoot

The Power of Safflower

I hope you kicked Monday’s ass!

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