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OMFG! Three post in less than 24 hours! I think I’m on a roll! I’m just so into writing at this moment, so you guys better eat it up! Haha! So I’m going to be discussing what was worn to the 2010 Emmys. I’m just going to do my FIVE FAVORITE dresses and the FIVE WORST dresses of the night. This is strictly my opinion. No one is in any particular order… Except for Heidi Klum.   This woman is in a league of her own! Yes it may be a little unfair that she has a body of a Greek Goddess and is a certified supermodel, but this bitch brought it!

Best Dressed

Heidi Klum

ONLY Heidi Klum could sport a little black dress to one of the grandest award events of the year. Mrs. Klum wore a black Marchesa dress to the 2010 Emmy awards. She. Looked. FLAWLESS. I loved EVERYTHING about her that night. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry was ON POINT. Heidi Klum wins best dress of the night.

Claire Danes

Claire Danes was unrecognizable, in a good way. I loved the Armani Prive dress that she wore to the ceremony. Perez Hilton states that, “the dress was over the top.” However I believe this dress was a FANTASTIC choice. It screams “I’m here to be seen bitches!” It was a great choice from all the boring dark dresses that of these ceremonies.

Dianne Argon

Dianne Argon

Dianna Argon was perfection. She showed that lace is not for grandmothers. The young woman modeled how free, beautiful, and vibrant lace can be. Everything was perfection about her. The hair, the dress, and make-up. She did justice to this Carolina Herrerra dress.

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev was on FIRE in this peach Zuhair Murad dress. I know a lot of people are up and down about this dress, but let me tell you this girl hit the nail RIGHT on the head with this one! This is another dress that proved that lace can be fun and young. The color was a superb choice, and I LOVED the long slit that revealed her long beautiful legs. The ONLY complaint I have was the dress was a bit too long. I think the dress should have stopped at the ankle.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling showed up wearing a black Aguri Sagimon dress. I LOVE this dress. Homegirl thought outside the box on this one. There are soooo many people hating on her for wearing this piece but I think it looked good. She rocked it!

The Worst Dress…

Lo Bosworth

Lo Bosworth sported a Karen Caldwell dress. This was a HORRIBLE choice for her. First of all, you are attending the EMMYS not a 1950’s Saturday picnic. Go put on a REAL dress for this occasion. Second, the dress is much too old for her. While the dress needed to be put to sleep her accessories were to DIE for! That ring and the bracelet saved her taste in fashion. Lo, we all know you can do better than this. Hopefully you have a chance next year to redeem yourself.

Stephanie Pratt

As long as we are on the subject of The Hills alum, lets talk about Stephanie Pratt. I personally like the child HOWEVER Stephanie looks like she’s ready to hit a night club in St. Louis, Missouri, not a glamorous red carpet event in California. Stephanie sported a dress designed by Guess, and while I do kinda like the piece it was NOT appropriate to the Emmys. The dress would have better been serviced at the MTV music awards.

January JonesJanuary Jones

While I LOVE January Jones’s name, I HATED this dress. Ms Jones wore a Versace piece. I will give her an “E” for effort, but a “D” for disaster! While I LOVE the color and the potential concept of this dress. It failed. I hated the 1980’s Madonna vibe on this one. Everyone tires to pull the Madonna thing, but ONLY Madonna can do it. You can’t pull that mess at the Emmys in a metallic blue dress. Better luck next year hunny.  I also hated the  “just got outta bed” hair.

Keri Russell

Keri Russell wore a breezy pink Jean Louis Scherrer Haute Couture dress. While I LOVE the color of the dress… it’s boring. Nothing special about it, and I’m surprised anyone let her on the red carpet. Homegirl didn’t even try.

Christina Hendricks wore a lilac Zac Posen Dress. I hated it. She looked like a bird. That is all.


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I HATE winter! The ONLY good thing about cold weather is the shoes. So I just got done going through Baker’s Look Book for fall shoes! You guys should defiantly check out the line. They have a lot of great shoes they are showing off, but these are my top three of the new Fall 2010 collection. 



