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Fall Style Outfits

ShamelessMaya is a FORCE to be reckoned!  I love this girl’s video and she brings us a great Fall Style video that features Tom’s shoes.  I haven’t lived in New York for over 20 years… but I imagine that if I did then I would probably rock a lot of what Maya is showcasing.

Let me know what you guys think of these looks! 

I have to say that I really like the first and last look….

Happy Halloween!!!

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Urban Jungle Photography for Boudoir



Ladies and Gentlemen I know I have been off an on with that blog, but you know me… same story… I have a full time job and I have a full time photography business.  So I place my blog on level 5 now (after a social life and crossfit).  However, I wanted to show you some recent work I have done.  I am now getting into boudoir and boudoir photography will be my niche.  However, I will still do headshots, weddings, and engagements when requested.  To see more of my work please check out my Facebook page

and please LIKE my Facebook page as well!

To book a session please contact me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com

DSC_2340_edited-1 000 DSC_3133_02_edited-1 DSC_3024_edited-1 002 DSC_2980_edited-1 DSC_2925_edited-1

Happy Thursday!

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Take Off!

As you will tell for the following bloggers who style I just ADORED this week… my taste level is all over the place.  Typically when I review my favorite looks I am able to tell how I was feeling that week… rocker?  Girly?  Business Minded?  Apparently my taste was like my digestive system this go around… it didn’t know what it wanted to do.  I know…. TMI.  LOL. Meanwhile, here are my favorite looks of the week

01: Extra Petite


Taking the top spot is Jean from Extra Petite.  Geez, I love this grown up but rocker swagga she’s showcasing.  I really can’t tell you my favorite piece because I adore every single last detail of this look.  Jean is one of my favorite bloggers who really knows how to mix the high end with the low end.  The top is from Gap while the shoes from YSL.


02: Cocobella Ballerina


Honestly, while Jean might be one of my favorites for high end/low end I have to say that Lisa is my number one!  She is the ONLY person I know that can make a Forever 21 dress look like something from the pages of Harper’s Bazaar!  The best part of the dress you can pair it with a black blazer and it will be work ready.  I have to say that I LOVE versatile pieces!


03: Keep Austin Stylish


Avid reads of this blog now i LIVE for cat tee’s, and this Pac Sun version is NO EXCEPTION.  Honestly, this would have been the number one choice had Jean and Lisa not brought it!  I have been looking for the perfect cat shirt for my collection and I think this one is it… even if it is $27 =(

Purrsace!  Purrsace!  Purrsace!  Purrsace!  This is a gated community please get the *beep* of the property!


04:  Eat Sleep Wear


Shooting during golden hour is amazing… you know what else is amazing?  Those quilted black skinny jeans.  I have been attending a lot of fall music festivals and running out of ideas for what to wear and these jeans would solve a lot of them.  Knowing myself I would probably wear them every single weekend.  I also like how Kimberley styles these hype jeans with that BCBG clutch (which i have seen on every single bloggers site this week) and that sweater.


05: Atlantic-Pacific


While I can do without how the scarf is styled I do still love it with this outfit.  The scarf perfectly complements the lady like shoes.  You guys know how much I am NOT of fan of animal print.  However, Blair pulls this off flawlessly.  I am also IN LOVE with these skater skirts!  I can’t get enough of them!


06: Nitrolicious


I have every single reason not to like this outfit, but Wendy makes this work.  This is why I love her style.  She doesn’t go for that prissy missy stuff.  She is straight urban and is not scared to experiment!  She pulls this look off flawlessly.  I think this works because she is so tiny.  I couldn’t get away with this look.  My legs are too long and it would look like I was walking around bottomless.  Speaking of bottoms how much do you love those neon strappy heels?   Werk boo!


07:  Cute & Little


Not going to the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Kileen.  Now this is a great outfit to wear to the office.  You look so well put together, professional, and stylish.  She makes me want to get up right now and head to the mall to update my career wear.


08: Style Scrapbook


Here we go blasting off again.  This look is awesome because it’s strategic.  I love hoq fun and wild it is yet the black doesn’t make it ridiculous.  I love how the clutch just glistens with the light!  I feel like I need to add that clutch to my arsenal.


09: J’adore Fashion


Okay!  I’ll admit it!  I am a fan of these skirts!  *ugh*  I don’t consider myself trendy in the least bit, but I have have to admit that I love these circle skirt,  I think this look would be great to the office.  How sexy are those CL’s with this look!  Stella did an amazing job!

Let me know who rocked your favorite look this week!



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It’s Tuesday Mitches!!!


Be Excited!


Holy Grail by Jay -Z feat” Justin TImberlake




Shoe Porn


Jimmy Choo


These would be so hot with a white ripped skinny jeans and a white top

I wish I had cute toes for these

Keep it strapped

These boots


Express White Lace Top

I can’t believe this top is from Express!

