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The Golden Girls

I have to say that this top 10 list was not easy.   There were plenty of ladies that brought their A game to the Golden Globes.  Here goes!

01: Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Golden Globe Jenna Tatum

I hate this bitch.   She sickens me.  She was genetically blessed and she’s married to my man, Channing Tatum.  *ugh* However, I have to give props were they are due.  Baby girl BROUGHT IT to the Golden Globes.  This was a MMA fight and she came for blood.  This is a great representation of a simple color scheme, fitting your frame correctly, and showing off your womanly figure.  She also knows how to pose so it allows the photographers to get a good pose of her.  She’s not shy or awkward so it just makes for an all around good photo.  I love the design of this Roberto Cavalli dress.  Just magnificent.


02: Kate Beckinsale

Golden Globe, Kate Beckinsale

Geez!  This woman knows how to DRESS for award shows.  Girl you better WERK!  *In my RuPaul voice*  She is another great example of how to wear a dress to an award ceremony.  Good walking length, interesting and shiny design, great hair, wonderful make up, and she knows how to pose.  It also helps that her skin looks flawless.  This is a Zuhair Murad dress.


03: Maria Menounos

Golden Globes, Maria Menounos

She looks like the future of fashion.  While I love monochrome she, like Kate and Jenna, wore an interesting dress that is both sexy but subtle. I love the beautiful design, color, clutch, and the fact her hair is in a ponytail to show off this Max Azria Atelier dress.


04: Paula Patton

Golden Globes, Paula Patton

I love when people take risk and that’s why I dig Paula Patton.  She’s really not scare to experiment and not follow the molds and it has paid off for her in this Stéphane Rolland gown.  I love the fact she went straight couture.  She brought glamour back to Hollywood.  How much do you love her David Yurman earrings?!  Can you say GORGY?!


05: Sosie Bacon

Golden Globes, Sosie Bacon

I have no idea who this girl is, but her name is making me hungry.  Sosie is just WORKING this Rhea Costa dress.  I have no idea who she is or why she is famous, but if she keeps working the award shows like this then everyone will soon learn her name.


06: Kaley Cuoco

Golden Globes, Kaley Cuoco

I have no idea who this woman is but this dress jaw dropping.  Typically I would hiss at something like this, but I have to admit it just… works… Dress by Rani Zakhem


07:  Margot Robbie

Golden Globes, Margot Robbie

This Gucci dress made it in the top 10 because of the sexy simplicity to it.  I like how Gucci laced oversized jewels around the sleeves , waist, and side of dress.  She looks like a warrior queen in this number.  Her MUA did a great job matching the tone of her dress to her eyes.


08:  Lena Dunham

Golden Globes, Lena Dunham, yellow Dress

Have you seen the show Girls on HBO?  It’s the one where I binged watched for two days and was tweeting about it every night before bed.  This show is the epitome of #FirstWorldPRoblems  Trust me when I say that even for #FirstWorldProblems these girls act really… self entitled… which a lot of the BS circumstance that happens on this show is self inflicted.  Lena Dunham’s character on the show is Hannah.  Hannah is a narcissistic hypochondriac that has more sex than anyone I know.  She character is frumpy and dresses HORRIBLE yet this girl is pulling men from every corner.  It’s like… how do you have all these guys catering to you, you look like… THAT… and then you still complain about life?! I want to tell her character to GROW THE FUCK UP… Let me have YOUR problems.

Okay… I went on a little tangent.  I just really dislike this show… but I will continue to watch it because I want to hate watch it with Shanna.

Nonetheless, Lena typically looks a hot mess at award shows.  She looks frumpy, uncomfortable, and awkward… which is weird because she takes her top off and shows her bare breast pretty much every episode of Girls.  I have to thank God that she found her inner hot girl and posed with complete confidence in this beautiful yellow Zac Posen dress.


09: Reese Witherspoon

Golden Globes, Reese Witherspoon

Can Reese do no wrong?  Reese Whiterspoon is the queen of monochromatic dresses.  Case in point in this dark teal Calvin Klein Dress.

10: Cate Blanchett

Golden Globes, Cate Blanchet

I feel like I shouldn’t like this dress, but I can’t help it.  It’s like Mortia Adams passed this Armani Privé  over to Cate and was like… please take it because I no longer fit in it.

All photos via

Who was your favorite of them all?

