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Do I Care…

…That I look semi ridiculous? No. I’m going to own this! LOL! I told you guys I love this shirt. I wore this last Sunday. My plan was to run errands around town, but I ended up staying in and working on updating an old desk that was given to me back in October.

Even though I’m not a fan of Nike I needed some new running shoes. I now wish that I purchased two pairs of these. One for fashion and one for running because I love them so much. They are track shoes so that means that are super light. I have been using them while out on jobs. Anywho this just means that means I’m still in the market for new running shoes!

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

|Top: Ross| Jeans: Forever 21| Shoes: Ross| Earrings: Strut| Necklace: Premier Designs|


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Code Word: Fashion

Recently my friend Swetha and I went to an all you can drink, no cocktails, charity event.


All they had was beer, whiskey, and cognac.

I normally hate Crown, but I don’t drink beer and whiskey is only made for men with no taste buds. So Crown Royal, coke, and I soon became fast friends that night.

For the record Crown and Dr. Pepper is better.

Anyway, to get into this party not only did you have to be on the list, you had to have a code word. Yes, they took this to the next level!  The password was “Fashion”. Since the party was over a week ago I’m sure it’s okay to spill the beans.

Yes, I am wearing the heck out of those gold shoes. I love them and I want the world to see them. I don’t buy ridiculous shoes to just sit in my closet and collect dust. I’m wearing the hell out of those bad boys. Trust. I’m getting my wear for purchase out of them.

|Dress: Ross| Shoes: Ross| Earrings: Charrolette Russe| Bracelet: Forever 21|


Happy Friday! 

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This is what I wore to Shanna’s housewarming party about six weeks ago. I know. I’m JUST getting around to it.

Well, to be honest this isn’t EXACTLY what I wore. The only thing I modified was the top.   The top is a newly acquired purchase from Ross about a week ago.    The original top was also a tank, but it was more traditional.  This is a awesome ass lace top!

You guys know how much I have been ranting and raving about wanting a white lace top. Well, I finally have it and I cannot wait to wear the heck out of this thing!  I will let you know now… you’ll be seeing a lot of it in the future.

|Top: Ross| Skirt: The Dallas Flea| Shoes: Ross| Necklace: Strut| Earrings: Strut| Bracelet: Forever 21|


PS: Join the easiest contest in the world!  

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Stay hydrated my friends!

Yes, you read that right.  This was as of yesterday.  It was actuallly 109 yesterday at 5:30 PM in Dallas, Texas.

No seriously, it’s hotter than the devil’s pinky ring outside.  Yah, I don’t know what the means either. I just know that chocolate may not melt in your hands, but it will outside.   My brother even sent a text message saying the one of the fountains in Dallas start boiling.

Hey, at least we aren’t in Houston. I will take Dallas’s dry heat over Houston humidity any day.

With that said I hope you guys are inside, drinking a cold glass of wine water, and just relaxing.

It’s not even August yet.  

01: The Blonde Salad

Well, the overall winner this week is not Chiara, it’s the girl she’s pictured with (to the right). I actually have an OOTD look that is very similar to this one that I will be posting later this week. While I’m not wild about the necklace I do love the lace top, the pastel pink skirt, and the oversized blue clutch. Her shoes are the perfect ending to this fairytale of an outfit.

If anyone knows who this woman is will you please let me know? I’m going to assume she’s also a blogger.


02: The Glamourai

Kelly really did it with this one. I have to say that I love every detail of this look. The only reason it didn’t take top contender is because it’s too dayum hot for this monochrome dark palette. My favorite pieces are a tossup between the clutch and the sandals.


03: Fashion Salade

I must really be feeling black right now because I’m two for three. I guess I’m secretly waiting for Fall to appear since I haven’t experienced it in over a year. For an outfit that looks so hot it so cool. I love the casual rockstar glam that’s oozing from this pull.

It makes me want to trash a hotel room, and then go get tea.


04: Stylescrapbook

As of late Andy has been more miss than hit. However this was just so freakin’ awesome to me. I love how cute and precious this dress it… however, she totally 80’s this bad boy out by wearing those sexy Sergio Rossi boots! Geez Louise! I would consider this look close to glam grunge. I’m just happy she didn’t pull out the Doc Martins for this look. *shutters*


05: Nitrolicious

Because she’s wearing a mother*beep*in’ Snow White shirt! That’s why!

I would soooooooooooooooooooooo buy this if I saw it too. I’m not even going to begin to lie. This shirt is amazing. I would have probably rocked it with wild hair and a cinched belt, and simple strappy sandals. However, I love how Wendy styled this look. She keeps everything simple and focused.

I wonder how many people complimented her amazing shirt…


06: Guerreisms

I know this is more of a detail than a look, but I like it.


07: Brooklyn Blonde

Some say Canadian suit. I say I loved flared jeans. I love how they fit your waist perfectly, fit your thighs tight, and after your knee flare out. They make your body look perfect. This look is better suited for Fall, but I’ll take it.


