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Clothes LEAPING off your screen!

Okay, I know that was the WORST pun EVER, but I HAD to try and pull something out for leap year!  HAPPY FEBRUARY 29th!!!!!  Right now I’m in the mood for an ice cream cone from Marble Slab.  I want coffee flavored with crushed Oreos inside a warm Heath dipped cone. Yummmmm!

That is neither here nor there.  Here are my Top 10 fashion looks of the week!  As always, they are not ranked in any particular order.

01: Sabo Skirt

I love this Aztec inspired multicolored tiered dress featured on Sabo Skirt.  This would be a great resort dress.  I can see myself in it while dinning on dinner on the beaches of Hawaii.  Lets not forget those heels!


02: 5 Inch and Up

Okay, do I SERIOUSLY need to explain why I like this look?  Geez!  This is ME to a T!  (What does that phrase even mean?) The look is monochromatic, loose, yet harbors a sense of sophistication that can’t be denied.  That Jacket.  The simplicity of the heels.  I also LOVE how the oversized clutch works to add a pop of color.


03: Chicmuse

So we go from one extreme to the other.  Yes, this I’m loving this sexy monochromatic black.  I love sheer black tops and skinny jeans with heels.  Basic yet so sexy.


04: 5 Inch and Up

I think we are long lost sisters.  Or at the very least she can share her closet with me.  I’m feeling the pastel pink  blazer and ripped white skinny jeans.  Once I locate a pair of skinny jeans (I’m praying F21 will be offering some soon for $15 or less) I’m going  to shred them a million times and rock this look!  Of course, we can’t forget those shoes.


05: 5 Inches or Higher

First of all the hair is ON POINT!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her hair!   It’s funny how the way you style your hair changes the whole look of the outfit.  That’s something that I’m still trying to perfect since I have natural hair.  I love her swagga because I would have never thought to pair those purple closed toed shoes with black tights and that GORGEOUS striped exposed zipper dress.  Gawsh, how I love exposed zippers.


06: VintageVirgin

I love that tribal top and those pleather shorts.   Due to this combination the elephant necklace pops outs perfectly.  FYI, Homegirl is only 5’4!  Check out her blog to see how she makes herself appear so tall!


07: VintageVandalizm

The intensity of the orange blouse laid against her gold collar necklace was great styling technique.  The blouse is working overtime by making the skirt pop as well.  Jasmin does a superb job with wearing nude toned heels.  Doing this allowes all the attention to be laid on the skirt.  She bought that skirt from Etsy!


08: This Time Tomorrow


I SWORE those were the Valentinos.  Great job J. Crew! Great Job!  You guys know that I’m a sucker for all things cable knit.  Not only is cable knit warm, sophisticated, and traditional… it actually serves the purpose of keeping you warm.  Honestly, if I had to pick a winner this week it would be this look.  I love every single last detail. However, if I HAD to choose the one item I liked the most it would be her clutch!  Check out what her clutch reads on her blog!  All I know is that’s going to be on my Spring Wish List.


Let me know which look was your favorite this week!

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Geez Louis!!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING THE BLOG REACH THAT 100K mark! When I started this little hole in the wall I never expected anyone to be interested in it, let alone have more than 100,000 views! Holy Moly Batman! I’m am GENUINELY out of words!

I know all of you come to my blog for different reasons, photography, fashion, or for the simple fact that I’m just that damn awesome. *LOL* Whatever your reason is, I appreciate it! I plan on continuing to create content that makes you guys come back, comment, and hit that like button.

Just… Thank You! I am sincerely… SINCERELY happy.

Because I love you all… I have to tell you one of my favorite artist is M.I.A! I have been meaning to post her video, Bad Girls, on the blog for a minute.

I LOVE the cinematography of this video. I love how the beats hits right at the 1 minute mark. The tribal samples, the colors, textures, patterns, and the 80’s motif are all on point.  But my FAVORITE thing? M.I.A sitting on the car just filing her nails, like a boss.

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“Your existence on Earth is significant.” – Marvin Winans

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And the Winners Are….

I’m going to be honest here. I sat down and watched the Oscars. Since I did that I’m going to rank my favorite dresses this go around.

