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Happy Friday Y’all!


If you haven’t heard Rebecca Loebe’s rendition of Come As You Are, originally by Nirvana, then you are truly missing out on one of life’s great gifts. Her rework on the song is truly amazing. She has slowed down the tempo and made it more acoustic. She simultaneously makes the song even more beautiful and dark. The first time I heard this song on The Voice last year she gave me goosebumps.

Yes, it’s that good.

Listen and get lost.


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I Love Music!

This past Saturday my friend Q from high school invited me to go to a concert he was hosting at the Arnetic in Deep Ellum.   If you have have never been to this spot I urge you guys all to go.  The place is HUGE, the drinks are STRONG, and the artwork  is AMAZING!  Not only was the musical talent great, but the artwork plastered on the wall was phenomenal.  I didn’t do the the place justice because I didn’t get enough of the work.  Whenever I have a chance to go back again I will take pictures of  nothing but the amazing artwork.

I may not have been as lucky as S to attened a few of the SXSW shows last week in Austin, but I think I had my just desserts this weekend.  Not only was I able to see my boy sing I got an extra suprise.  Another friend from high school was there DJ’ng!  He was amazing and it is always good to see old friends!  I also had the privilege to meet Tje Austin!  He is soooooooooooooooo freakin’ awesome!  Let me tell you!  He was very easy to talk to and let me ask him a bunch of questions about being on national TV.  If you don’t know, he was on the FIRST SEASON of the Voice.  He currently resides in Austin, and after speaking to him I found out we know some similar people (who are also friends from High School)!  Small world right?  He is such a down to earth person.  Check out his website and listen to some of his music HERE!

Meanwhile, here is my outfit of the night.  How excited are you that I made a video?!  I’m really going to start doing more of these 60 second oufit videos.  They are so easy and fun to edit!  So of course I bring you my outfits, and street style, and just photos of the show!

|Blazer: Charlotte Russe| Shirt: Forever 21| Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden| Shorts: Forever 21| Earrings: Guess| Bracelet: Forever 21|


I LOVED this hipster inspired outfit!

His name is Phill Wade ladies and gentlemen!

LOVED HER OUTFIT!  Check the shoe game!!!

Tje Austin with his bandmates

Tje Austin, Q, and Phill Wade

Tje & (future) international photographer, K

Music By:


Tje Austin

Phill Wade

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, whether that beauty comes in the shape of a sculpture, a person, or a piece of fashion. I don’t think anyone could deny these beauties their full due. I could almost be happy just with the drawings, rather than the actual pieces. Almost!


All Drawings by Samantha Hahn

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The bloggers were killing it this week, and I could NOT choose just one look from each site. I love so much that each blogger can show such versatility, that they do not just show one-note looks. So I doubled up on looks from three different blogs, and paired the other looks up. You know why? Because good things come in pairs (shoes, lovers, double features). Enjoy!!!

1. Pink Peonies

Stripes? Sequins? Neon? Pastel? Layering? What is there here not to love? This is such a great all-around outfit, and it is so effortlessly put together. via

2. Pink Peonies

This is like a dream look for me – I love this shirt! It’s like what Audrey Hepburn would have worn to work. via

3. Gal Meets Glam

What could be just a simple and easy look is totally elevated by these too-cute shoes. This shirt could’ve been worn with jeans, or under a jumper, but the skirt is a perfect match! via

4. Gal Meets Glam

I haven’t jumped onto the “mint” bandwagon, but I appreciate this look. I don’t feel hit over the head with the color, but I also feel like she is letting the color shine and speak for itself, which so rarely happens. The makeup is awesome too. via

5. 9 to 5 Chic

So, look 1 from the “non-doubled-up” pairs features mustard yellow. I can never pull this color off, so I really love when I see people who can, and who do it well. The layering here is great, and while I don’t usually get too much into labels, I love the subtle flash of Burberry inside the coat. via

6. A Lovely Escape

Yellow here as well. I always love pairing high heels with rolled up or cuffed jeans. The jacket and the heels totally elevate this look, but it stays fresh and sweet. via

7. Cheetah is the New Black

Second set of matched bloggers is all about printed skirts. I like my animal prints in small doses, via the skirt. The peep-toe booties and the great jacket keep the look from being all about the skirt, and keep the skirt as a part of the look, instead of making it the entire focus. via

