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S here, coming at you after a lllooooooonnnggg quiet spell! Sorry for the absence, but I’ve been busy starting a new job, buying condo, laughing, loving, you know – as you do! But K was kind enough to allow me back in with some fashion musings, so I hope you will indulge me a bit ūüôā

I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sound at all familiar? Perhaps a tiny flashback to this morning?? For someone who has as large and varied a closet as I do, I say this phrase all to often. Lately, I’ve been working to really refine my style (I’m feeling like I’m very Classic Urban – K, back me up here!) and in so doing, I’ve been trying to make my closet reflect that. Of course, we all have items that maybe don’t exactly mesh with who we are, but they’re just so darn perfect that we can’t let them go. I’m not talking about those pieces. I’m talking about the pieces that you can’t live without. If you could whittle your wardrobe down to those pieces that are most important¬† to you, what would they be? And wouldn’t it be easier to get dressed in the morning? You would no longer have this jumble of stuff in your face!

Now, let’s not get crazy. I’m not saying you need to slim down to a five-piece wardrobe – I really don’t understand people who do that. But if your closet is a mix of “Summer in Athens/Boardroom Power-suit/Backyard Barbecue/Clubbin’ til 4/Lazy Day Sweats” you can see how pulling together a cohesive look day after day could be difficult. If you’re one of those people who can pretty much wear the same outfit to work as you could on the weekend, then you are luckier than most, and you could probably pare down your wardrobe even more than the rest. But for me, considering that I work in a very conservative place (read: NO JEANS EVER!) and I like to chill on the weekends, my wardrobe can seem as if there is a bit of a split personality. That’s all well and good, as long as I can keep those two moods separate. So, let’s look at what I cannot ever, possibly live without, and work form there.

1. The Perfect Black Skirt

I have been going through a metaphysical crisis lately because I (stupidly) got rid of my work-horse black skirt, thinking that it would be easy to replace. I have since purchased 6 different black skirts, and returned 2 of them, trying to find the replacement, and no luck – even the ones I kept are poor seconds. For me, I like a thick material, high-waist pencil shape, which goes to just below my knees. I can wear this style of skirt with blouses, t-shirts, tanks, you name it. Also, if I have one which is free from extras (stripes, lace, polka dots) I can wear it 3-4 times in a week, and no one calls me out on it. I truly feel like a black pencil skirt is the most versatile thing you can own. You can literally wear it from a major meeting to cocktails to the movies and then to grab breakfast tacos in the morning. It’s more professional than a maxi or a mini, but not as stiff as a suit. Next time I find the perfect one, I’m buying three of them, in varying sizes, so that I’m never without one again.

2. Longer T-Shirts

I have a long torso, so most t-shirts look perilously close to crop tops for me (and that is not a look I am into AT ALL). I prefer my tees to hit right at my hip bone – long enough to cover every last inch of skin, short enough to frame my ample behind. I pretty much always purchase black and grey, and I’ll throw in a blue or green to round it out. I appreciate white t-shirts very much, but I hate having to layer something underneath so that my bra isn’t showing, so unless it’s a baggy Hanes undershirt, I steer clear. I also prefer V-neck or crew-neck – I feel like scoop-neck shirts are just too wide, but again, to each their own. And I’ll admit – for ages, I’ve been into the whole 3/4-sleeve t-shirt thing, but lately I’m questioning how that looks. I just feel like it makes me look disproportionate somehow. Further experimentation there is required.

 3. Black V-neck Sweater

This is the most versatile piece you can own. With jeans and black shoes, it can take you to either brunch or dinner, with a black skirt it can take you from work to cocktails. Throw it on over black pants and you’re professional, and it will add warmth on the beach with a pair of shorts. I’ve never been a big fan of cashmere – it always feels itchy to me. I usually go for a nice cotton/silk/Merino wool mixture and keep it simple. I like it too when the sleeves are extra long – I like them to reach all the way to my knuckles. I find that this just makes it more comforting. You can go for your big, baggy sweatshirts all you want, but for me, timeless comfort is a black sweater.

