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Come Down the Rabbit Hole with Us


Hi! I have been fast at work with sessions, shoots, editing, and magazine shoots!  Did I mention I have a full time 9-5 job in a corporate setting?  LOL.

Recently I worked with an amazing model named Maria for her modeling portfolio.  Maria was BEYOND amazing!  Even though I’m not done with editing I wanted to show you guys a quick video I put together.  Now I am NOT a videographer… and perhaps at my next shoot I will have one, but I did want to create a small promo video of Maria.

I LOVE shooting boudoir sessions.  They fun, sexy, and liberating.  If you even THINKING about doing a session just go ahead and do one!  If you’re in the Dallas area please contact me for pricing and availability!

Check out my site and Facebook page below!

Wonderland Boudoir: www.wonderlandboudoir.com

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/WonderlandBoudoir

Quick Peek at a new photo of Maria

Wonderland Boudoir Dallas_-24

You know you wanna book me!  Check out my work and contact information!

PS:  This photo has not been edited and has not filter.  Yes, you can look good without photoshop!


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Bar Cart, Tea Cart

Check out my previous post on my search for the perfect bar cart prior to reading this post.  You can find it HERE!

Okay, so I headed up to Dulce Consignment in Dallas on Saturday and found that they actually had BOTH the bar carts!  I ended up getting the “tea cart.”

Bar Cart, Tea Cart

The tea cart/bar cart is actually shorter than the other cart.  While the black bar cart was super cute it was about $30 more expensive.  I really wanted to pick up both, but the owner refused to negotiate on price so I ended up getting just the one bar cart.

Bar Cart, Tea Cart

I picked this one because of the price, the chrome on mirror, and how classic yet modern it looked. While my apartment has more warm undertones this bar cart still matches my aesthetic pretty well.

Bar Cart, Tea Cart Bar Cart, Tea Cart

Of course this isn’t the final look for the cart.  In actuality I have already changed it up since these photos were taken.  In couple of weeks to a month I will show you guys the final photos.   I’m thinking about scouting Z Gallerie to see if they have any cute items or dishes I can add to this cart.

S called me after I purchased the tea cart and she was telling me how she wanted one but thought it would be too big.  I can say that the one that I purchased was far from big.  In fact I thought it was kind of small, but after placing it in my apartment I found that it fit perfectly.

More photos to come!

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Happy Monday

Capitalism, grafitti

Who else is tired of feeling like this when they wake up Monday through Friday?  I for sure am.

When I went to San Diego I met someone who really enlightened me.  He lived in Australia for a month and then travelled and stayed in Bali for three months.  He just left his life and surfed for 25% of the year.

Could you imagine just leaving?

Living your life by your own beat.

There has to be something so freeing about not conforming to societies idea of what a fulfilled life should entail.  This person I spoke to claimed he was selfish in a way, but in reality he was far from that.


I have some so many photos and stories I want to share from my travels to San Diego, but that’s going to have to be at another time when I have a moment to just edit my own stuff and be at one with me.

However, I thought this photo was fitting for Monday.

Lets do this y’all!


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Color is the New Gray

There  are only five bloggers I felt were worth mentioning this week.  It was a TOUGH week for all of us LOL.  But the five fashion bloggers I did find were spot on! I have to thank most of them for featuring color in these dreary months!

01: Wendy’s Lookbook


Wendy brought this!  I really like this look because it is super fashionably… but  I actually feel like I could pull this off in the office.  The skirt is nothing short of dynamic!  She does a great job not over doing it with a plain black long sleeved.  I love the 3D texture her BCBG belt brings.  Lets not forget the Louboutins.


02: 5 Inch and Up


How cute it this outfit?  I have been looking for more comfortable work attire and I think this may be it.  I would love to find any excuse to wear huge white trousers in the middle of winter.  How much do you love the knit sweater?  *ugh*


03: Ring My Bell


All white everything.  Perfect winter outfit.


04: Style Scrapbook


Of course if I have an all white outfit then I must have a strong black coat.  This Zara is just about on everyone.  I would purchase it… but lets be honest.  It’s a mass produce piece that cost about $100.  I don’t think so… I’ll wait for it to hit the clearance section.


05: Skinny Hipster


Blogger Pricilla was featured on Skinny Hipsters site.  I have to say that I am loving this color blocked ensemble she placed together.  I this looks was completed with nude heels and a matching back.  This would be a fun look to wear to the office.  I love how she kept it simple with the accessories.


That was quick!  Who was your favorite look for this week?!

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The Fashionista’s of Dallas


Dallas is finally moving in the direction of catwalk meets sidewalk.  Earlier this month I was invited to the first Fashion Friday of 2014 at Fedora’s in Dallas.  The Fashionista’s placed on a good show and I really liked the outfits featured.  Since I came more as a spectator getting the details of the show that people look over… the details of design of not only the model but the voyeurs.  Yes, I am so busy because I have photoshoots every other day now.  Sorry this took so long to make it to the blog!

DSC_3356 DSC_3357 DSC_3359 DSC_3364 DSC_3368DSC_3378 DSC_3379 DSC_3380 DSC_3385 DSC_3391DSC_3396 DSC_3397DSC_3400 DSC_3406 DSC_3408 DSC_3409 DSC_3411 DSC_3415 DSC_3416 DSC_3417 DSC_3419 DSC_3427 DSC_3428 DSC_3430 DSC_3431 DSC_3435 DSC_3439 DSC_3441 DSC_3443 DSC_3444 DSC_3448 DSC_3456 DSC_3457 DSC_3462 DSC_3473 DSC_3474 DSC_3481 DSC_3484 DSC_3485 DSC_3490 DSC_3492 DSC_3499

I plan to check out the Fashionista’s as often as possible if the designs, atmosphere, and people are this great!