8. This Time Tomorrow

This skirt is used in the same way – as an accompaniment, rather than the main course. Your eyes are draw to the skirt, but it isn’t blinding or overwhelming – it’s almost soothing. via

9. See Jane

The jeans – I will take 100 pairs, and be happy for the rest of my life! via

10. See Jane 

Don’t look back! Plaid becomes positively classic when paired with this skirt and the cute flats (and this from the girl who wore a black and white flannel shirt in her 8th grade picture that was VERY grunge – the shirt, not the picture). I love the laid back vibe! via

– S

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My Tum Tum hurts…

When I envisioned my weekend it did not include me knocking over my hanging photographs, throwing stuff, ruining my satin sheets by throwing up in them, or calling people and starting arguments. Sadly, the only thing I remember is knocking my favorite picture off the wall. When I woke up this morning to place it back on the wall I noticed I broke the frame.

Kids, this why you don’t mix mimosa, chardonnay, and whatever cheap ass vodka in a pizza parlor with your brother, friend, and ex bf in less than 5 hours. The results are you walking around Wal-Mart at 3:38 AM picking up water, Caprisun, Powerade, and split pea soup.

I honestly wanted to make spaghetti, but that seemed way too complicated in my still inebriated state.

Outside of the too many drinks this weekend it was the who’s who of Korin’s past. I saw A LOT of my friends of high school and college. I even got to meet Tje Austin from The Voice. Of course pictures to come later this week… when I’m not contemplating on ways to pump my stomach.

Oh yeah… and I have a moth in my bathroom. Now I can’t go in there without him angrily flying around.

All I wanna do is brush my teeth.

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Have a great week. I’m gng to try and make it.


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Let’s Get Ready to STUMBLEEEEEE!!!!

To say if I had a busy St. Patricks Day weekend is an understatement.  Aside from drinking Friday and Saturday I also had a (surprise) shoot on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   I’m still going.  Not all of us has the luxury of going to SXSW and seeing the handsome Channing Tatum *cough Shanna cough*

Want to hear a funny story?  Okay, so remember in my recent OOTD post how I told you guys the story with me walking into a pole I was looking at?  Well, when I first arrived at the clinic there was this male nurse that was helping me.  He’s was super nice and funny.  Well, I saw him again Thursday because I had to go back for my “discharge”  from the clinic.  He was really cool then too… but I guess you have to be because I can only imgaine the cases they run into there.  Well, at the Block Party I see this cool ass t-shirt with Tupac on  it.  It had two photos of him.  One when he’s a little kid posing on those standard school photos and the second photo was of him older.  I thought it was so badass!  I ran up to this guy.   I tell  him how awesome his shirt is.  Then I look up at him and I’m like, “Dude, I know you!”  It was the male nurse.  LOL he recognized me and it was a good time.  Random all the people you run into at Dallas.

Aiight… so here are the rest of the photos for this years block party!

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Okay, when I first pitched this idea to Korin, I was saying, “Hey, let me talk about all of the awesome fashion I saw at SXSW.” Then I started to do some thinking and I realized that I did not see a lot of awesome fashion last week. Then I decided to show off all of the horrible fashion (there was a bunch – check out here and here). But I stopped myself again – you know why? Because while the majority of these women (and not a few men) looked so crazy to me, they probably thought that they looked good. And while I certainly did not agree, fashion is such a personal choice, that it really isn’t up to me to decide who is and is not fashionable.

However, since we’re here and everything, let me show off at least a few looks that worked, instead of embarrassing those who did not!

1. Adored Austin

This is what fashion in Austin when we are showing off for SXSW should be like! Simple, quirky, cute, but not overly ridiculous. I would so own that dress in black and wear it to every cocktail event this year. via

 2. Austin Eavesdropper

All of these girls look so great!!! Trust me, this was not the norm last week at all. I love the neon, the skirts, the pastels, the gobs of pearls, the stripes. I just wish that I could see the shoes! But they are so perfectly Spring, I just feel like they can do no wrong. via

3. In Her Stilettos

Okay, so this is not Diya of In Her Stilettos, but Diya has a great eye, as well as a great fashion sense, so I figured we could showcase one of her chosen shots. I love the floaty (polka dot!!!!) skirt, that is kept so simple with a tank and flip-flops. People, this is how Austin girls really dress on our downtime. Not so much with the crazy hair and insane getups. via


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