4. Jeans (in some form)

Here’s why I’m not specific on this one – I realize that everyone has a different shape, and different assets which they wish to emphasize, and between the different washes, lengths, cuts, etc. out there, there’s no way I could say “dark wash skinny jeans” are the perfect pair for everyone. For me and my body, I have never found a pair that works as well as the Long and Leans from Gap (bring them back to the stores, you meanies!!!!!). Yes, they’re usually a bit too long for me, but once I hem them, they fit every curve perfectly, make me look tall and skinny, and are perfect for every occasion. I know they’re available on the website, but I’m a bit weary of ordering clothes from the site. But with your favorite pair of jeans, you can’t go wrong. If you’re lucky enough to be able to wear jeans to work, top ’em with a blouse and blazer, and you’re good. They pair perfectly with a tank on summer evenings, sweaters during the winter and jerseys once football season comes back.

5. THAT Dress

I’ll be honest, to a certain extent, I am still looking for THAT dress. THAT dress is defined as the dress you can wear anywhere for pretty much any occasion, and it works. It can be a little black dress, it can be a longer pencil dress in floral, it can be a cocktail dress in peacock blue. It’s that one dress that when you get the invite, and you’re not sure what the dress code means, you know this dress will work. It’s not so formal to be black-tie, and it’s not so casual to be Coachella, but for all of the situations in between, you know you’re wearing a stunner that is perfectly you.

6. Baggy Blouses

Not “baggy and I look homeless or like Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen,” but baggy like, “when I tuck this in, it gives my body a very nice shape.” I have about 3 or 4 of these in varying colors. One note – you MUST tuck these in or belt them. If you leave them hanging out, you can look like you don’t know what size you really wear. Again, being long-waisted, I find that these work with my pencil skirt to give my waist more definition, and if my skirt doesn’t have a high enough waist, I wear them untucked with a belt to tighten them up a bit. The nice thing about these is that you can eat a good-sized lunch and not worry that you’ll have a food baby showing. They hide all manner of sins.

I’m not going to get into accessories, because then we would be here all day. I would never narrow my shoe collection, I think everyone needs a signature piece of jewelry, and outerwear and swimsuits gets too complicated depending on where you live. I don’t set as much store in a perfect white button down as some people – I think they can look great when you first get them, but they get dirty very quickly, and I strongly dislike how sheer they’ve become over the past few seasons. If I wanted to wear multiple layers, I wouldn’t top it all off with a sheer shirt! I also think cardigans are more personal than universal – some people can really rock them and others (me), not so much.

I realize this was an incredibly long post, but I just missed you guys so much!!!! I’ll keep it shorter next time around!

– S

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How to Look Professional and Fashionable to Work

As you guys know I started a new gig. ¬†Since I’m not working in the IT field proper and working more in the corporate retail world life is a bit different. ¬†The days seems longer and the dress code is way different. ¬†If you guys… gals rather… have worked in IT then you know that the work attire is usually come as you are. ¬†Wear a nice blouse, jeans, and any shoes will do. ¬†They prefer nice dress shoes, but if you show up in sneakers they need to be super clean.

However, not in corporate retail land. 

I have found that I need to wear business casual everyday, and then on Friday I just have straight casual.

Since I have not had to wear work business casual in over four years it was difficult to see past the blue jeans that have taken over my closet. ¬†However, this week I have been on fashion point with my looks. ¬†With my new work schedule I’m going to try and take my OOTD photos at lunch so I can post them the next day. ¬†However, I will take three of my favorite looks from this past work week and showcase them this coming week.

The problem I was having with business casual is how “stiff” it really looks. ¬†I mentally had trouble with wanting to look professional but I wanted my own style to shine through. ¬†After 30 days on the new job I think I may have found it. ¬†Eureeka!

