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End of the Season…

I went to Victoria’s Secret today for a completely different reason.  I wanted to get some new panties (I know, TMI), but instead came out with three new bikinis.  LOL.  Right now Victoria’s Secret is having an end of the season sale where all the bikini pieces are $10 each.  I ended spending $40 on what should have cost me $215.  I ended up saving about 81% off retail.  Yes, I do percentages of how much I save ALL. THE. TIME.

Meanwhile, I decided to buy the bikinis because (a) they looked good on me, and (b) I plan on going to Australia for my birthday.  Since my birthday is in January that means it’s summer time in the Southern Hemisphere.  I plan on stashing up on at least two more tops and bottoms when I got back to Austin in the coming months.  I’m going to guess that the Victoria’s Secret outlet in San Marcus will still be rocking this same sale.

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The shirt I wish I had bought instead of the ones I got. via

So my Saturday started off with shopping at the farmers market**, and then on to HEB to pick up what the farmers market did not have. In getting the groceries out of my car, I pulled a muscle in my back. Trust me, the one flight of stairs up to my apartment never seemed so long! But then I found my emergency supply of hydrocodone (it makes my nose itchy), and an hour later, my back was no longer a war zone. Which seemed like a perfect time to go shopping! And not just any shopping, but shopping at the outlet stores 45 minutes from my home. (Disclaimer – I do not now, nor do I ever, condone driving under the influence of any mind-altering chemicals. The problem was that I did not know that my mind was altered).

So I get to lovely San Marcos, and first stop, Victoria’s Secret outlet. I lasted maybe five minutes. While I find their retail stores to be nice and calm, the sheer amount of women pawing through lace panties and bras was just too overwhelming for my delicate senses. I quickly ran over to the Nine West outlet, where they were having the same exact BOGO sale as the retail stores!! So you would think that I grabbed some major shoes, right??

Wrong – why were all of the shoes I was loving full price? And then they wouldn’t have the size/color combination that I wanted, and there were only TWO mirrors in the whole store. Seriously, they didn’t even have those little mirrors on the footstool things. So all of the women were literally lining up to check out the shoes on their feet. We were taking turns like we were back in Kindergarten.

So I finally bailed and went to the Gap outlet. Gap is like vanilla ice-cream – you grew up with it, it’s comforting, you can make it work with anything, and you can always find some for sale. I found some long and lean jeans ($37.99) and a great teal sweater ($19.99) in that tissue material, so you can wear it in the summer time without feeling stupid. However, here is where I messed up. A friend of mine at work was giving me grief last week for always wearing black (I just look better in simple black things), and she demanded that I purchase some color for myself. Well, I had already snagged some cute t-shirts, two black and one white, when I saw these color pocket t’s. I picked up the blue and the purple. Now, I was looking for somethingwhich wasn’t skin tight, but also wasn’t ridiculously baggy. These seemed to fit the bill. And they looked cute on – I just wasn’t sure if I was feeling them. I have been REALLY trying to only buy things which I love, so I was going to put them back when that mean person in my head started up. “You really do need color, goth-girl! They’re only $10 each – you’re not exactly breaking the bank.” And because I was hungry, and still feeling a little goofy-headed, I listened.

Here’s the thing about buyer’s remorse when you shop at the outlet mall. You have to drive 45 minutes to return things! Also, the money you spent in gas going there and back to return said items is probably more than you will get back from your returned purchases. So I kept my clothes. And, of course, I will be able to make them work with my existing clothes. But it just put a damper on the rest of my weekend. I feel like ever since I got my bonus money (!!) I have been shopping just for the fun of shopping. And that’s all well and good, except that I have spent like $500 on my purchases.

So here are the lessons to learn:

1) Don’t ever go shopping when you are on pain medicine.
2) Don’t ever buy something that you don’t 100% love.
3) Unless you know what is already there, or you can devote the entire day, don’t go shopping at the outlet malls. You feel like you HAVE to buy something since you drove all the way out there.
4) Definitely don’t go shopping on an empty stomach. Seriously, I was starving all day.

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Do not ever wear these outfits to an interview. Seriously, I would not hire you.


Honestly, how do people live in such small apartments? This one is 247 square feet. While I admire that you are throwing yourself a party, I would feel like the walls were closing in on me.