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Shanna’s Version of Best Dressed at the Met Gala

I am only throwing down my top three, because I know K will have a whole list, and I hope I am not scoping any out from under her. There were really some hot messes on the red carpet for this event, so it was nice to see these ladies looking so lovely. I realize that fashion is about pushing boundaries, but some of the looks Monday night were just not working for me. These dresses were anything but boring/basic black, but they did not make the ladies wearing them regret their decisions in the morning. That is good fashion.

Solange Knowles

Solange is always hit or miss, and let’s be honest, she is more likely to be a miss. So when I saw her in this dress, I was happily surprised. This is sweet and ladylike and elegant, all in one. She wasn’t trying to upstage anyone, or show off some ridiculous fashion. She was just being herself, which is probably why she looks so amazing. Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Christina Ricci

I saw so many fashion people (bloggers, editors, nobodies, etc.) hate on her for this dress, since she is so tiny, and it is so big. And granted, I was not there in person, so maybe up close it wasn’t working as well, but in this picture??? She looks amazing. I maybe could have done without the massive bow in back, but otherwise, she had it going on. Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Carey Mulligan

I will admit, it has taken me forever to get on the Carey bandwagon. I am usually not a fan of the pixie girls, and then she had that relationship with Shia La-whatever, who I just cannot stomach, so I really questioned her life choices. But she has grown on me, and this dress just hit it out of the park. It is so fun and fierce, but it is also playful and sweet. Just like her! Photo: Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic

– S

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With the Bad Comes the Good

My top picks from the 2012 Met Gala.

01: Gisele Bunchen

I know it’s not fair because she’s a supermodel and all, but HOLY GUACAMOLE homegirl looks HOT in this Givenchy number!


02: January Jones

Some say January is an ice cold bitch to work with, but she looks hot as hell here. She is donning a Versace dress paired appropriately with a light blue Cartier statement necklace.


03: Anna Wintour

Bow down to your fashion leader. Editor-in-Chief of American Vogue, Anna Wontour, knocked it out of the park in this custom made Prada gown. She’s Anna Wintour, she can do that.


04: Cameron Diaz

Showing these young bitches how it’s done (I’m looking at you Bianca and Lana)! She is wearing Stella McCartney dress.


05: Donatella Versace

In her own design. Now this is how you compete with the sun.


06: Hilary Swank

Hands down she was the best dressed of the ball! Wearing Michael Kors, this dress hit at all the rights angles to highlight the beauty of a woman’s curves.


07: Camilla Belle

I’m not sure who is trying to make burgundy lips happen, but please stop. It’s making women look like zombies. Geez. However, that make up doesn’t take away from how HOT she looks in her Ralph Lauren Collection gown. She looks like a true beauty. Also, RL has really stepped up their design game recently. I guess someone took a page out of J.Crew’s playbook.


08: Christine Taylor

Looking ravishing in a simple yet sexy jewel colored J Mendel dress. Her husband, Ben Stiller, is wearing a Prada tuxedo.


09: Sandra Lee

Working her modern day Venus inspired look at the Met Gala. Sexy at any age!

10: Rashida Jones

I have no idea why I love this free spirited dress, but I do! While everyone else was bringing the drama she brought the good girl. Rashida is wearing a Tory Burch drop-shoulder cream silk chiffon gown with hand-painted and hand-beaded flowers. She looks as cool as Summer’s morning.


Wow was your favorite from the 2012 Met Gala?


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Okay, when I first pitched this idea to Korin, I was saying, “Hey, let me talk about all of the awesome fashion I saw at SXSW.” Then I started to do some thinking and I realized that I did not see a lot of awesome fashion last week. Then I decided to show off all of the horrible fashion (there was a bunch – check out here and here). But I stopped myself again – you know why? Because while the majority of these women (and not a few men) looked so crazy to me, they probably thought that they looked good. And while I certainly did not agree, fashion is such a personal choice, that it really isn’t up to me to decide who is and is not fashionable.

However, since we’re here and everything, let me show off at least a few looks that worked, instead of embarrassing those who did not!

1. Adored Austin

This is what fashion in Austin when we are showing off for SXSW should be like! Simple, quirky, cute, but not overly ridiculous. I would so own that dress in black and wear it to every cocktail event this year. via

 2. Austin Eavesdropper

All of these girls look so great!!! Trust me, this was not the norm last week at all. I love the neon, the skirts, the pastels, the gobs of pearls, the stripes. I just wish that I could see the shoes! But they are so perfectly Spring, I just feel like they can do no wrong. via

3. In Her Stilettos

Okay, so this is not Diya of In Her Stilettos, but Diya has a great eye, as well as a great fashion sense, so I figured we could showcase one of her chosen shots. I love the floaty (polka dot!!!!) skirt, that is kept so simple with a tank and flip-flops. People, this is how Austin girls really dress on our downtime. Not so much with the crazy hair and insane getups. via


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And the Winners Are….