The above video showcases two of my favorite fashion bloggers and YouTube girls, Wendy and Jean. ¬†Together they show great work and casual pieces that one can wear ¬†and how to dress them down for after hours. ¬†I can’t tell you which look I like the best because I think they are all great. ¬†Jean is a great inspiration when it comes to showing both youth and class in her work attire.

I seriously can’t wait to show you guys the work outfits!

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.  What was your favorite outfit?


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Can You Believe This Month is Half Over?!

Tom Ford Quote

Music: She Knows by J. Cole

Shoe Porn

Chevron Print Shoes


Sexy Black Strappy

Hot Blue

Classic Adidas

Huge Red Bows



Oaxacan Duffle

Black Origami Skirt

Black Scallop Laser Cut Dress

Black Blazer with Leather Sleeves

Pink High Collared Trench

Links of the Week

Terry Richardson Inspired Photography

Loving the Photos Here

I need one of these

How to take care of Natural Hair

New Orleans Does Look Pretty

Happy Hump Day!

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Best Fashion Bloggers of the Week

Sorry, this is so late coming. As per yesterdays’ post I have been going through a personal transition so I didn’t have time to sit down and just write this post. However, lets get right down to business!

01: Victoria Tornegren

victoria tornegren, top fashion blogger, UrbanJungleFashion

Victoria Tornegren where have you been all my life?! I just come across Victoria’s blog this week and I have to say that she is my girl crush of the moment. I can’t get over how effortlessly cool she is just about everything. I really enjoyed this pull. Mainly because it matches my person dress aesthetic. One really can never go wrong in heels, boyfriend jeans, a white tee, and an over sized blazer.

How upset are you about her PERFECT ponytail?



02: DapperLou

Top Fashion Blogger, Dapper Lou, Urban Fashion, Street Style

Lou is, hands down, one of my favorite male fashion bloggers and street style photographers. Here the always Dapper Lou is dressed to the nines in Zegna. He is a perfect model because seeing this amazing suit on him makes me want to pre-order one for any potential boyfriends that I may have. I like how Lou compliments the suit with a striped H&M shirt and paisley scarf. Such a great touch!


03: I am Khatu

Top Fashion Blogger, Men Fashion, Men Street Style

Khatu has some amazing style, but her husband can complete with her in that cage match as well! I LOVE this style on men. It’s just so dayum sexy to me. Nothing like a graphic tee , great denim, and a belt that perfectly compliments those J.Crew boots. The H&M coat ties everything together.

Also, who doesn’t like to see Bruce Lee DJing?


04: Lydia Elise Millen

Top Fashion Blogger, Fitness Fashion, street Style

Homegirl is one of my favorite people to follow because she talks about fitness and fitness fashion. Every once in awhile she will pull out a jewel of a normal outfit and this is one. Of course the North African inspired necklace caught my eye. As soon as I saw it all I was thinking was ‚ÄúQueen of the Nile.‚ÄĚ How comfy does that sweater look to you? In Texas they don‚Äôt sell too many heavy clothing items because our winter last, maybe, two weeks. It‚Äôs really not worth placing too much of an investment in winter clothing here. However, this sweater is seconds away from being in my Ebay cart in 3-2-1‚Ķ


05 & 06: Atlantic ‚ÄďPacific

Atlantic-Pacific, Sex in the City, Black Adult Tutu

I can’t get over Blair. Even her name sounds fuckin’ rich. If I lived in New York you wouldn’t catch me dead in an oversize tutu, but I have to say I love the fact that Blair does it. While the skirt is 101% glam she tones it down an Arden B striped top. No. I didn’t miss the beautiful Aminah Abdul Jillil heels  she is rockin’ to the fullest. Now I know those shoes are too fabulous, but they are something that you would see me wear to work. Why? Because they are so ah-mazing EVERYONE would need to see them.

