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I know it’s been a very long time since I posted an Outift of the Day.  It’s crazy.  After an event that would put any normal person out for months has actually made me stronger.  I feel so different right now.  I know before I wanted to come back… but honestly, I wasn’t ready.  Now I feel it everywhere inside of me.  Believe it or not.  I’m a way different person.  I am the authentic version of who I need to be.  There is something in me that’s back.  Completely.

The Fun. The Fearless.  The Truthful. The IDGAF Korin.

I feel more focused.

I feel happier.

I feel like I’m getting back to the person I’m supposed to be.

The feeling is invigorating.

The feeling of “no worries” is truly amazing.

Signs I’m happy #1

When Korin rocks all white errrrything.

White is my FAVORITE color to wear.

It’s been my favorite thing to wear since I was baby Korin.  LOL.

It’s funny, most of everything I’m rocking came from recent travels in 2014.

The Top from San Diego

Ring, Earrings & Giraffe bracelet from Columbus.

… okay so maybe not most of it. But a good amount.

Also, I hate to brag, but how amazing is my skin looking?  It’s dark and very clear.  I LOVE my complexion.  It’s rich, beautiful, and authentic.  I love how my skin contrast against the all white.

Yes, there will be more this week.

UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything UrbanjungleFashion, Urban Jungle Fashion, All White Everything

|Top: Miss Match| Bottoms: Express| Rings,Earrings, & Giraffe Bracelet: TigerTree|Watch: Michael Kors|Shoes: Charollette Russe| Sunglasses: Ray-Bans|Pocketbook: Aldo|


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It’s Officially Fall!

*BRRRRR* It was so COLD Monday morning! It felt like a blizzard at 70 degrees. I already can’t wait for Summer again. While I count down the days until Summer’s return I might as well dress semi cute.

I know you guys have seen these pants time and time again, but I really love them. Even if they are a size too big for me. They are a 6 and I wear a size 4. However, that fact won’t deter me from rocking these bad boys!

The ¾ button sweater is one that I purchased from Express over two years ago and this is the first time I’m wearing it! I just love the soft feel of it!

Nothing makes an outfit better than accessories. I know I’m wearing these earrings out, but I paid good money for them so I plan on getting my cost per wear outta them!

I also, went to Strut right after work that day because they having a 60% off sale in their store October 01-04. I will post the loot I picked up at some point this week. I plan on doing a collective haul of all the internet purchase I made in the last two weeks. I’m just now waiting for everything to arrive!

|Jacket & Scarf: Papaya| Sweater & Pants: Express| Shirt: UrbanOutfitters| Belt: Old Navy| Shoes: Ross| Necklace: Premier Designs| Earrings: Strut|

Do the Humpty Hump!

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Name of outfit: Downtown Girl Sunday


  • Top: Black Stretchy Racerback, Forever21, $8
  • Pants: White Military Cargo Capris, Papaya, $15
  • Braclet: Silver, Forever 21, $2 (came in a pack of 6-8)
  • Earrings: Silver Large Rhinestone Hoops, G by Guess, $18
  • Shoes: White 6 inch summer heels, $27… (i got them 50% off at $13.50) Charlotte Russe

Total Cost=$56.50

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