This year I went to an intimate Oscar Party. I’m finally getting to know some of my neighbors in my building, (after almost two years) and one of the neighbors invited me to their Oscar watching party. There was just 6 of just… well, 7, but one was under 5 so I wasn’t sure if he counted. The hostess made a great homemade dinner, and even made Sangria from scratch!  Some people rock the hostess roll FABULOUSLY. It was funny watching the Oscars and making fun of people outside of Twitter. I will admit I had to jump on Twitter when Angelina came out. I mean c’mon… that lady is BEAUTIFUL, but she needs a Thanksgiving Feast in her life.

Anywho, let me tell you the TOP 9 Best Dressed of the Night

01: Viola Davis

HANDS DOWN IS THE WINNER! Ms. Davis has been W-E-R-K-I-N-G the red carpet this award season, and tonight was NO EXCEPTION!!!!! Her jewel toned forest green dress was the talk of the town! EVERYONE at the party could not take their eyes off of her. Not only was the dress beautiful, but so was her eye make up. What I loved most about her look? HER NATURAL HAIR!!!!! She is the EPITOME of what a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN looks like. Her body, her stature, her look, just bleed with power and perfection.

FYI She’s rocking a Vera Wang gown, a Judith Leiber clutch, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

02: Michelle Williams

WOW! She looked all colors of amazing tonight! Not very many with fair colored skin can rock a platinum blonde pixie cut! She did just that… DOING TWIGGY PROUD GIRL! I loved the red Louis Vuitton dress. When’s the last time you heard anyone wearing LV to an awards show?! What stood out the most was her Fred Leighton for Forevermark necklace! DID YOU SEE THAT THING?! She was BLINGING ALL. NIGHT. LONG! Like a TRUE STAR!

03: Cameron Diaz

Girl better WORK! That dressed worked on the carpet and on the TV. Cameron Diaz may not be rocking a curvy body, but I LOVE how she knows what body type she does have! Cameron is wearing a Gucci dress and about a million dollars with of jewelery from Tiffany & Co. Now I need that type of endorsement.

04: Jennifer Lopez

I have no idea why Jenny from the block was at the Oscar (nevermind the fact that she was presenting), but I am SO HAPPY SHE COULD MAKE IT! I LOVE that Jennifer Lopez EMBRACES HER CURVES. Angelina Jolie could learn a lesson or two from Ms. Lopez… Well, how about they school each other?  JLo can teach Jolie how to put on some curves. While Jolie can teach JLo how to act. Hey! Win-win for EVERYBODY!!!!

I love this Zuhair Murad dress because the pattern and texture enhance her curves magnificently.

05: Maya Rudolph

Did you guys know that Minnie Riperton was her mom?! Who is Minnie Riperton? WOW! You guys need to know your MUSIC! (Loving You Video). Maya wore a Johanna Johnson dress and Neil Lane jewels.

06: Emma Stone

How can one not like Emma Stone? She has a beautiful look and great attitude. She was SOOOO funny presenting with… damn… his name is blanking on me right now, but lets just call him Zoolander. Emma’s Giambattista Valli Haute Couture did WONDERS for her!

07: Glen Close

This is how a bad bitch her age rocks a Zac Posen dress and Bulgari jewelry. Show those 20 something year old girls that sexy can be served by all ages!

08:Jessica Chaistain

Alexander McQueen dress. That is all.

09: Tina Fey

While the Carolina Herrera dress wasn’t spectacular her hair and Bulgari jewelry were. She looked classy and fun! Many woman have tried, but can’t pull that combination off!

All Images Via...

Who was your favorite from last night?!

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2012 Oscars Worst Dress

I know… I haven’t done a worst dress list in FOREVER, but I felt tonight one was due. The dresses are not in any particular order.  They were all offensive and should be subject to a public burning

01: Sandra Bullock

SERIOUSLY?! I feel like I was being Punk’d! If I saw this dress in a thrift store I would have NEVER picked up! Sometimes I think she picks the UGLIEST dresses to personally pissed me off!  Dayum, did you see all the work done to her face?!