Yes, I know before I got busy with photography I was going to a lot of fashion outings in Dallas. I plan to start doing that again soon!


Happy Saturday! 

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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Cat jumping gif

So apparently  my theme of the week is black and white.  Right now I’m in the middle of trying to revamp my style, and for some reason I have a ton of pencil skirts in the bags that I haven’t yet unpacked.  I may even do a haul once everything comes in.  I have about three new pencil skirts, two sweaters, two dresses,  and a watch.  Oh and I have a new leather jacket coming in.  I wore my old one OUT.  I really wanna find a light blue leather coat and a tan one, but I’m so picky.

Okay… so enough about me.  Here are the top looks of the week.  Sorry about the brief summaries.  I still feel how this cat looks.

01: Cute & Little

Cute and Little Blog

This outfit encompasses EVERYTHING I loved this week.  Black, White, Pencil Skirt, Windowpane, Fantastic bag, hot shoes, and that AMAZING orange blazer.  Now this is what I call Urban Fashion! She straight up took the catwalk to the sidewalk!


02: From the Rez to the City

 Rez in the City Snake Print

Woman you better W-E-R-K!  You guys know that I am not a fan of animal print or snake skin, but baby girl RIGHT HERRRRE is giving me 70’s glam REALNESS!!!  How can you NOT love this?!  I am feeling EVERYTHING about this pencil skirt dress and lets not forget the abundance of gold.  She’s lookin’ like a Shah of Dallas!


03: L’Extravagance

L’Extravagance, White Dress

I have no idea who this is, but I want to know.  She is giving Olivia Pope Realness here!  You guys know that white is my FAVORITE  color to wear.  I LOVE how it looks on my dark skin.  Can we PLEASE talk about those shoes?!


04: Walk In Wonderland

Walk in Wonderland

So the opposite end of the spectrum brings us to Sheryl.  I know!  There goes that pencil skirt.  I have to say that of all the pencil skirts highlighted this week this Coach one is my FAVORITE.  So once I saw it on her I decided I was going to buy it… yeah… Until I saw that the bad boy is $898.  You almost had me Coach.


05: Island Chic 77


So Kelly just brings it all together in this DKNY dress.  I have to say that she looks better in it than the runway model.


06: Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes

Say what you will, but I LOVE how this dress looks on her and I kinda like the kicks with it.  Its like 90’s glam grunge.


07: What Courtney Wore

Courtney Does Dallas

I like this because it’s unexpected.  Courtney is rockin’ a purple flannel top, a leather pencil skirt and gobs of hardware gold.  Everything I like.  Typically I hate when people place too many trends together in one outfit, but she makes this work.


08: Neon Blush

Neon Blush

White shirt acid washed black jeans.  Of course a signature scarf.


09: Victoria


All white everything


Let me know who your pick of the week is.  If you guys have an suggestions on fashion bloggers I should be reading please link their URL below!

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Happy Sunday Guys!

Weekly Goals

Sorry it’s so late in the evening but I had a full week.  For someone who has been unemployed for all  these weeks I sure have stayed busy.  I was doing something all day everyday.  I haven’t had a chance to watch one episode of Maury.

He is NOT the father!

 Maury, You Are Not the Father gif

(I’m not ashamed to admit it.  I love that shit. )

 January Week 02 Review


So I totally failed out my crossfit and work out goals.  Like Epic Fail…

Attend Crossfit class 4 times this week [FAIL]

Run three days this week [FAIL]

Not Eat Out  [FAIL]


For business I like to think that I did a pretty good job.  I didn’t have time to work on the UrbanJunglePhotography blog and sending out the shot list totally skipped my mind.

Create flyers for Couples Valentine Mini Session

Create Flyer for Boudoir Mini Session

Finish Alex’s Photos

Contact Clients and advise of dates

Send out shot list and other wedding questions requirements [FAIL]

Begin working on blog site for UrbanJunglePhotography [FAIL]

Email Boudoir Group and request thoughts on a different site from main work

Sign up for two bridal trade shows in Dallas Area


For business I like to think that I did a pretty good job.  I didn’t have time to work on the UrbanJunglePhotography blog and sending out the shot list totally skipped my mind.

Clean Carpets

Sand and paint side of desk [FAIL]

Look for wall paper for inside the desk [FAIL]

Make drawers work for desk [FAIL]


I didn’t do anything towards Jax’s blog.

For my apartment the only thing I got done was the carpet cleaning.  I didn’t touch that desk.  I was too dayum busy.

Start 365 blog today: Take for picture and rough design of blog

Update Jax’s site with three photos for next week [FAIL]

Goals for January Week 3


Crossfit 3 Times this week

Running 2 Times this week

Not Eat Out


Finish Edits for: Amber, Ashley, Amanda, Nene, and Fitness Club

Contact Clients Monday & Thursday for Reminders

Send out shot list to client

Beginning Working on UrbanJunglephoto Blog

Begin Outline for Boudoir


Wash All Clothes


Update 365 Blog Everyday

Two uploads to Jax’s Blog

Jazzy’s Video

Okay there you have it people.   These are you goals for the week.

Which one goal do you want to accomplish this week?


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