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Drum Roll Please…

Okay, I know the picture sucks!  This is the ONLY picture I have of me from head to toe in the dress.   You can also view the dress from THIS previous blog… but the outfit looks different from the other one because my hair, accessories, and shoes are different.  Ladies, you know how this goes.  Apparently on of my classmates informed me I was rocking the Standford colors (where he went attended university).  LOL!  Go Standford!

You will notice two things in this picture… the reunion looks small.  Believe me… we had 300 people in our graduating class.  Here are just some of the poeople.  Since we are all classy and stuff we had three different reunions for our class between November and December.  I attended the first reunion in November.

You will also notice NICOLE in the picture in front of me.  She is the person money is being raise for.  In case you missed yesterdays blog please click HERE!  Nicole found out 2 weeks ago that she has Glioblastoma Multiforme, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer.  As you can imagine at 28 you’re not financially preparing for the fight of your life, and expenses are adding up.  If you want to help Nicole out financially please click THIS LINK to learn how.  Trust me, she’s an INCREDIBLE woman.

Sorry for the anti-climatic post today.  It’s end of month at work and I don’t have a lot time to for the blog for the next three days.  But I did want to leave you with a laugh.  Sea of Shoes posted this on Facebook last night.


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She Needs Your Help

Good Morning!

Hey you guys! Happy Monday. I really need your help. Actually, I know someone who is in need of help. Rather than post my Monday Links I wanted you guys to help donate to a cause. A friends from high school needs your help. Her name is Nicole.

This is why…

On January 15, 2012, Nicole was taken to the ER after suffering from sudden and severe migraines for two weeks. Initial scans found a golfball-sized abscess in the right frontal lobe of her brain. Nicole was immediately rushed into brain surgery where the abscess was removed; however, a tumor was discovered underneath. Nicole has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme, one of the most aggressive forms of brain cancer.

Nicole is now beginning a grueling treatment plan and faces the fight of her life. While she certainly needs all of the emotional support that you can give, she also needs another kind of support. Deductibles, uncovered procedures, and travel expenses are already adding up. Please consider using the Donate button to send Nicole a gift of money. All donations (after a small Paypal processing fee) will be sent directly to Nicole and her family for use as needed.

If you know Nicole, then you know that she is an incredibly kind and generous person. Please take this opportunity to help her in her time of need. Thank you

I know we are all in a personal pinch… but it’s times like this that total strangers should come together for a cause. Nicole is a good person inside and out and it pains me to see that she has developed a severe cancer AND tumor like this. Typically only 2% of the populations of WHITE MALES OVER 50 get this disease. She is only 28.

Please… if you only donate $1, $5, or $10 it would still mean a lot to her and her family.

If you would like to donate please go to NicoleReynes.com or click the picture above.

Thank you guys in advance!


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I’m Always Late!…

I have to make this one quick!  I’m off to brunch before war!  I love this scarf!  Also, do you like my stencil grafitti art I create and sprayed painted in my shirt?  I LOVE grafitti art!

See y’all after I win my battle!

|top: Charlotte Russe with my grafitti art| Jeans: Forever 21| Boots: Baker’ Shoes| Jacket: Papaya| Scarf: Gift from Tam Tam| Earrings: Forever 21|

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Happy Saturday Y’all!

This is what I wore last night. I would have taken pictures while we were out last night, but I left all my SD cards at home. Whatever. It gave me the time to just “be in the moment” with my girl. It was actually quit fun. I just LOVE my camera so much! Anyone who’s into photography as much as I am gets where I’m from. It has come to the point where the people I chill with don’t bring THEIR camera’s anymore… cuz they know I will have mine… taking pictures of EVERYTHING.


Okay, so the point of the post is my outfit. The homie and I chilled on McKinney Avenue last night. We started at Sfuzzi’s and then when to MAT (McKinney Avenue Tavern). We were trying to make it Four Lounge… but by the time we actually found it, there was NO parking… and we were just not in the mood at that point.

Has that ever happened to you?

You guys have seen this shirt HERE before. It’s one of my favorite shirts ever! I love the pleated design and the wood buttons. You can count on seeing this shirt again in the future.

Also, before you ask… I MADE that earlace (earring necklace) click HERE to learn how!

|Blazer: BCBG|Top: Strut| Jeans: Charlotte Russe| Belt: Strut|Boots: Baker’s Shoes| Earlace: DIY| Bracelet: Flea Market| Scarf: Gifted from Tam Tam|

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Hands down, I think Marchesa creates THE best dresses. The designs are strong, glamorous, classy, and transcends both time and age. When I grow up I want to be married in a Marchesa dress… that’s if I don’t design my own dress.

I have to admit that I love all the dresses, but I love the white dresses the most.

Click HERE to see all the dresses. 

Which one do you like?

One a completely different note, I will be playing paintball this weekend!!!!!

Be. Jealous.

I have NEVER played paintball a day in my life! A group of use are meeting for brunch on Sunday and then heading out to the paintball grounds to get our merc on!

I know… I’m so gangsta.

I CAN’T wait for this to happen. Of course… I will be posting pictures on Monday… or even late Sunday if you guys are good over the weekend. 😉

Have a safe and Happy Friday!

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High Geek Meets High Street…

Yea, I know I’m getting super creative with these titles!  Okay, I just want you guys all to know that I have an inner geek.  Actually, I’m really am a geek/nerd… I just happen to know who to dress.