OMG, I know so many people who would appreciate these!!

** I literally double-dipped on zucchini this weekend, and spent most of Saturday night looking up cool recipes to get rid of the excess. Here were my results!

And to follow up on healthy zucchini, why not make this to ruin all that great work??

My favorite magazine article in the universe (seriously, I still have the original copy) is this one. Because of my love for it, I am always scoping out copy cats, like this. But really, I have made copies of the fave one and handed it out to people as a PSA.

This is sooooo how I feel right now.

I can so see K doing #1 on this list.

– S

p.s. I am seriously sorry that there were not more pics this week. I will make up for it next week, I swear!!

p.s.2 – And K is sooooo right. Her brother could give Kanye a run for his money – but like, vintage Kanye, when he was still ridiculously fresh. I would never want to go anywhere formal with her bro because no matter what I was wearing, I am sure he would make me look like I was wearing a potato sack!

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Any Reason to Dress Up!

As you already know S is hosting a housewarming party and therefore I will be in town celebrating with her. I already have my outfits planned for my whole weekend. Yes, I’m that kind of person. When it comes to fashion I get serious.

*Insert serious face here*

After her shindig we are planning on hitting the streets with some other friends to just dance and be merry. Therefore the outfit that I’m wearing has to serve dual purposes. First, it has to be cute enough for a housewarming party. Second, it has to be able to look sexy enough for club/bar hopping downtown.


If you have NOT been to Austin to party you are TRULY missing out. Don’t limit yourself to just 6th Street. Check out West 6th, 4th, and my favorite spot on 7th street…. Its some small hole in the wall graffiti’d out club that only plays ‘90’s Hip Hop. Love.





Which dress is your favorite?


PS: S was so right about Atlantic Pacific’s look on yesterdays top 10. I gasped when I saw that ridiculously awesome top. I would wear it until the threads came out!

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Semi-Annual Sale!

I know!  I haven’t made a YouTube vid in FOREVER!  I have been super busy these last five months with Johanna in my life.  It has been one thing after another!  Well, Victoria’s Secret started their semi-annual sale and we had to go, of course!  I was able to pick up some really cute items that totaled less than $25!  Before that I purchased these really cute Steven Madden boots for $200 $15.  Lastly I was able to pick a really cute outfit from Forever21.  I have been DYING for some colored skinny jeans for awhile… and you can’t go wrong with $10.50 jeans, right?

I guess time will only tell.

Has anyone else taken advantage of the semi-annual sales yet?

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All I do is Win!


So yesterday I had two great surprises! First, I got to see one of my closest friend’s daughter, and (2) I received a prize from InPink! So I let my lil homie open up the package for me. I love how she’s NOT camera shy!

In the box I won this great flower necklace! Wow! I want to thank In Pink for sending me such a fantastic prize! What’s even better?… With all the different colors on the necklace I was about to practice the colors with the lil munchkin!

Thank You In Pink for the prize and the memories!


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Guten Tag!



I’m glad you guys were able to “meet” the student staying with me.  Johanna is visiting me from Germany for the Fall Semester to study in the Dallas School district and to improve her English. Yesterday we went shopping for Tax Free Weekend and she was able to pick up a lot of American brands that are hard to find (or too expensive) in Germany. She told me she had never been in Hollister because there is a line always around the corner so they never stop to go in. When she saw Hollister her jaw fell out of her mouth. She was sooooooooo excited and picking up everything! She even managed to find cool items for her sister.

Another store she just HAD to visist was the Levis store. Levis are a HUGE deal in Germany so she was really pleased when she saw the Levis store. She tried on at least seven pairs of pants before deciding on the light ash color. The issue was she’s so tall but so tiney.


I am so tired (it’s 6:54 AM) and I haven’t slept at all last night. I’m falling asleep at the keyboard. Friends don’t let friends blog sleepy… therefore I’m calling it a night/day Check out the pictures below to see in detail all the items purchased.

To all my college and grade school readers:

Have a good school year!

Don’t fuck it up! 😉


Levis Canvas Shoes

Christian Siriano Sandals

Lela Rose Colorful Sandals

Levi Jeans


Plaid Shirt via Body Central

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Happy August Y’all!

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