This shoe is FAN-TAS-TIC! I actually saw the pair in a Baker’s store and it was love at first sight. The thing that makes this shoe great is the thin layer of lace. It’s in form of an ankle boot with a zipper down the back. The peep toe just adds the extra sexy.  I was reading some magazine that had the actress that played Maya on Heroes as a feature. She was wearing some shoes VERY similar to these with some black lace stockings and a cute lingerie number… it was fantastic. As soon as I find a nice enough guy to buy them for me employment, this will be my guilty pleasure buy! Price://$79.95 



I LOVE the name of this boot! Shoot! I love the boot! It so classic, simple, and BLACK! I girl who loves shoes has to love those three basic concepts. When I saw this boot I think I came three times. This is a boot you can pair with almost ANY outfit. I can see it now. Walking down the street in these black boots paired with some dark denim skinny jeans, and a black shirt with a low “U” shaped neck line that has a lace back outing. The 80’s rock glam accessories are making a HUGE comeback!  You could wear black, silver, or a gun metal bone necklace with this. What would make this outfit extra cute? Wearing a bow shaped ring so you can show a little innocence is left in you. Price://$99.95 



OMFreakinG! The designer of this boot deserves a raise! I can imagine sooooooooooooooooooo many things I would wear this boot with. Most of my ideas consist of brown lace fishnets and nothing else! I’m just joking… kinda. Red and white blazers are going to be HOT on those cold summer nights. I would defiantly wear these boots with dark denim jeggings and a white loose racerback with a toy solider red blazer. That would look so cute. However, if red isn’t you’re color then these boots with some skinny jeans (I would suggest ripped for some added edge), and a neutral color cable knight sweater would make you look classy and sexy at the same time. Believe me, when a man sees you wearing these boots the only things he’s going to imagine is you on the bed and your legs over his shoulders. Just sayin’!   Price: $159.95 

You will DEFIANTLY see my rockin’ all these shoes this Fall! Baker’s did a great job this season! 

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Sorry guys I have not additional pictures on this one, but all the items expect for the earrings and the shirt have been featured on other Outfit of the Days! 

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What a beautiful day!



I’m sitting on my porch writing a blog, finished a quick vid for my other channel (KoiPondProject), about to take pics for my August Haul, and my puppy is sitting on his dog bed in the cool air just chilling with me. All while listening to music from the Love Jones Soundtrack

I love feeling this cool breeze. 

I love the smell of food in the air. 

I love the weekends. 

Even if I’m unemployed =) 


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Hello out there all my fashion people of the world!  I APOLOGIZE for being so MIA!  I have been super busy and super lazy as of recently.  A couple of weeks ago I had a jewlery party at my place that featured pieces from Premier Designs.  Premier Designs is kind of like Mary Kay or Avon.  You host a party where you have a group of people who are super intersted in jewlery get together.  You talk, laugh, and order jewlery.  It was great!  I was actually the host of my this party, and I walked away with a lot of great pieces!  Check out my vid for more details on how the parties work!

The Pieces:

  • Lighting: Silver plated, 7 inch spring necklace, $28
  • Infusion: Matte gold plated, 28 inch two strand necklace w/a 3 inch extender, $42
  • Trophy (not shown, but check the Haul & Review video): gold plated, 24 inch necklace, $23
  • Lady Fair: Imitation rhoduim plated faux pearls, 62 inch necklace, $39
  • Promenade: Gold plated, genuine shells and tiger’s eye beads with faux turquoise, 30 inch necklace with a 3 inch extender, $36
  • Vanessa: silver plated ring, $12



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July Haul

Since I’m in my own personal recession the hauls have been kind of sparse. I ONLY went shopping at two places the whole month of July. However, I am happy with all my purchases. I think I bought the best yet this summer. I LOVE all my shoes, but I’m most excited about the sneakers. The Americana’s by Adidas. I have so many plans for them. Hopefully later this month I can finally purchase some Puma’s as well. I have plans to do more T-Shirt cutting vids, but I need to make sure I get my hands on some vintage Adidas shirts and Puma’s… it’s only going to work that way. As promised here is a list of all this items that I purchased this month. If you wanted to get more pics of the shoes please click this link https://urbanjunglefashion.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/shoedazzle-com-the-city-and-nichola/ . Also, I will attach the video at the end of this blog.

  • Necklace: Ross, Bijou, $9
  • Scarf: Ross, $6
  • Shirt: Flyaway, Ross, $10
  • Shorts: Ross, Levi, $11
  • The City by ShoeDazzle, $39
  • Nichola by ShoeDazzle, $39
  • Americana by Adidas, $13.50

Total Haul: $127.50

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Name: Night Owl


  • Shirt: Victoria's Secret Pink Collection Grey Racerback, $5
  • Skirt: Forever 21 Black Ruffle Cotten Skirt, $12
  • Shoes: Ross, Joey Shoes, $15
  • Bracelet: Forever 21, $10
  • Necklace: Forever 21, $5.50
  • Earrings: Guess, $16

Total: $63.50

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