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Hitchhiking Web Series Documentary

You guys know I’m all about helping others out in need or who have a cool or unique Idea so today I want to introduce you to Woncho (sounds like Poncho). Back at my last company before the one I work out now (did I tell you guys I got ANOTHER new job in March??) one of my co-workers (who is now a good friend) was telling me about another person from Dallas she met and befriended out in California a year or two ago. His name is Woncho and he had hitchhicked from Dallas to Cali on absolutely little to no money. Woncho started a blog about his tales of hitchhiking. So I started following his blog and thought it was interesting.

Sometimes I fantasize would life would have been like if I took a year off before going to my university. So I read about Woncho’s adventures and live vicariously through him.

Currently Woncho has a Kickstarter campaign out. He started the crowd funding campaign because he needs money to buy equipment needed for the web series documentary that he wants to film. He wants to educate the public about the life of hitchhiking. Even though, as a woman, I will probably not hitchhike I find this super interesting and I feel like this could be a fun project.

Woncho only needs $2200 for this mission. At the time of this post he’s at $1400. While that’s a great number he’s at 63% of fulfillment he has ONLY SEVEN DAYS LEFT to fund this campaign.

How does Kickstarter work?

Kickstarter is a crowd funding website where you can post your ideas that you need funded to your peers. You create a short video and write a post about why you need this money and how this project will affect not only you, but the people around you. In order to get people to help out incentives are created for each donation amount. If the campaign is funded then whatever amount that you contributed that prize will be given to you upon completion of the project. However, if time runs out and the person doesn’t raise the amount of money needed for the project then no money goes to them. Basically you don’t lose out if the person does not get enough money to help fund the project.

I think this is a unique project that deserves to be funded… and really $2200 for a documentary campaign isn’t unreasonable. If you need to know EXCATLY what he will be doing with the money please check out his Kickstarter campaign where he breaks everything down in detail.

Even if you can’t donate please share this campaign on your blogs or Facebook pages. With more exposure he might be able to hit that $2200 mark in the next seven days!

Check out his Campaign HERE!!

Let me know what you think about this project!

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Loosing an Arm

My friend Tam Tam said something to me one day that really made me think.

In front of 7-11 one evening a homeless man came up to her and asked if she could spare some money to buy a hot dog for him.

Her Response?

“I don’t really have the money to give out, but I’m sure that $2 meant more to him than it did to me.”

That, my friends, is the mindset we should all be living in.

Yes, the economy may SLOWWWWWWWLY be getting better but there are people out there still struggling and we should work together as a country and a community to help others in need, rather if we know them or not.

I have a friend from high school that has been diagnosed with bone cancer. She currently has a gofundme account where she is requesting donations for helping her body heal from cancer. She is raising money for a limb sparing surgery. This surgery would help Yahel keep her arm.

A donation of $5, $10, $20 would always be welcomed to Yahel.

If you can donate please check out Yahel’s GoFunMe page at : http://www.gofundme.com/helpmehugyou

Helping someone in their time of need will never be forgotten.

Happy Monday Y’all!

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Chanel Tank Top?


Yesterday I told you guys about the 40% sale at Milk + Honey located in Dallas (btw the sale is on until tomorrow 07/28/2013) and the top is what I picked up.  I have to admit that LOVE this tank.  It’s criss-crossed in the back (not shown in pictures)  and feels so good on the skin!  The best part?!…  100% Made in America.  The only downside is that I still shelled out $25 for a top that was on sale (yes I’m super cheap), but I have to admit that I am happy with my purchase.

I actually rocked this outfit last night at the Dress Dallas 2013.  This event is headed up by my friend and American Idol contestant, Vincent Powell.  I couldn’t stay for the entire event but I wanted to get some shots in for my blog and be able to practice taking runway pictures.  I will post the pictures and more info about the Dress Dallas tomorrow.

UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion UrbanJungleFashion

|Top: Milk + Honey| Leggings + Earrings: Strut| Bra Set: Claudette via Gilt| Sunglasses: I forgot| Shoes: Ross| Jacket: Papaya|

I hope you guys are having a great Saturday!