Atlantic-Pacific, Black Fashion, Street Style, New York Street Style

The second look is all black EVERYTHING I’m not excatcly sure why I’m drawn to this look. I just am. I especially love the black peacoat. It just seems to trust-fund-kid-esque.

Via & Via

07: Haute Pink Pretty

Fashion Blogger, Streett Style

This outfit is great, but what sold me on this casual look are the heels. The shoes are so dynamic it brought this look up 10 notches. The pumps compliment the hardware decorated clutch perfectly. You guys know I’m a clutch kinda girl. Lets talk about the sweater and jeans. The sweater looks light enough for the Texas winter while those jeans looks cool enough for all year long.


08: The Front Row View

Miroslava Duma, Fashion Blogger, Street Style, New York Fashion Week

The blog name is fabulous! I wish I had thought of it! LOL! I think Miroslava Duma is SLAYING ‚Äėem in this beautiful ensemble. This pull shows that neutral colors can look both catwalk and sidewalk friendly. I love the fitted tank paired with such a dynamic high waisted pleated skirt. No. I didn‚Äôt overlook the fact that her Hermes bag is the shit. Furthermore, those nude heels just bring this outfit to a clean finish. There is NOTHING better than nude heels on a woman.


09: So Shay

Fashion for Engagement Shoot

The woman in this photo is not Shay… she’s one of her clients. While I don’t necessary like the execution of this look (doesn’t fit on her body that well) I do like the where she was going with it. I can see the potential this looks would have had if it fit her body a little better. I like the fact she attempted to mix tomboy with girly-girl by pairing the flannel stop with that full prairie skirt. However, I think if she rocked nude colored heels or pumps that matched that skirt she would have killed it.


As always I love hearing everyone’s opinion about who their stands outs for this week are!

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“Fashion is important because it’s our social artwork. “

Rubin Singer is one of Beyonce’s personal top designers. ¬†Maya interviews him during New York Fashion week to get his take on why fashion is such an essential part of life.

What do you think about what Rubin said?

Happy Saturday!


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Take Off!

As you will tell for the following bloggers who style I just ADORED this week… my taste level is all over the place. ¬†Typically when I review my favorite looks I am able to tell how I was feeling that week… rocker? ¬†Girly? ¬†Business Minded? ¬†Apparently my taste was like my digestive system this go around… it didn’t know what it wanted to do. ¬†I know…. TMI. ¬†LOL. Meanwhile, here are my favorite looks of the week

01: Extra Petite


Taking the top spot is Jean from Extra Petite. ¬†Geez, I love this grown up but rocker swagga she’s showcasing. ¬†I really can’t tell you my favorite piece because I adore every single last detail of this look. ¬†Jean is one of my favorite bloggers who really knows how to mix the high end with the low end. ¬†The top is from Gap while the shoes from YSL.


02: Cocobella Ballerina


Honestly, while Jean might be one of my favorites for high end/low end I have to say that Lisa is my number one! ¬†She is the ONLY person I know that can make a Forever 21 dress look like something from the pages of Harper’s Bazaar! ¬†The best part of the dress you can pair it with a black blazer and it will be work ready. ¬†I have to say that I LOVE versatile pieces!


03: Keep Austin Stylish


Avid reads of this blog now i LIVE for cat tee’s, and this Pac Sun version is NO EXCEPTION. ¬†Honestly, this would have been the number one choice had Jean and Lisa not brought it! ¬†I have been looking for the perfect cat shirt for my collection and I think this one is it… even if it is $27 =(

Purrsace!  Purrsace!  Purrsace!  Purrsace!  This is a gated community please get the *beep* of the property!


04:  Eat Sleep Wear


Shooting during golden hour is amazing… you know what else is amazing? ¬†Those quilted black skinny jeans. ¬†I have been attending a lot of fall music festivals and running out of ideas for what to wear and these jeans would solve a lot of them. ¬†Knowing myself I would probably wear them every single weekend. ¬†I also like how Kimberley styles these hype jeans with that BCBG clutch (which i have seen on every single bloggers site this week) and that sweater.