02: Natalie Portman

He fashion sense is like a yo-yo! It dramatically goes up and down. While Natalie is not as offense visually as Ms. Bullock, she should have know that dress swallows her. The gown is way to big for her small frame. She should have done with a dress that was much light and more form fitting.

03: Shailene Woodley

Ummmm… who are you and why are you wearing that?

All Images Via...

Who was worst dress for you at the Oscars?

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I AM NOT A HATER!  Let me start off the post with that statement.  However, I would LOVE to see the shots before Lohan’s face was photoshopped to death!  Geez! We have ALL seen how haggard LiLo has been looking in recently history (Exhibit A) and now she looks life she swallowed about 152 fetuses!  She looks newborn baby fresh!  When I get married I want whoever did the photoshop worked on LiLo to work their magic on me!

I will admit that LiLo looks like a bad bitch in these photos… I mean, she still has the l Hollywood’s-Yesteryear-trash-hijacking-Marilyn-Monroe’s-look-look… but hey… if you can only do one trick that keeps feeding you… do it.  Don’t judge!  We all have a bit of trashy in us; at least Lilo doesn’t hide it.

What do you guys think about this spread for Love Magazine?

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February Hot Finds

Again, my top 10 blogger  looks of the week.  As always… these aren’t ranked in any particular order.  I love ALL these looks! 

01:  Styled by Janet

This is blogger Tuula… but since it was on Janet’s page you guys can link over there cuz her blog is cool as shit.  Then you can link over to Tuula’s page.  I LOVE the tribal print shorts.  I could easily see myself rockin’ this look on a hot date or even a Sunday brunch sitting on the patio… drinking a mimosa…  Champagne wishes y’all.

How about those shoes?! 

***Editors Note*** I know this look is recycled for last week, but I liked it so much i had to use it twice. Okay!  It was an accident, but I still love the  look!


02:  Cecylia

Cecylia is an Australian blogger who I randomly came across one day looking for new faces.  She has an extraordinary sense of style.  Take for example this dress!  Ummmmm  HELLO!  I would LOVE to rock this extraavagent dress anywhere… even it if was to get my oil changed.  She looks fab!


03:  We Can Prentend

Badass Biker Mama Much?  LOVE.


04: The Bag Hag Diaries

This is Petra Eccelstone.  No, she’s not a blogger, but she was featured on the Bag Hag Diaries page and I just HAD to include her because her outfit is fresh to death!  I love this cute and causal look.  I have been trying to mentally figure out how I can introduce sneakers back into my life.  I’m a bit of a sneaker snob and the look HAS to be there but the shoe HAS to be comfortable.  Petra looks super comfy in the sneaks and McQueen scarf.


05: Sea of Shoes

How can  you NOT love Jane’s sense of style!  I LOVE this vintage giraffe print yellow dress.  In fact.  The giraffe is the inspiration to the painting I’m working on right now!  I can’t wait to share it with you guys!


06: Kenza

Is it weird that I was it lick her shoes?  Geez I LOVE her Jaguar print Christian Louboutins!  And the black ballerina dress isn’t bad either!


07: Vintage Vandalizm

I love Jasmin’s look because she’s TOTALLY screaming 90’s Versace!!!!!!  Now I feel bumpin’ some Pac and Big!

No-No-Notorious! <— Click the Link!!!!!


08: Cheetah is the New Black

I’m a sucker for anything sequin right now!  Leave me alone!


09: Fast Food and Fast Fashion

She’s screaming high powered BAWS in this outfit!  I love EVERY. SINGLE. DETAIL of her look!  She he’s an A+++ from me!


10: All the Pretty Birds

That skirt.  That is all.

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Love is in the Air!

I LOVE people who are in love!  They give off this contagious energy that just makes you want to smile.  I have to say these two LOVE each other  so much.  You could feel the power between them.  Not only did they love each other… they are IN LOVE with each other.

This couple was such a dream to shoot, they were open minded, knew what they wanted, and free spirited!  You can’t ask for a better combination than that.

I hope you guys enjoy the photos… and remember I’m shooting between Dallas and Austin right now for $25 and hour.  Email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com or check out the banner below for addtional information!  You can also check out my SITE that I hopefully will be updating soon!


If you like to shoot with me please email me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com or CLICK the banner below!

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