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Milk & Honey Boutique in Dallas is having a 40% sale STOREWIDE this weekend! (07/26/2013-07/28/2013)!  You guys know I love a sale so I will be there.  I did make a purchase with them a couple of weeks ago and I just love what I bought!  I do have to be honest with you all.  They can get kinda of pricey considering a lot of their items are made in China.  I just have an innate issue with paying more than $15 for any clothing item that was made in China.  Lets all be honest, much of the mass production of clothing that comes from China is not in the best of quality.  You can see strings snagging and shirt coming undone.  If you really want to get bang for your buck buying items that read “Made in the USA”  Is the way you should go.   Milk & Honey does have a great selection of items that were made in the USA so I suggest checking them out.

I know I am going to be there RIGHT after work on Friday!

PS… All sale items are 60% off!  SCORE!

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I Heart Shoes

Shoe Dazzle boots and white ankle boots

Last week I went on ShoeDazzle because I received an email about the fall preview sale.  I found a couple of pair of shoes that I loved and so I picked them up.  I ordered the shoes on Wednesday (07/17/2013) and I got them by Saturday (07/20/2013).

Here we go!!!!!

Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots

Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots DSC_6394 DSC_6395 DSC_6396 DSC_6397 DSC_6400 DSC_6403 Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots Black Yemay  tall boots, White Myona White Ankle Boots

How did you like the shoes reveal?

The white ankle boots are called Myona and while the black ones are Yemay.  I haven’t tried them on yet, but trust that I will when the fall rolls around!

What do you guys think of these shoes?

Have you purchased any boots from ShoeDazzle recently?

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Cool Necklace!

Tribal wooden bead necklace

I found this really unique wooden bead necklace bib at Strut during thier 40% sale during Fourth of July weekend (from $21 to $13).  While the rest of my outfit wasn’t anything to write home about I really wanted to show off this piece.

Yes, I actually have a number of outfits to showcase but I have been having OS issues with my comp and the BCOD (blue screen of death) is becoming more and more common these days.  I have to back errrrrrrything up on an external drive in the event my laptop decides he wants to chunk the deuces on me.  It’s crazy because I have had this laptop for six years and everyone freaks out when I tell them I have had a laptop last that long.

I take great care of my electronics.

Plus it’s a Dell.  I find all their products dependable.

Here’s a sneak peak about tomorrows post… bee excitedddddddd!!!

Shoe Dazzle boots and white ankle boots

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Portrait Photography in Austin


I know! You guys haven’t seen S in awhile. She has been off being a LEGITIMATE rockstar to the SUPREME level! And there is no pun when I saw Supreme! I am so happy and proud to know and love S. She is by far one of my favorite people on the planet.

So when she asked if I would take the time schedule a fun portrait session  with her I, of course, said no.


Of course I said yes! I have known this woman for 20 years come August!

GEEZ I’m old!

But we look so dayum good!

Especially S!

My girl has been through a tone of growing in the last two years and it has made her an even more awesome person. As we all continue to grow we blossom into who we are meant to be and that’s what I wanted to portray in these photos with Shanna.

I also wanted to do a more film style on digital and because she is amazing she let me experiment with this style. I have to say that I really do dig it.

901_edited-1 DSC_0501_edited-1 DSC_0481_edited-1 898_02_edited-1 931_02_edited-1 848_edited-1 841_edited-1

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing these photos as much I we enjoyed taking them! If you want to see more of my work please visit and LIKE my Photography Facebook page, UrbanJunglePhotography

Happy Sunday!