05: Atlantic-Pacific


While I can do without how the scarf is styled I do still love it with this outfit. ¬†The scarf perfectly complements the lady like shoes. ¬†You guys know how much I am NOT of fan of animal print. ¬†However, Blair pulls this off flawlessly. ¬†I am also IN LOVE with these skater skirts! ¬†I can’t get enough of them!


06: Nitrolicious


I have every single reason not to like this outfit, but Wendy makes this work. ¬†This is why I love her style. ¬†She doesn’t go for that prissy missy stuff. ¬†She is straight urban and is not scared to experiment! ¬†She pulls this look off flawlessly. ¬†I think this works because she is so tiny. ¬†I couldn’t get away with this look. ¬†My legs are too long and it would look like I was walking around bottomless. ¬†Speaking of bottoms how much do you love those neon strappy heels? ¬† Werk boo!


07:  Cute & Little


Not going to the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Kileen.  Now this is a great outfit to wear to the office.  You look so well put together, professional, and stylish.  She makes me want to get up right now and head to the mall to update my career wear.


08: Style Scrapbook


Here we go blasting off again. ¬†This look is awesome because it’s strategic. ¬†I love hoq fun and wild it is yet the black doesn’t make it ridiculous. ¬†I love how the clutch just glistens with the light! ¬†I feel like I need to add that clutch to my arsenal.


09: J’adore Fashion


Okay! ¬†I’ll admit it! ¬†I am a fan of these skirts! ¬†*ugh* ¬†I don’t consider myself trendy in the least bit, but I have have to admit that I love these circle skirt, ¬†I think this look would be great to the office. ¬†How sexy are those CL’s with this look! ¬†Stella did an amazing job!

Let me know who rocked your favorite look this week!



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I know it was a long time coming, but I have been feeling so uninspired by the fashion blogging community as of late… but then something happen.  I don’t know, but the bloggers seem like they are rockin’ their own style without the help of the brands brown nosing to them.

01: Walk in Wonderland


This was clearly the winning look of the week.¬† I want this whole outfit.¬† And not like the clothes that are compliments to them.¬† I actually want the same exact items.¬† I tried to find that skirt, but I haven‚Äôt had any luck yet.¬† I think when people hear the word ‘Fall’ they quickly run to all their dark colors.¬† It was great to see that Sheryl didn‚Äôt flock to the black, greys, or browns.¬† There is nothing like color that will brighten up anyone‚Äôs mood.


02: Eat. Sleep. Wear.


While I would never purchade a shirt for $265 $212 I can appreciate the beauty of it.  While I’m not too wild about the shoes I just love the fact this is another blogger opting not to fall into the hole of dark colors just because that’s what the fashion community does.


03: Kenza


I am a fan of oversize cable knit sweaters.  While I would never dare to wear this outfit it looks so freakin’ hot on her.  I really want that sweater.  I think it would be great for the two weeks it gets cold in Texas.


04: Bryan Boy


Yes, I am aware that I have been talking a lot of mess about grey, but I think light grey is a beautiful color on everyone.  I especially think it’s so hot when I see men wearing that color.


05: Atlantic-Pacific


This is actually the outfit that inspired me to highlight the best looks of the week again!  I am feeling this catsuit and belt combo!  I feel as though this outfit is appropriate enough to rock to work!  What do you guys think?


06: Gary Pepper


Yes, I think I might have a tiny obsession with yellow. I really want to add that coat to my Fall/Winter 2013.


07: Cocobella Ballerina


I am so feeling this cobalt and teal combo.  I am really searching for cool and colorful items that I can wear to work.  I think I may steal her style, but I will need to find a version of that skirt where my male co-workers will look me in the eye… not on my thighs.  I love her version but it’s a fantastic date night look!


Which look did you guys like the best?

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