I saw this crop top sweater in Forever 21 and I just about died.  For about 20 minutes  I was going back and forth between this sweater and or the Chococat white crop top (see below).  As you can tell I went with this one.  Back in the olden days if I couldn’t decide I would just buy both… but I’m changing my frivolous spending ways.

I remember I was a little girl (like under 5) watching the Incredible Hulk back in the late 80’s.  It was the live action version.  I mean, I would just stay still for the whole time that show was on… I don’t even think I blinked.  However I tried to watch that same show about five years ago and just could not do it.  I guess I also gathered taste in TV since I was that young…

Nonetheless, I still like the Hulk, Ironman, and Spiderman.  I’m not sure who the first guy is… I guess I’m not THAT geeky after all.

|Sweater: Forever 21| Jeans:  Forever 21| Top: Forever 21| Belt: Old Navy|Shoes: Steve by Steve Madden c/o Nordstrom Rack| Earrings: Charolette Russe|

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Additional 60% off, WHAT?!

So the other day I received a notification by from French Connection stating they are having an ADDITIONAL 60% off sale on their clearance items… of course I went *CLICK*

I haven’t searched the entire website yet, but the dresses featured above are my top picks from the sale times.

My favorite dresses are 5, 10, and 11.

I have segregated the dresses by price below… Let me know if you checked out the sale times!

Under $50

1 |9|12

Under $75

2 |6|7|10

Under $100

3 |4|5

Under $125

8 | 11

Which dress is your favorite?

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Well, it’s been mid 70’s most of January…

While, it’s been a pretty warm month (in Dallas), considering we are in “winter”, these ladies are burning it up! Here are my Top 10 for this week in blogger fashion!

01: Eat. Sleep. Wear

I adore the oversize gray sweather, the tan tights, the killer shoes, and the fun shorts. What’s not to love about this quirky version of retro mod?


02: In Her Stillettos

I’m in love with denim button down tops and glamours skirts. I really love how she paired the shirt with the tutu. She added some pearls to give it a call back to the 50’s. This cool is so much fun… and it reminds you what fashion is supposed to be about, fun.


03: Jose Villa

I have Bloglovin’ and not only am I subbed to fashion bloggers, I’m subbed to photographers (duh) so while drolling over Jose’s mad skills I run into this couple. The girl’s name is Rosie, and she had GREAT taste. I wasn’t sure which outfit I lifed more so I picked both. I believe the coral outfit is actually an assymtrical romper. It’s adorbs!


04: Petite Elegant

That Dress. That is all.


05: This Time Tomorrow

I must be drunk because I think this outfit is so cute! I’m not sure if it’s the geo necklace of the wolf sweater. Whatever it is, it’s a winner in my book!


06: Fast Food & Fast Fashion

Looks like the New Year is bringing in New Looks. She’s a newcomer to the Top 10. I love EVERYTHING about this look. If I had a normal 9-5 job I would rock this outfit out verbatim.


07: Sabo Skirt

She’s in Australia right now. That’s why she can dress like that. Consider me jelly.


08: All the Pretty Birds

Okay, I’m a sucker for plaid and boots. Sue me! What I love most her blouse. How amazing is it?!


09: From Me to You

I would love to get lost in the desert as long as it’s in that dress!


10: The Blonde Salad

Of course a list would not be complete without Chiara. I love everything about this look. So fun, free, and French.


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All that Glitters is Leopard…

Not only are you getting pictures, but you are getting a VIDEO outfit of the day!  I know!  I know!  It’s your lucky day!  I want to start keep the OOTD (outfit of the day) videos pretty short.  When I being to speak I can get very long winded.  Sometimes it just easier to show than tell.

|Top: Forever 21| Jeans: Forever 21 ($10.50)| Shoes: Aldo| Earrings: Strut| Necklace: Ross| Bracelet: Forever 21| 

PS… the personality glasses belong to one of my sorority sisters.  She left them at my house on accident.  Finders Keepers!  LOL!

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Back to our Regularly Schedule Program

I know! I missed you too! I’m back! Back again! Yes, life has been all over the place. I was getting Johanna ready to leave, packing, cleaning, hanging out with friends, got a new photoblog in place, and OFFICIALLY STARTING MY PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS!

 So many things… so little time… I wish I could sacrifice both eating and sleeping to achieve my goals, but I need both to survive.

If you didn’t catch yesterday’s blog entry, I stated I’m starting a photoblog of all my work and THIS blog will just be for fashion related items. So you want to follow me at the new blog, UrbanJunglePhotography, please do so!

That’s not to say I will not post photos on this page… that’s just to say that MOST of them will go over to my other page. I do not what to confuse the reason I started this blog.

Also, if you guys can like UrbanJunglePhotography on Facebook it would mean A LOT to me.

I will be posting the final pictures of Johanna’s stay on my this blog… So stay tuned.

I lost an SD card and therefore missing a lot of cute outfit photos. … hopefully I find those soon…

Links of the Week

DIY: Statement Necklace


The Polaboy… I’m going to get this for my place!

18 Ways to Make Your Brand Cool

DIY: Mui Mui Heels


She has the BEST SKIN!

I’m cooking this next weekend

Men’s Blazers

Teri Chung

Diane Kruger

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