The sunglasses.  That is all.

That sweater please!

That Skirt


Links of the Week



I seriously want to be lost at see here.

Why Birkins are so expensive

Dallas & Fashion Scaves

Coach is overrated

Whiter Teeth

Kick ass today!


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Jax the Dog Model

Dog Model

“Hold up chick.  Let me show you how it’s done.” -Jax

My dog is one of a kind.

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Dallas Flea, November 2013

Dallas Flea November 2013

The last Dallas Flea market of the year!  I am so excited as I’m probably going to pick up a lot of cool items and perhaps some art this time around.  Based on the flier it seems as though the Dallas Flea will be moving locations next year.  I’m super excited to see where the new location will be held!


See You There!

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Half Priced Books is having a $2 Clearence Sale at Dallas Market Hall!



I know. I love you too!

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I know it was a long time coming, but I have been feeling so uninspired by the fashion blogging community as of late… but then something happen.  I don’t know, but the bloggers seem like they are rockin’ their own style without the help of the brands brown nosing to them.

01: Walk in Wonderland


This was clearly the winning look of the week.  I want this whole outfit.  And not like the clothes that are compliments to them.  I actually want the same exact items.  I tried to find that skirt, but I haven’t had any luck yet.  I think when people hear the word ‘Fall’ they quickly run to all their dark colors.  It was great to see that Sheryl didn’t flock to the black, greys, or browns.  There is nothing like color that will brighten up anyone’s mood.


02: Eat. Sleep. Wear.


While I would never purchade a shirt for $265 $212 I can appreciate the beauty of it.  While I’m not too wild about the shoes I just love the fact this is another blogger opting not to fall into the hole of dark colors just because that’s what the fashion community does.


03: Kenza


I am a fan of oversize cable knit sweaters.  While I would never dare to wear this outfit it looks so freakin’ hot on her.  I really want that sweater.  I think it would be great for the two weeks it gets cold in Texas.


04: Bryan Boy


Yes, I am aware that I have been talking a lot of mess about grey, but I think light grey is a beautiful color on everyone.  I especially think it’s so hot when I see men wearing that color.


05: Atlantic-Pacific


This is actually the outfit that inspired me to highlight the best looks of the week again!  I am feeling this catsuit and belt combo!  I feel as though this outfit is appropriate enough to rock to work!  What do you guys think?


06: Gary Pepper


Yes, I think I might have a tiny obsession with yellow. I really want to add that coat to my Fall/Winter 2013.


07: Cocobella Ballerina


I am so feeling this cobalt and teal combo.  I am really searching for cool and colorful items that I can wear to work.  I think I may steal her style, but I will need to find a version of that skirt where my male co-workers will look me in the eye… not on my thighs.  I love her version but it’s a fantastic date night look!


Which look did you guys like the best?

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Original Banksy for ONLY $30

Wow!  Are you kidding me?! 

In all places. In New York fuckin’ city.  They can’t recognize the greatest street artist there is?  I know there are modern art collectors out there LOOSING THEIR SHIT over this.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Geez had that been me I would have also negotiated down to $30 each AND picked up 4 pieces.

Of course I would have asked of the keeper if these were authentic Banksy pieces.

It does to show that the value of art is purely subjective… especially street art.  The amount we put on creation is purely how we see fit.  No institution or no amount of collectors should be able to dictate a price just because they see fit.

I seriously like this social experiment.

Banksy, please come to Dallas with this.  Feel free to send an email to me at UrbanJungleFashion@gmail.com when you do.

Thank You,


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I Don’t Pop Molly, I Rock Tom Ford

dont-die-with-your-music-still-inside-you-quote-the-aestateI have decided to bring the Monday Links back… granted… it is now Tuesday.  LOL!  I haven’t done one of these in a year!!!  WOW!  I forget how muc hI like this!

Tom Ford by Jay-Z

DYI: Embellished Loafers

diy-embellished-loafers-the-vault-filesThese look so classy!

Shoe Porn

harperandharley_tony-bianco_black-bootsThese make me want to be tied up

The Eiffel Tower at your feet

Sometimes you want to be girly

Pieces I Like


That Dress!

Sheer Organza Skirts are just so Sexy to me!

I’m planning on adding this sweatshirt in my collection tomorrow.

If I had an extra $700 I would not spend it on a clutch, but it is nice to look at…


Naomi-Campbell-for-The-Edit-2013-6The Living Legend

I don’t like salads but these look so PRETTY!

Elie Saab!  Get in my closet!

Chanel Iman and I need to be best friends already!

I am a fan of oversized coffee tables

Advice for Women Business Owners

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. –Steve Jobs

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