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Keepin’ It Country

From the moment Johanna landed in the Lone Star State she has been DYING to get her hands on authentic American Cowboy boots.  Her wish was finally granted.  Johanna went to Wild Bills Western and $200 later walked out with some gorgeous boots! I have been trying to highlight these boots FOREVER, but just FINALLY got around to it.

The main reason i’m showcasing them now is because Johanna wanted to do a Western shoot with a cowboy hat and some western boots.  We found the hat last weekend and did the shoot this past Sunday at the Running of the Bulls statue in Dallas.  I will TRY and post the pictures tomorrow because I want to post the YouTube video up of her Cowboy Cowgirl Outfit of the day.  The boots are just a taste of heaven.

If you guys are in Dallas and want to purchase boots from a knowledgable seller (I mean this guy almost knew the name of the cow the leather came from) then go to Wild Bills Western located in the West End.

Johanna LOVES the smell of new leather! LOL

Wild Bills Western | 311 North Market Street | Dallas, Texas| (214) 954-1050

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