I’m going to be honest here. I sat down and watched the Oscars. Since I did that I’m going to rank my favorite dresses this go around.

This year I went to an intimate Oscar Party. I’m finally getting to know some of my neighbors in my building, (after almost two years) and one of the neighbors invited me to their Oscar watching party. There was just 6 of just… well, 7, but one was under 5 so I wasn’t sure if he counted. The hostess made a great homemade dinner, and even made Sangria from scratch!  Some people rock the hostess roll FABULOUSLY. It was funny watching the Oscars and making fun of people outside of Twitter. I will admit I had to jump on Twitter when Angelina came out. I mean c’mon… that lady is BEAUTIFUL, but she needs a Thanksgiving Feast in her life.

Anywho, let me tell you the TOP 9 Best Dressed of the Night

01: Viola Davis

HANDS DOWN IS THE WINNER! Ms. Davis has been W-E-R-K-I-N-G the red carpet this award season, and tonight was NO EXCEPTION!!!!! Her jewel toned forest green dress was the talk of the town! EVERYONE at the party could not take their eyes off of her. Not only was the dress beautiful, but so was her eye make up. What I loved most about her look? HER NATURAL HAIR!!!!! She is the EPITOME of what a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN looks like. Her body, her stature, her look, just bleed with power and perfection.

FYI She’s rocking a Vera Wang gown, a Judith Leiber clutch, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

02: Michelle Williams

WOW! She looked all colors of amazing tonight! Not very many with fair colored skin can rock a platinum blonde pixie cut! She did just that… DOING TWIGGY PROUD GIRL! I loved the red Louis Vuitton dress. When’s the last time you heard anyone wearing LV to an awards show?! What stood out the most was her Fred Leighton for Forevermark necklace! DID YOU SEE THAT THING?! She was BLINGING ALL. NIGHT. LONG! Like a TRUE STAR!

03: Cameron Diaz

Girl better WORK! That dressed worked on the carpet and on the TV. Cameron Diaz may not be rocking a curvy body, but I LOVE how she knows what body type she does have! Cameron is wearing a Gucci dress and about a million dollars with of jewelery from Tiffany & Co. Now I need that type of endorsement.

04: Jennifer Lopez

I have no idea why Jenny from the block was at the Oscar (nevermind the fact that she was presenting), but I am SO HAPPY SHE COULD MAKE IT! I LOVE that Jennifer Lopez EMBRACES HER CURVES. Angelina Jolie could learn a lesson or two from Ms. Lopez… Well, how about they school each other?  JLo can teach Jolie how to put on some curves. While Jolie can teach JLo how to act. Hey! Win-win for EVERYBODY!!!!

I love this Zuhair Murad dress because the pattern and texture enhance her curves magnificently.

05: Maya Rudolph

Did you guys know that Minnie Riperton was her mom?! Who is Minnie Riperton? WOW! You guys need to know your MUSIC! (Loving You Video). Maya wore a Johanna Johnson dress and Neil Lane jewels.

06: Emma Stone

How can one not like Emma Stone? She has a beautiful look and great attitude. She was SOOOO funny presenting with… damn… his name is blanking on me right now, but lets just call him Zoolander. Emma’s Giambattista Valli Haute Couture did WONDERS for her!

07: Glen Close

This is how a bad bitch her age rocks a Zac Posen dress and Bulgari jewelry. Show those 20 something year old girls that sexy can be served by all ages!

08:Jessica Chaistain

Alexander McQueen dress. That is all.

09: Tina Fey

While the Carolina Herrera dress wasn’t spectacular her hair and Bulgari jewelry were. She looked classy and fun! Many woman have tried, but can’t pull that combination off!

All Images Via...

Who was your favorite from last night?!

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Best Dressed Grammys 2012

I noticed a lot of the singers wore black tonight. I believe that was to mourn the passing of the icon that was Whitney Houston. The dresses aren’t in order from who I liked the most or the least… I enjoyed them all.

01: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift could EASILY double as a supermodel! Everyone knows she had legs for day! I know some blogs aren’t feeling this dress, but I am. She pulls it off perfectly because she does have a long neck. I love the Greek-Roman inspired trim. She might not look like a Greek Goddess, but she sure does look like the queen of an empire.  Wearing Zuhair Murad.