08: Blonde Salad

Because I love cats! That’s why!

I totally geeked when I saw this.

I know, I’m an uberdork.

And furthermore, aren’t cats and birds mortal enemies?

How cares!   I love cats and I really love the Sphynx cat. I think they are the coolest cats ever. I so want one. I won’t have to worry about fur and no one would come over to my place because my cat would freak them out!


Next month S is back to the Top Looks of the Week in the blogger world. I’m sure some of you guys can’t wait!  Also, make sure you check out the Monday Links.  I LOVED the Bebe shoes.  The would go perfectly with the 20’s themed birthday party.



PS! But sure to enter THE CONTEST!!!!!

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So I believe that one of my links a week or so ago was of a Roaring 20s party to celebrate the end of your 20s. I found SO much more inspiration for this, so I have decided that this is totally going to be the theme (K, take notes!)


What better way to say goodbye to the heyday of your 20s, than with a salacious party dedicated to that decade of decadence, the 1920s?? Although I will say, I am not cutting my hair short just for the festivities! Follow this link here to see some more perfectly lovely pictures that I will recreate into the party.

On a side note – The Avengers sucked. I’m sorry to put it so bluntly, and I apologize for the coarse language, but there you have it. I am currently making a list of every person who told me that it was better than Iron Man and I will be demanding a refund on my movie ticket from each and every one of them, because I feel that ridiculously duped. #1 – You cannot have a movie which is not a direct sequel rely that heavily on previous movies. To fully appreciate Avengers, you had to have seen Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor. I did not see CA or TIH, so there were way too many things going over my head. Also, the humor was forced. And Whedon relied too much on schoolyard humor. Ooohhh, Iron Man and Thor are going to have a fight – who’s stronger? Who’s cooler? Who cares??? Seriously, $7.50 wasted.

To the Link-mobile!!!!

Seriously, if you don’t get goosebumps watching this, you may want to see if you have a pulse.

This looks like the perfect summer dish.

These could definitely pass for Chanel, but without the price tag.

I think this would work for grown-ups too.

I want this for a nice dinner out.

I could host a book party, and these would be awesome.

Great inspirations

Everyone should know these things.

I will make/get one of these cakes for K’s birthday (although it is FOREVER away!!!)

Another new favorite blog (I seem to have a new one every 3 days)

Total food porn.

OMG, this is the most amazing red wine.

– S

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This cover is amazing!

Well, before I go there… where the *beep* have I been to where this is the first time I’m coming across this cover?!  During my photo shoot on Saturday we stepped into 7-11 to get water and while speaking to the MUA we both zoned in on the cover of Elle.  What really caught my eye was the intense yellow background that Elle used.  That was a great marketing technique!  While all the other magazines are cute and plain they hyped it up with such an eye catching color.

The dress the Ms. Gomez is rocking on the cover is phenomenal!  My inner bohemian hipster is screaming in joy.  The embroidered Balmain top is the definition of decedent.

This issue is a double cover with Selena in a mesh Dolce and Gabbana corset.

However, I must say that I love this chain dress from the house of Yves Saint Laurent.  So, once YSL changes their name, is this dress considered an automatic vintage?  LOL.

Have you guys seen Elle in your local stores?  What do you think about it?



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Happy Friday!


I want this to be me soon!  *ugh*

Actually, I was invited to go to Vegas for a long weekend, but I couldn’t make it.

Instead I’m at home popping steriod pills for my tendonitis. Yup folks. Last week the doc told me that I had tendonitis, not carpel tunnel syndrome. In turn I have to pop 21 of these pills in six days.

I hate pills so much.

I hate medication period.

I’m one of those types of people that would rather sit through a headache than swallow a capsule.

Medicine makes me incredibly moody, crabby, and anti-social.

This is the worst time to have to take these pills because my friends is celebrating her 29th birthday tonight. Which means I can’t drink because of these dag-on-party-blocking-pills!

I guess I’ll be the designated driver.

Right now I’m also trying to find balance in my life. June has been a crazy month overall, and I’m still trying to find my bearings. I need to find a way to balance work, running, and photography simultaneously. The problem is that I’m ALWAYS doing something.  It’s hard to find time to just sit and think.

I actually have no plans on Saturday *insert gasps* so I think I’m going to sit down and take a moment to create a timeline of balance.

Okay? Am I the only person who does things like that?

Oh! I think I totally forgot to show you guys this engagement session I did in Austin when I went to S’s housewarming party.

This couple was so freaking delightful. I love shooting couples that are fun, know what they want, open to ideas, and easy going.

Please like my photography page on Facebook!

Also, please enter the MOST EPIC GIVEAWAY EVER!

I love the song Unforgettable by Drake featuring Jeezy.  Drake totally snatches Aaliyah’s hook from At Your Best.  I just love listening to this song on Fridays after work, windows down, jamming like this song JUST came out.  It makes me feel happy and and free.  My favorite line of the song is, “I’m looking forward to the memories or right now.”

I hope you liked this song as much as I did.  

Have a fantastic Friday!

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