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Wedding Shots You Should Get

531regg 1402 111330 531687_10151051384398713_464682411_n 884560_10151302508611577_198995945_o 893081_10151302508631577_1456701139_o 893210_10151302508326577_1207188737_o 966057_483380755068571_20011215_o 977966_472755339472329_648180036_o 2923703_orig 4755868_orig 7302923484_254af65e28_z Beaver_Creek_Wedding_Deck-8 colorado-wedding-photo fun-touching-wedding-alden-hotel-houston-35 groom-fist-pump IMG_9982-1024x682 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-29 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-31 jainist-muslim-indian-wedding-hotel-intercontinental-dallas-34 kt16 Maui Wedding Photographer-21 Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_26 ModernlyWed_StudioEllePhotography_ModernOhioWedding_YellowRed_ArtMuseum_34 PH_0292 Photo-10 Photo-12-e1336587413551 Retreat-at-Perimeter-Mia-Garry-0713-logo-1024x605 rwd_styleunveiled_dianeandpaul_details_026 rwd_styleunveiled_dianeandpaul_details_027 SB_019 Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- SB_0151 thin-open-uri20121129-2-j94ciw Untitled-2 Wedding0002 Wedding-photography-melbourne-20 Wedding-photography-melbourne-26 000 061 13656_166813824137_8119014_n 185054_10151133322223713_1198783371_n 285144_175426085863335_4995196_n 319495_10151056081013713_412774311_n 531484_10151056080053713_818531524_n 734954_10151198470616577_453584170_n 773683_10151198470666577_103014661_o amyryan_02 denver-portraits Summerour-Studio-Wedding-1481-682x1024 tumblr_m3nlommgQu1qkpc62o1_500 tumblr_m4lr97N0qK1qkpc62o1_500 044Jennifer_Jeremy-640x426 251826_10151198472421577_254112615_n 400546_10151137924213713_1485317660_n 580814_10151506263138713_924103423_n 774204_10151198472526577_1871576891_o 774468_10151198472646577_1170166156_o 892523_10151302508081577_1470590150_o bridalparty Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- Springer-Barr - 2012-09-15- Summerour-Studio-Wedding-2429-1024x538 0411 540057_10150932319072744_638877743_12246742_923894426_n 622900_394663517260796_146359422_o 282952789058475940_tb7ty9ay_c IMG_9039-1024x731 MG_2190 silly_bridesmaids 6a00e5503c88988833017616bb96a1970c-400wi 24 0262 IMG_9075-1024x747 Machado-Coppers - 2012-10-28- southwestern-wedding-007 syracuse-wedding-photographer-010

As you guys know I don’t engage in too many weddings.  I actually only do weddings by VERY SPECIAL request.  I am just really laid back and go with the flow.  Weddings are hard, intense, and things RARELY go as planned.  In order for my to shoot a wedding I must really vibe with the bride.  She must have a go with the flow attitude.   In about a couple hours I will be shooting a wedding but I wanted to provide you all with my inspiration.  Just so you know… NONE OF THESE PHOTOS belong to me!


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Headshot/Portrait Photographer in Dallas

Urban Jungle Photography Nina 10

Hello all!  Here is a current shoot that I did with a recent law graduate last week, Nina.  This woman is both gorgeous and smart and is now looking for a new position.  She requested my photography services for headshots.  She wanted a great profile picture for her LinkedIn profile.  A great photo can make a hell of a difference!  She was in love with the photos and I hope you guys are as well.

Urban Jungle Photography Nina 01 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 02 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 08 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 06 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 03 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 05 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 04 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 07 Urban Jungle Photography Nina 09

If you are looking for a great photographer in the Dallas area please check out the rest of my work at on Facebook at UrbanJunglePhotography.  Please send any emails to UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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Healthy Junkfood

Healthy Junkfood

The Domestic Diva is the owner and Health Coach for HealthyJunkFood. She focuses on healthy cookbooks for your lifestyle and eating habits. She is very passionate about helping her clients stay in shape, build confidence, and have a positive attitude thought their weightloss journey. She enjoys motivational speaking to the community about leading a healthy lifestyle. She requested a headshot session to be the face with her brand. She wanted colorful, playful, and fun! Buy her book at http://www.amazon.com/The-Domestic-Diva/e/B00DFJZMLK

DSC_0007_edited-1 DSC_0103_edited-1 DSC_0893_edited-1 DSC_0989_edited-1 DSC_0774_edited-1

I will be showcasing more and more of my work in the coming weeks. Every since my Living Social ad has completed I have been slammed with jobs!  I’m editing every night of the week!  I am still working on learning that life work balance.


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