02: Alica Keys

Homegirl kept it simple. She was very close to Whitney so I’m sure the dress color was in her honor. I love how simple the dress is, yet how dramatic the gold bib necklace is. Great look!  Wearing Alexandre Vauthier.

03: Rihanna

She gave a shout out to Ms. Houston during the set she shared with Coldplay. I know some people think this Aramine Prive dress looks boring, but I think it looks perfect considering less than 36 hours ago a major icon was lost.

04: Kelly Rowland

I think the ONLY thing that would have made this dress better was if it was strapless. I would have done without the netting at the top. Ms. Rowloand has a great collarbone and shoulder structure and this dress hides one of her best and sexiest assets.  Wearing Alberta Ferretti.

05: Carrie Underwood

I think she looks like the White Queen (as in Alice in Wonderland) in this dress. She always dazzles. Wearing Gomez-Garcia

06: Adele

Has Adele lost weight or is the black dress just pulling it’s weight? Either way she looks fabulous! I loved the cinched waste. It highlights her figure.  Wearing Giorgio Armani.

07: Lady Gaga

Okay, I don’t like this dress… but it’s Lady Gaga! Also, if you don’t remember Gaga dedicated her album last year to Whitney Houston. She stated she was the inspiration for it.  Versace.

08: Kate Beckinsale

The dress is not extra special, but she looks so freakin’ adorable.  Wearing Zuhair Murad.


All images Via

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Happy Tuesday Guys!

Every day we get closer and closer to Christmas! If you read my Monday Links (which you should… shame on you if you didn’t) I will not be posting the Top 10 Bloggers Styles of the week due to my hectic schedule of last week. Instead I am featuring my top 10 celebrity styles of the week. Please don’t be mad!

01: Michelle Pfeiffer

Doesn’t mama look caliente?! Here she is posing on the red carpet for the premier of her new movie New Years Eve I love Ms. Pfeiffer, but I was not a fan of the movie. She looked like royalty in this purple Dolce & Gabbana dress.

02: Lea Michelle

Another Michelle at the New Years Eve red carpet! I don’t watch Glee so I really don’t know a whole lot about her, but I will admit she has graced my top 10 red carpet list before and today is no exception. Ms. Michelle is rockin’ a Valentino dress with Louboutins heels. She just sparkles.

03: Zoe Saldana

I love her and I’m really feeling this quirky dress by Rena Lange she wore to the 2011 Trevor Project.

04: First Lady Michelle Obama

It’s a good week to be a Michelle in the Urban Jungle! LOL! How can you NOT love First Lady Michelle Obama?! This is a CLASSIC example of a woman wearing the dress. The dress is not wearing the woman. I have to give accolades to Vera Wang for the gown and Miguel Ases for the jaw dropping earrings! W-E-R-K!!! FYI… she was at the Kennedy Center Honors.

05: Stacy Keibler

I have no idea who this woman is, but she has a body for days! She looks like a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. I’m sure the only thing I would need to do is put her name in Google and find out what she’s known for… but ummm… I can’t be bothered to take the 30 seconds out to do that. Nonetheless, this earthbound Goddess is wearing Herve L Leroux. Well, she MUST be someone because she’s wearing 80 karat Chopard earrings.

06: Anne Hathaway

If you’re a long time reader of my blog you know that Anne Hathaway is my girl crush. She is just soooooo gorgeous to me! Plus, she just comes across as a dope ass person. Ms. Hathaway was alongside the First Lady at the Kennedy Centers Honors Gala wearing black Giambattista Valli gown.

07: Miley Cyrus

Miley is ALWAYS on my worst dress list… cuz homegirl is always in the worst frocks when it comes to the red carpet. When she’s rockin’ streetwear she is polar opposite. Other than the white Louboutins I’m not sure if she’s wearing any name brands. I actually love that. Fashion isn’t about whose name is on the back of your jacket, but how you wear it. I love the ripped up skinny jeans and the rocker shirt. Classic Americano.

08: Jessica Alba

Ray Bans? Check! Red Skinny Jeans? CHECK! White loose tank? CHECK! Black blazer? CHECK! She looks good.

09: AnnaLynne McCord

I have no idea who she’s wearing but I NEED to copy this look verbatim… well, minus those shoes.

10: Dita Von Teese

If you don’t know who she is I suggest you get on Google like yesterday. Dita Von Teese worked the hell out of the chiffon Tadashi Shoji gown!

I hope you guys weren’t too upset about seeing celebrities versus other fellow bloggers. I promise I be back to normal next week!

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